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7 Stellar B2B Content Marketing Example That Worked

Content marketing is a powerful digital marketing tool you can use to drive the growth of your business. In fact, 93% of B2B companies say content marketing brings in more leads than their more traditional marketing strategies. What’s more, 74% of companies say B2B content marketing is improving both the number of leads generated and the quality of those leads.

Your content team may be hard at work creating content that ranges from informative, educative, and entertaining, but what is the ROI your business is seeing from these efforts? If you’re like many CMOs, getting your content team to produce the kind of content you can “take to the bank” – that monetizes in a clear measurable way – can be elusive.

Content that delivers ROI is not impossible as you will see from these 7 stellar content marketing case studies. We hope you love these examples as much as we love sharing them with you. Share them in a brainstorming session with your content team, to energize and inspire your best content plan ever!

7 of the Very Best B2B Content Marketing Examples

B2B Content Marketing Example #1: Cisco’s Graphic Novel

What It Is:

Cisco is known for producing telecommunications devices, as well as other electronic hardware. Although this is a major brand many people are at least passingly familiar with, most people aren’t really sure what Cisco offers.

When it came time for Cisco to promote their upgraded cyber security services, their marketing team decided to stand out by creating content that was completely unique: a graphic novel focusing on internet safety.

The comic tells the story of SuperSmart and her mission to deal with a security loophole. In the end, the comic was 8 pages, an impressive feat when you consider each page has multiple panels.

Why It Works:

This concept works for the simple reason that it is unique.

No one has ever associated graphic novels with cyber security before. It’s pure genius. People who read the comic could become so engaged with SuperSmart’s antics that they barely notice Cisco is trying to sell them something. Even people who aren’t exactly fans of comics are likely to read it due to its short length.

Key Lesson:

The type of content you use can make a big impact. It doesn’t always have to be a blog post to social media. Try thinking outside the box when it comes to presenting your content.

b2b content marketing

B2B Content Marketing Example #2: John Deere & The Furrow

What It Is:

Around 125 years ago, John Deere created one of the very first examples of B2B content marketing: a magazine called The Furrow.

The pages of the magazine contained articles about the challenges facing the farming community, as well as solutions to help farms overcome them. The articles steered away from the “hard sell,” to the point that the content focused exclusively on the issues, with no mention of John Deere products at all.

Fast forward to today, and you’ll find that The Furrow is not only still in print, but boasts a readership counted in the hundreds of thousands!


Today, The Furrow has more than 550,000 readers in North America alone. Many of these readers are already John Deere customers – but far from all of them are.

What’s more, using readership surveys, the magazine calculates that since about 40% of readers read every word, cover to cover, that means they receive roughly 25 million impressions per year.

Key Lesson:

Consider a fusion of both conventional and advanced marketing strategies. You don’t have to let go of your business’s identity and craft a new one to fit in the content marketing landscape, instead, you can use your unique identity to stand out from the rest.

B2B Content Marketing Example #3: Deloitte Insights

What It Is:

Deloitte is among the biggest enterprises in the accounting industry. They offer numerous services such as consultation, tax advice, management, and more. The company extends these services to several industries including healthcare, chemical, and life sciences organizations globally.

For a versatile and large-scale company like Deloitte, targeting a specific group for content marketing would have been ineffective. Since a rule of thumb for content marketing is to make specific content, the company decided to create a completely independent portal called Deloitte Insights.

This is where the audience can go through 12 different topic groups and industries to find articles, reports, statistics, videos, and all sorts of other content on a topic of their interest.

Why It Works:

This is a clever strategy that not only brings your brand exposure but also high-quality backlinks to increase its online authority.

Deloitte settled on research-based and insightful content that could bring value to its customers. The website generates traffic of more than 10 million views each month and is constantly cited and linked by other businesses because of its content.

The company utilized its reach and authority through its content marketing strategy to make a bigger impact, which is why it continues to be a leading firm in its niche.

Key Lesson:

Today, many businesses offer a range of services but use limited channels for their B2B content marketing strategy. Deloitte is a great example for any business that targets more than a single group of audience to increase its outreach and benefit from its versatility.

B2B Content Marketing Example #4: MailChimp’s video content

What It Is:

MailChimp is an automated email marketing platform that has recently gained popularity. With their in-house videography studio, MailChimp decided to take a new approach toward content marketing and began their reality-style show Werrrk! on their website.

It’s a video series targeted toward business owners where a 10-minute episode is released focusing on a business struggle and its solution. From topics like team communication to office management, three experts present their opinions to deliver an actionable solution.

Why It Works:

This content marketing strategy is the perfect example of using the right platform and the right type of content. MailChimp’s focus audience consists of businessmen and enterprises who could benefit from their platform.

They understood how their audience is short on time so they won’t be reading long articles. Creating generic content was also a big no for them because their viewers would lose interest.

A video series that is both informational and entertaining worked wonders for the company and the website attracts hundreds of viewers for its series every day.

Key Lesson:

MailChimp shows us how content marketing does not always have to be packed with information and boring. The idea behind their strategy also makes an incredible example of how companies should consider their audience’s time and interest as a priority.

So don’t hesitate to start your own YouTube channel or a web series that’s a bit dramatic because as long as it brings value to your customers it will achieve its goal.

B2B Content Marketing Example #5: Hubspot Marketing Blog 

What It Is

HubSpot is a US-based marketing software platform for sales, customer service, and inbound marketing.  The company is well-known for its marketing blog, which instructs small firms on all aspects of sales and marketing.

Since 2007, the organization has been producing insights and is regarded as a pioneer in B2B content marketing. HubSpot offers unique research, statistics, and ideas on how readers can boost their income with or without HubSpot. In addition to its blog, the team creates information in other formats such as eBooks, webinars, marketing kits, and online courses.

Why It Works:

While Hubspot is dedicated to creating helpful marketing blogs, they also do a great job in the creative distribution of this content across multiple media channels. One thing we love about this marketing automation company is its commitment to broadening and experimenting with content.

Along with its classic blog content, Hubspot spends substantially on email content, eBooks, social media, and video.  They also conduct extensive research to ensure the material it produces is appropriate for each platform.

Key Lesson:

and 14 million monthly active users, Hubspot has shown us that businesses and professionals will engage, trust, and stick with any brand that can provide helpful resources. Another takeaway is that content can’t be too much as long as it is helpful and useful to the targeted audience. HubSpot’s former CMO joked that even if all the content team goes on a month-long holiday, it wouldn’t dent its leads flow.

HubSpot’s case is proof that a high-quality content marketing play can help save B2B companies a lot of money in the long run.

B2B Content Marketing Example #6: SecureWorks

What It Is

SecureWorks is a global provider of cyber-security intelligence solutions. Their blog answers often-asked questions regarding information security and compliance. In answering questions, SecureWorks provides; webinars, white papers, reports, case studies, solution briefs, data sheets, and videos.

Their content pieces are targeted toward Cybersecurity VPs and related decision-makers of companies. They can achieve this because they have created a well-thought-out buyer persona.

Why It Works

One of the secrets to SecureWorks’ content marketing success has been the creation of distinct personas for each target consumer. SecureWorks divided its content marketing strategy into two categories. Initially, they concentrated on getting traffic, then they pivoted to converting that traffic into leads.

Key Lesson:

SecureWorks’ comprehensive content marketing approach enabled them to simplify their marketing and sales teams, resulting in one out of every two quality leads sent to sales becoming an opportunity. They also doubled their conversion rate, because of the enhanced effectiveness of their marketing efforts.

B2B Content Marketing Example #7: Canva Learn

What It Is

Aside from being a top-notch easy-to-use design platform, Canva has managed to stand out with its effective content marketing strategies. The platform uses content marketing to teach consumers how to use its product to its maximum potential. They have achieved this by creating three categories of free materials: online courses, tutorials, and blogs. While its blogs and tutorials are great, its online courses are even better.

Why It Works

One of the things that distinguish the company’s online training from others, is its approach of mixing the firm’s in-house team with well-renowned specialists like Gary Vee and Guy Kawasaki. Looking more intently at Canva’s content marketing, one would notice their use of recommendations, tips, and yes, HACKS as a content strategy. A bulk of its users come from its one-of-a-kind material.

Canva interacts with clients regarding the issue at hand rather than releasing design-related thought leadership pieces. These include conversations about the design issues that clients are experiencing. This strategy is specifically designed to make the product the star.

Key Lesson

Solving consumer design problems and making content that targets pain points never goes wrong in marketing. More than 400,000 users have enrolled in the courses thus far. Canva’s Learn page receives over 900,000 monthly views, evidence that their content marketing is effective.

Key Takeaway for Your Content Marketing Strategy:

The big lesson here is to keep your content educational rather than the self-promoting hard sell.

Yes, of course, there is a time and place for the sale, but the point of your content marketing campaign is to educate your potential customers about their problems and your solution.

Looking for a little more knowledge before launching your B2B content strategy? Book your free consultation with Asset Digital Communications today and learn what works best for your B2B industry!


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