8 Absolute Best Social Media Sites for Small Business in Canada

There are 60+ social networking sites currently available and picking the best social media site for your Canadian business can be difficult. That best could very well be niche – like Vimeo (if you’re heavily involved with media, film, production, or similar), or maybe even Pinterest (for industries such as food prep, fashion, home decor, design, and others).

Here are the 8 Top Social Media Sites for Small Business!

That said, there are eight popular social media sites for businesses across Canada that you should always make an effort on, regardless of your industry. Those platforms are:

  • Facebook – 2.4 billion monthly active users worldwide.
  • Twitter – 330 million monthly active users.
  • Instagram – 1 billion monthly active users.
  • LinkedIn – 303 million monthly active users.
  • Pinterest – 291 million monthly active users.
  • YouTube – 1.9 billion monthly active users.
  • TikTok – 800 million monthly active users.
  • Snapchat – 301 million monthly active users.

It’s important to understand that social networking websites are not created equal – to get results, you will have to do a bit more than write a generic post and just share it around.

Each site has its little quirks: target group differences, different types of content that work best, subtleties in writing style, and so on.

To help you get the ball rolling, we’ve created this advice-packed guide that will teach you what works best on the top 85 social media platforms for business along with some of the latest social media statistics:

Social Media Site #1: Facebook – 55+ Demographic & Video Content

Facebook is the oldest and the most commonly used social media site in the world. Facebook’s key selling points are its global reach and the ability to fine-tune your paid advertising.

Why Use Facebook:

  • Largest social media platform (2.44 billion users).
  • Boost to brand awareness and engagement.
  • Social signals beneficial to your SEO efforts.
  • Laser-focused advertising options.
  • A LOT of useful data points about your target audiences.
  • Ability to provide customer care around the clock.

Who Will You Find On Facebook:

  • Wide age range – Facebook is the second most widely used social media platform in the world and hosts a variety of ages. Popular among seniors age 50-65+ as well as 18-29-year olds. College graduates are also frequent users with 82% of them having profiles on the platform. Fewer teens are using Facebook now than in previous years and seniors have become the fastest-growing group.
  • Prospects from around the world – Facebook has a massive reach, being the only social media platform that’s universally used. It’s the best social media site for small business owners who are looking to expand into foreign markets.
  • Niche interest groups – if you have a niche brand, it’s worth checking out if there are any relevant Facebook groups out there because they could be the home to hundreds, if not thousands of your potential customers.

Facebook-Friendly Content & Posting Tips:

  • General Facebook content should speak to topics that users can relate to and benefit from. You should create content based on your customer persona in order to have better success in reaching your audience organically.
  • Video content is known to perform well on Facebook so it’s beneficial to make use of Facebook’s live video feature. Video types you could post include how-to guides, live debates about ongoing issues, and blog post summaries (check out this guide for more tips on Facebook videos).
  • Keep your posts short – if you want to go off on a tangent, write a blog post entry and share the link on Facebook. Write a valuable sentence, but don’t reveal everything (reveal just enough so the post is enticing, but not feel like “click-bait”).
  • Ask a question and participate in the discussion in a way that furthers it and brings more people in. The more the people engage, the better for the post’s visibility (and, ultimately, for your engagement rates).
  • Share relevant curated content and encourage your followers to create their own content to share with you (including videos, images, posts, or reviews).

Caption: Social-savvy marketers from the Buffer App often do live videos that get hundreds of shares because they feature industry experts giving actionable advice.

Social Media Site #2: Twitter – Younger Demographic, News-Worthy Content


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Twitter is now the social media site that is home to bombastic news bits that have the potential to go viral, as well as a more relaxed environment where brands get to show their funny side.

Why Use Twitter:

  • The best social media site for businesses that are news-intensive.
  • Great for starting 1-on-1 conversations with followers.
  • Using hashtags correctly can bring massive exposure.
  • An opportunity to easily connect and network.
  • Data-driven advertising.

Who Will You Find On Twitter:

  • Specific niche-related experts – if you’re a social media marketer, in media, or entertainment, Twitter will be the best social media platform for your business because it’s where your target audiences are.
  • Teenagers & millennials –  Twitter users in these age groups share scathing social commentary or funny GIFs and memes. You will want to find the funny side of your brand if you want to connect with them.

Twitter-Friendly Content & Posting Tips:

  • Industry and brand news, as well as curated bite-sized content.
  • GIFs and memes that humanize your brand and show its less-than-serious side.
  • Make every character count (280 is all you get), and make good use of hashtags (here are three of our favorite Twitter hashtag strategies).
  • Talk directly to prospects, customers, or influential accounts by tagging them in your Tweets. Other people will be more willing to participate than they would be on other platforms.
  • For Twitter, turn blog posts into visually appealing infographics or instructional (short) videos rather than sharing links.


Caption: Innocent Drinks uses their Twitter to show the other side of their brand – it’s uniqueness, humanity, and silliness – and their audience loves them for it.

Social Media Site #3: Instagram – Younger Demographics, Women & Visual Content

Instagram is an aesthetically demanding photo sharing platform where, to win, you need to focus on posting hi-res images and videos that tell your brand’s story.

Why Use Instagram:

  • 1 billion daily active users.
  • One third of those users have used the app to make a purchase.
  • Like Facebook, Instagram is used globally.
  • Excellent ad targeting options.
  • Sales and leads are both trackable through the platform.

Who Will You Find On Instagram:

  • Millennials & Gen Z – if you’re targeting teenagers to those in their early thirties, you have to be on Instagram – 72% of them use Instagram.
  • Both men & women – The gender mix on Instagram is actually fairly even, with 52% of users female, and 48% male.
  • Foodies and fashion aficionados – if you’re in any of these industries, Instagram is the best social media platform for your business.

Instagram-Friendly Content & Posting Tips:

  • High-resolution product photos tend to do well on Instagram, especially if they demonstrate the use of the product (here are a few examples of brands doing excellent work on Instagram).
  • Solicit photos & videos from your followers because they have a 5 percent higher chance of converting.
  • Have an interesting story about how a product or a service is created? Share the photos of the process on Instagram – your followers will appreciate the inclusion.
  • Share quotes that align with your brand story and values – Instagram is not a social media site where businesses need to take themselves too seriously.
  • Try out Instagram Stories – the highly popular content that is only available for a short period of time before disappearing.

Caption: Don’t always be selling (but do always be closing) – liven up your Instagram feed with relevant quotes that resonate with your brand and set them to custom images whenever possible.

Social Media Site #4: LinkedIn – Professionals, Thought Leadership Pieces & Industry-Related Case Studies

LinkedIn Social Media Marketing

LinkedIn is the best social media site for B2B business. It’s also the hardest one to get just right, since the target audience is both knowledgeable and strapped for time.

Why Use LinkedIn:

  • Largest online community of business professionals.
  • Ideal for B2B companies looking for targeted organic reach.
  • Effective and easy way to turn employees into brand ambassadors.
  • LinkedIn is a great platform to look for new partners and talent.

Who Will You Find On LinkedIn:

  • Businesses – in a sense, LinkedIn was built for businesses, so it’s only natural that people responsible for maintaining those accounts use the platform to search for services and products related to their industry.
  • High-profile individuals – most of the decision-makers are on LinkedIn because their jobs demand visibility. This social media site offers a great way to connect with them.

LinkedIn-Friendly Content & Posting Tips:

  • Post updates, news, and collaborations – things like job openings, branch openings, and company milestones.
  • Your LinkedIn audience doesn’t have time for fluff: post genuinely interesting material, such as case studies and whitepapers.
  • Opinion pieces and profound industry insights from respected professionals get user engagement. If you’re a prominent figure in your industry (or you employ one), make those posts a regular feature.
  • Prompt your employees and partners to take part in your LinkedIn conversations by commenting and sharing.
  • Join LinkedIn groups that are relevant to your industry and schedule a time (at least once every two weeks) to share a post and to contribute to the conversations.

Social Media Site #5: Pinterest – Women, Mothers, Hobbies & Driving Sales

Pinterest Logo

Pinterest, though the smallest of our 5 social media sites, can still be a valuable platform. Fantastic for targeting women, and especially shoppers, Pinterest is ideal for retail businesses.

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Why Use Pinterest:

  • While 40% of new signups are men, 70% of actual users are women.
  • 87% of Pinners have purchased a product because of Pinterest.
  • An effective and fun way to showcase products.
  • Pinterest is highly informative, offering deep insights into your audience.

Who Will You Find On Pinterest:

  • Women – Pinterest is dominated by women. In fact, women make up 7-% of all Pinterest’s active users. What’s more, 42% of adult women in the United States use it, and 80% of US mothers who use the internet use it. As a matter of fact, only 7% of total pins on the platform are made by men.
  • Wide Age Range – Gender aside, one of the most important things to consider for Pinterest is the age distribution. In the US, 28% of all adults on social use Pinterest. 35% of them fall between 30 and 49, with another 34% falling between 18 and 29 years old.

Pinterest-Friendly Content & Posting Tips:

  • Educational content is the bread and butter of Pinterest, so try posting How-to & DIY Tutorials. Whether it’s a makeup tutorial, or an SEO checklist, Pinterest users are on the hunt for bit-sized information.
  • Pinterest is a place to turn to for inspiration! From décor ideas to motivational quotes, provide your pinners with a visual dash of inspiration on a regular basis.
  • Make sure your images pop on this highly visual platform. High-definition, stunning photos that represent something unusual or out of the ordinary can help get you those valuable clicks.
  • Infographics are among the most commonly shared types of content across all social media sites. These are particularly great for scoring shares and embeds, and shines strongly for B2B as well.

Social Media Site #6: YouTube – Wide Age Range, Men & Niche Content

YouTube Logo

Attention spans are getting shorter for written content which is making video an excellent digital marketing source for attracting audiences and optimizing content. YouTube has quickly become one of the top social networking sites for SEO.

Why Use YouTube:

  • 30 million daily active users.
  • After Facebook, YouTube is the second largest social media site in the world.
  • Marketing on YouTube helps your small business to get found on Google and reach potential customers.
  • YouTube is watched globally.
  • A wide range of advertising options and to make money through AdSense.

Who Will You Find On YouTube:

  • Male dominant platform – if you’re seeking to target a male demographic, YouTube is the place to do it as they make up 90% of viewers.
  • Wide age range – YouTube is a decade old and reaches every age from 18-65+
  • Sports, games and beauty fans – these are the areas of content that are most popular on YouTube among many others.

YouTube-Friendly Content & Posting Tips:

  • Depending on your target demographic, sports and gaming content is great for targeting men on this platform, along with makeup and skincare for women.
  • Posting to YouTube multiple times a week helps videos to perform better and get more recommended views.
  • Storytelling in videos helps to grab viewers’ attention without coming across as sales.
  • Established ‘YouTubers’ provide opportunity for sponsorship in order to reach a wider range of relevant audiences.
  • Create thumbnails and video titles that grab your audience’s attention and make them want to click.
  • As one of the top social networking sites for SEO, you can use video titles, tags and descriptions to better optimize your videos and share them through other social media platforms.

Social Media Site #7: TikTok – Gen Z Based, Men and Women, Humorous Content


TikTok is the new kid on the block but its impact has been huge as it is the fastest growing platform and therefore one of the best social media sites for small businesses.

Why Use TikTok:

  • 400 million daily active users.
  • One of the fastest growing social media platforms in the world.
  • Incredibly addicting to users with an average of 52 minutes use per day per user.
  • Available all around the world.
  • Downloaded 2 billion times worldwide as of April 2020.

Who Will You Find On TikTok:

  • Gen Z – a whopping 41% of TikTok users are aged 16-24 which means that if you are looking to target the younger generation this is definitely the place to be for those potential customers.
  • Both men & women – The gender mix on Tiktok is fairly even with 44% of users female, and 56% male.
  • Humour and entertainment – The younger generation loves anything humorous and entertaining, or to do with pets and children.

TikTok-Friendly Content & Posting Tips:

  • If your audience is on TikTok you should definitely consider getting onto this platform as it is currently one of the best social media platforms for younger audiences. TikTok
  • The more authentic your content is the better it is for building brand awareness.
  • Use a description, hashtags, friend tagging and links to gain further reach from your video.
  • Get involved in the TikTok community by sharing user-generated content.
  • Approach TikTok influencers for a working relationship and get your brand promoted. Partnerships should be strategic to your niche and should match your values in order to best support your digital marketing efforts.

Social Media Site #8: Snapchat – Younger Audiences, Women & Visual Content

Snapchat Wallpaper

Snapchat can create a strong personal touch to local audiences and provide as a way for them to get to know your brand on a more personal level. Always be sure to create content that fits the personalized style of the platform.

Why Use Snapchat:

  • 238 million daily active users.
  • Over 210 million snaps created every day.
  • More popular than Instagram and Twitter among teens.
  • Discover feature allows viewers to stay up to date on their surroundings.
  • Snap ad options.

Who Will You Find On Snapchat:

  • Millennials & Gen Z – Snapchat has a wide age range of 13-29 year old users. 69% of 13-17-year old’s use Snapchat and 62% of 18-29-year old’s use it.
  • Both men & women – 61% of users are female and 38% are male which makes for a healthy gender mix with this platform.

Snapchat Friendly Content & Posting Tips:

  • Create photo and video content that is playful in order to best appeal to younger audiences.
  • Use Snapchat insights to understand what content is performing well and help make adjustments to your Snapchat strategy.
  • Interact with other users on Snapchat by following, collaborating and responding.
  • Use the drawing feature, captions, date, location, music, polls, filters and more to help your content become more engaging to users.
  • Try out sponsored geofilters to further your reach in a specific area or advertise on Snapchat with snap ads, collection ads, story ads and dynamic ads.
  • Have contact information readily available by using swipe up and text features.

What’s The Best Social Media Site For Your Business?

One thing is certain – you won’t go wrong if you focus on considering these top 8 social media sites for your small business.

When choosing a platform that will deliver results for your business, always consider who it is you are trying to reach, your content creation abilities, your budget, and brand positioning.

For example, if you are a youthful, emerging, disruptive brand looking to target early adopter Gen Z and Millennials then TikTok and Snapchat are going to be great platforms to consider.

Young creators will have success meeting the content demands of TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest or Snapchat, which means getting onto these platforms early could be an important strategic consideration for growing your brand.

On the other hand, mainstream products and services who seek to target B2B audiences will consider LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook as their social media marketing platforms.

If you happen to be working with a limited content creation budget, then it’s always a good idea to stick with the larger, more established leaders.

Do you think it may be time to how outsource your social media? Check out these tips to keep in mind when considering hiring a digital marketing agency to manage your social media.

Or perhaps you feel like you could use some more help in getting the ball rolling on social? Contact us!