B2B Demand Generation Companies

Effective Methods to Find the Best B2B Demand Generation Companies

There’s nothing worse than realizing all the money you spent on lead generation was in vain as it didn’t bring you the expected results.

Have you been there? Many of our clients came to us only after realizing that their own attempts were unsuccessful.  They actually delayed the inflow of leads and frustrated overworked staff who didn’t have the skills nor the time to manage this project. Outsourcing to experienced B2B lead generation companies drives real results.

Lead and demand generation are crucial to B2B companies but they’re also rather complex, so it’s better to entrust professionals to do the job.

These agencies have the experience and specialized skills to make campaigns effective.

Here’s how to choose the best B2B demand generation company…

Steps before you start research on B2B demand generation companies

It’s necessary to know what you want exactly before you start searching and can start negotiating with companies.

You must define your:

  • Budget – How much are you willing to spend?
  • Goals – What do you want to achieve?
  • Deadlines – By what time do you want to reach your goals?

Set precise goals for your consultation with B2B lead generation companies

Your aims and needs have to be clear.

Instead of setting a goal like ‘get more clients,’ come up with something more specific such as ‘get 100 new clients from the tech sector by the end of August.’

This way, it’s going to be easier for the B2B demand generation companies to see if/how they can help you, and you will be able to track the process of your collaboration and see whether they are delivering what you asked for or not.

Aspects to look for when choosing from B2B demand generation companies

Once you’ve started your research, here are what aspects to bear in mind of B2B demand generation companies:

1. Industry experience

First off, check if they’re specialized in the industry your company operates in. If you have an HR firm, it would be silly to opt for a B2B demand generation agency that offers tech B2B services, right? You want the company you choose to provide the appropriate services and have the right industry experience so that you know you put your money in the right place.

2. Client history and experience

It’s important to enquire about the previous work of the agency. Ask them what businesses they worked with, what tools and methods they use, and what results they achieved. This way, you can see what they’re capable of and if you think your collaboration would be fruitful. For example, we are specialized in SMEs and follow a hands-on approach making our customers’ satisfaction a priority.

3. Client management

Enquiring the client relationship of any B2B lead generation agency is a must. Ask around in your network if they know anything about how they treat their customers, check online reviews, or ask them anything during a scheduled interview.


After setting your budget, goals, and deadlines, you must consider the following aspects of B2B demand generation companies when choosing which to work with:

  1. Industry experience
  2. Client history
  3. Client management

Hopefully, we could answer all your questions in this article. If you think you’re looking for a B2B lead generation company like us, don’t hesitate to contact us. We could help you achieve your goals in no time.