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7 Easy Steps to the Best Social Media Agency for Your Business

Being a small business owner is a tough job. At some point you will decide to get help. Here are 7 easy steps to finding the best social media agency for your business.

The biggest social media challenges according to the small businesses are a lack of resources, a strong strategy, and consistent effort in reaching the target audience. It is not surprising that many small businesses don’t see the best results from their efforts. These challenges are standing in the way of social media success and in meeting business goals such as lead generation.

Meanwhile your competitors are getting results with their social media presence. In fact a study by The Manifest revealed that 52% of companies credit social media with increases in sales. The study covers companies of all sizes.

So where are small businesses falling off track with their marketing strategies? Those who are not getting professional help from a social media management company are falling behind.

We have outlined a step-by-step approach for you. Use this to research and evaluate an agency partner that will meet your needs perfectly.

Determine your needs

The first and arguably most important step is to clearly determine your needs.

Active engaging social media accounts provide a powerful tool to develop opportunities at each stage of the sales pipeline. Content marketing can help your business strengthen your customer relationships and reduce the need to use price discounting.

A common goal is to to build website traffic by growing your following on social. However first you need a website that is search engine optimized. You want the traffic from social to be identified and tracked properly by Google Analytics. Accurate reporting ensures you are seeing trends over time.

Do you want an agency partner to manage your social platforms, creating content and managing growth? Or do you need some short term consulting guidance in developing strategy?

Ask the Right Questions

When evaluating social media marketing companies, an important part of the research and shortlisting process is to ask the right questions. This process helps you to get a sense of fit, expertise and approach. Here are some proven questions to help you at this stage:

1.  What are your core competencies?

Do you know that a simple search on Google for social media marketing agencies returns over 230 million results? There are many agencies out there providing social media agencies but not all of them will be right for your business.

Don’t be hesitant to ask potential agencies what sets them apart from their competition. Read their case studies. The best answers will provide a solid record of success, and a focus on being responsive to you, the client.

A competent agency will have a systematic approach in place. And they won’t be so encumbered by their process that you don’t get the attention you need.

2.  How do you research and analyze my industry?

It is vital that the agency you hire will have a solid understanding of your industry and the underlying market dynamics. They may have experience in your industry, but that has limited value. Being able to understand core drivers in your industry is much more important.

This comes with business experience that translates into the ability to develop solid social media strategy. This is how you will to stand out from your competition.

3. How do you handle content development?

We all know that content is king when it comes to social media marketing. Managing social media means doing ongoing research for content development. Ask the digital marketing agencies you are interviewing about how they research and create content.

Another important aspect is amplifying and spreading the published content whether through organic methods or paid promotions. Explore your options and their successful approaches.

4. What are some examples of adjusting a strategy mid-execution?

An agile approach is an essential element of success on social. This means beyond doing monthly performance reports, keeping a constant eye on campaign performance.

A key to sustained growth is a commitment to identifying opportunities for improvement. A project manager assigned to your account will flag weaknesses in the campaign and then propose solutions.

A ongoing commitment to performance is not easy, takes more time and costs more. And it gets results.

5. How do you measure reach, growth, and engagement?

The best agencies follow a systematic plan and use sophisticated measurement tools.

6. Who is my point of contact?

Is your point of contact the same person who is doing content creation, or do you have an account manager assigned? How many layers are there at the agency, and how much attention will you get during peak periods? How often will they communicate with you – via a monthly report, or are they available for monthly meetings?

7. Read Third-Party Reviews

This next one is not a question. It’s something you must do. When hiring an outside agency, check how highly they are rated in the industry. What reviews are on their Google Business page, and LinkedIn? Do the reviews seem authentic?

Prioritize a Good Fit

An agency might be a leader but it may not be the right fit for you. Think about your office environment and pace. If you have recommended to company leadership that outsourcing social media is important, you will need an agency will back you up with performance. You will need responsiveness and flexibility through the on-boarding process so that the company leadership develops confidence in the decision to outsource social media.

Finding the ideal agency is about cultural fit and a commitment to performance. The best agencies have both the experience and the resources to deliver on the goals set. The agency’s own culture should fit that of your own business culture so that the relationship feels strong and can grow.

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