B2B Lead Generation

4 B2B Lead Generation Examples That Worked

The “truth” behind B2B lead generation is that there is no “secret method” that is guaranteed to bring in tons of leads. Instead, to build the best B2B lead generation strategy for your company, you’ve got to understand the channels that work and find the most effective combination for your goals.

Using 4 impressive real-world B2B lead generation examples as case studies, this article will show you how social media, PPC, blogging, and email can work to generate more leads for B2B marketers.

B2B Lead Generation Examples to Get You Excited!

Use Social Media to Imply Scarcity & Exclusivity

EntreLeadership, a business & leadership coaching firm, used a limited time offer – implying scarcity – to add more value to what they provide. Their slogan – “Sharing Dave Ramsey’s business wisdom” – takes it a step further and drips with exclusivity.

They’re offering a chance to gain one-of-a-kind business insights. What’s more, their visuals are eye-catching and engaging, with light colors set against a dark background. They take it all across the finish line with their key messaging and call-to-action clearly highlighted.

Using PPC as a Lead Generation Tactic

When it comes to B2B lead generation campaigns, PPC platforms can be overcrowded and saturated by the big players with deep pockets.

For example, in the Software as a Service (SaaS) industry, a highly competitive industry across verticals, AdWords bidding is incredibly fierce. That means these businesses need to target a lot of keywords. But sometimes your competition will even bid for keywords against your own brand. An example of this would be where Netsuite – a cloud computing company – ranks higher for “Intuit Accounting” than Intuit itself!

For a lot of SaaS startups and SMBs, adding another PPC lead source like B2B review sites can grant the opportunity to meet – and ever surpass – goals in a crowded space.

Just take a look at what FinancesOnline, a top software review platform, offers:

  • Lead generation campaigns: The review site can be linked directly to a vender’s sign-up landing page.
  • Premium placement: There is a higher chance of attracting leads if you are listed among the most popular solutions. Keep in mind that decision-makers usually only try out a few products before making their choice.
  • Industry Awards: When potential customers compare your product or service to your closest competitors’, a featured quality award can be a critical detail in closing the sale. These awards can give your business the edge.

Maintain Your Blog Posts Like a Media Pro

Without a doubt, one of the best examples of this is HubSpot. HubSpot has become an inbound marketing giant thanks in no small part to how they run their blog: As a media site with a complete editorial calendar and a team of hard-working writers and editors.

The subjects of their blog posts are wide-ranging, from tips and listicles to ideas, inspiration, insights, reports, white papers, videos, and a ton more. But they are all related to inbound marketing across their niche segments in marketing, sales, and service.

HubSpot is so successful in using its blogging as a part of its lead generation process and marketing strategy that they outperform the giant media businesses, like Forbes and CNN Money, in SERPs about inbound marketing.

Leverage the Power of Storytelling for Email Marketing

At its heart, email marketing is all about your message. It doesn’t matter how many emails addresses you have, if you’re not weaving a dull topic – like accounting, for example – into a compelling story, your target audience will ignore it.

A great example of storytelling in email marketing – with a little humor – comes from Grammarly. Using the visual allusion to the film character, The Godfather (and his cat!), is not only witty, it tells a short story with only a few words and a powerful image:

“Become the don of editing,” or as their slogan literally reads, “Proofread Like a Boss.”

They then cap it off with a funny tweet at the bottom to finish off with even more humor. Bear in mind that humor can be hit or miss and can backfire if used poorly. But in this case, it’s well-done and tightly woven into the fabric of the message.

With the effects of COVID-19 still bearing down on many companies, you might be concerned about the performance of your B2B lead generation tactics. If you’re on the lookout for a full-service digital marketing agency in Toronto to help you navigate the marketing waters of the pandemic, book your free consultation with Asset Digital Communications today!