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Top 3 Rules For Choosing a B2B Demand Generation Agency

It can be confusing to find a B2B demand generation agency. Many B2B marketers get demand generation wrong because they assume that demand is already there. So they just focus on tactics on getting leads. But that’s not the case.

If you have a problem getting leads, then you have to work on the demand generation part. Instead, ask yourself “how can I create so much demand and awareness that leads will come to me?”

Basically, getting leads is the byproduct of having a good demand generation process. This is where a demand generation agency can help.

How to Choose a B2B Demand Generation Agency

Choosing the wrong agency can cause major delays, and unnecessary headaches, and cost your business in the long run. But engaging the right demand generation company can make your life easier.

Here are 3 rules you must follow to help you choose a suitable one for your business.

1. Do They Understand Your Buyers?

Firstly, B2B is very different from B2C. They must understand how B2B buyers operate.

B2B buyers today are getting more and more sophisticated. They don’t just buy the features of your products or services.

They’re looking at how your business can help solve a specific need. So it’s important that the B2B demand generation agency you work with has a deep understanding of your buyers. They need to know what is important to the buyers when making their decision, the types of information they’re looking for, and where they’re getting them from.

For example, developing an inbound marketing strategy for a software company will need a different approach compared to an accounting firm looking to generate C-suite prospects.

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It’s a huge plus if the agency has experience marketing to a similar prospect that you’re going after. They most likely know what works and most importantly, what doesn’t work. This will save you a lot of money and time.

The agency also needs to be familiar with the region you’re targeting. For example, companies in North America will work differently from those based in Asia. They must understand the business culture and language.

2. Have A Proven Strategy

A B2B demand generation agency should have a proven strategy to build awareness for your business.

The strategy must incorporate the different stages of buyer awareness.

  1. Completely Unaware – Prospect doesn’t know they have a problem.
  2. Problem Aware – They know they have a problem but don’t know of any solution yet.
  3. Solution Aware – They know solutions to fix their problem exists.
  4. Product Aware – They know about your product offering and what it can do for them. They are now comparing competitors.
  5. Most Aware – Finally, they are most receptive to your product and service.

To do all this, the agency will have to leverage multiple channels where your ideal clients are hanging out. They must be well versed in content marketing, search advertising, display advertising, email marketing, and many more.

If you have to bring in different people for the different tasks, it’s going to be tedious. For example, you need someone to write the content. Another person to do a PPC search campaign. A designer to design the display ads. And another person to work on your email campaigns.

You can imagine how much hassle it is to manage each part individually. Asset Digital Communications is a full-service agency. We can take care of all of the full processes. That means you can be assured of having consistent messaging throughout your marketing efforts. And you have a fully functioning demand generation system in place to attract leads.

3. Check Their Track Record

Lastly, you want to make sure they have a track record. You can ask them for case studies or references. For most agencies like Asset Digital Communications, you can find them published on the website for anyone to see.

These should include what they have done for past clients. And showcase the results they have gotten as a result of the demand generation efforts.

You also want to look at their social proof. These days everything is online. All it takes is a google search for the company name and you will find reviews. It can be a review on their Google business page or some other directory or platform. Have a look to see if they have good ratings and what past clients say about their service.

Of course, the world of digital marketing is constantly changing. Past performance doesn’t guarantee future results. But it’s still a good indication they are an expert in what they’re doing. And have the experience to achieve your demand generation objectives.

Selecting a B2B Demand Generation Agency

Choosing the right B2B demand generation agency is crucial to bringing in new leads to your business. Here’s a summary of the 3 rules:

  • Do they understand your buyers?
  • Have a proven strategy
  • Check the track records

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