Social Media Marketing Alternatives

What are some alternatives to social media marketing

According to some experts, relying too heavily on social media marketing can be a pretty big risk. In fact, Justin Bailey, co-founder and chief technical officer at Vimvest, says:

“Social media companies are dealing with internal incentives, strategies and shareholders…If things are going well, incentives between the two businesses are aligned. This can change any day, though, making the relationship with a social media marketing ‘partner’ unpredictable at best.”

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some exciting alternatives to social media marketing that may be right up your alley!

Impress Potential Customers with Your Website

Your company website is your own personal plot of digital real estate, and you decide what appears on it. So, you should consider making driving traffic to your website a serious goal. In fact, a strong online presence created through a well-planned and developed SEO strategy can be even more effective than social media when it comes to attracting potential customers.

Custom websites and tools, like live chat, allow active users and potential customers to communicate directly with your team, and have their questions answers in a timely manner. Some businesses even roll out different versions of their website for different languages, catering to their local customers.

Convert those Potential Customers with Content Marketing

Speaking of your website, it’s a great place to host a regular blog. And a blog is the place for content. What’s more, you have more freedom with the kind of content in your blog than you may have with your landing or product pages.

That said, the content still needs to be relevant and valuable to your products or services. Driving traffic to your blog is all well and good, but only if you’re targeting the proper potential customer.

Once you’ve established your blog as a place for valuable information it can more than compensate for your social media marketing. With great content marketing your blog will be linked to and shared by similar businesses and potential customers, quickly and organically growing your brand recognition.

Stay Consistent with Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing campaigns can be wonderfully valuable. They’re easy, can be automated, and can reach an enormous audience in the blink of an eye. What’s more, email marketing services are relatively inexpensive, allowing for a better-than-average return on investment than any other form of digital marketing.

Taken a step further, email marketing is also a great place to start A/B testing your marketing results. You should be monitoring all your marketing platforms and campaigns to figure out what works best. But if you haven’t started modern email marketing, tools make testing it easy.

Simply change up your title, headers, images and copy however you see fit with each email, and see which strategy leads to the most conversions. It’s simple and a little fun!

Other Alternative to Social Media Marketing

Although social media has become a powerhouse in the world of digital marketing, the three options outlined here are far from the only alternatives to social media marketing available.

You might also try:

  • Video marketing
  • Local marketing.
  • PPC campaigns.
  • Word-of-mouth referrals.

There are countless strategies and tactics available to marketers and small businesses trying to avoid relying too heavily on their social media platforms.

Are you on the hunt for more alternatives to social media marketing? Give Asset Digital Communications a call today and let our digital marketing experts help you find the right strategy for your business.