Benefits of Content Marketing

Costs vs Benefits of a Content Marketing Strategy

Feeling ready to dip your toes into the content marketing strategy waters? This is great news! There are many benefits of a content marketing strategy to explore and learn about.

Marketers who use content marketing are known to deliver results such as improved leads, increased brand visibility, stronger audience relationships, and more.

While each of these are unique benefits we are here to discuss, one of the things you’re probably wondering about is how much these benefits really cost. Are the benefits really worth the expense? What does ROI on a content marketing strategy look like?

We are going to discuss each of these topics so you can better weigh the costs vs benefits of a content marketing strategy.

Who knows, by the end of this article you might be feeling ready to not only dip yours toes into creating a content marketing strategy, but to take a quick trip to the deep end.

Benefits of a Content Marketing Strategy

Before we discuss the costs associated with a content marketing strategy, let’s talk about some of the benefits.

Increased Brand Visibility by Potential Customers

Users are looking for a solution to their problems online and on social media. Content marketing allows you to position your brand as the one to provide those solutions which increases the visibility of your brand.

Building Brand Awareness for Conversions

A solid content marketing strategy will inform a plan to build brand awareness by getting branded content in front of your target audience. The more that potential customers see your brand, the more they will think about it when it comes time to make a purchase.

Loyal Customers for Better Relationships

Loyalty building is one of the greatest benefits that a content marketing strategy can provide. The more content you provide that is useful to prospects and customers, the better relationship you create.

Customers who have a relationship with your brand will develop loyalty and choose your brand to fulfill their needs.

E-A-T – Getting Industry Credibility

E-A-T stands for expertise, authority and trustworthiness. These are each qualities your brand can establish through content marketing.

As you provide expertise in your content, it helps to build credibility and authority which ultimately results in brand trustworthiness. People will turn to your content first to get the answers they’re looking for.

Improved Lead Generation for Better Sales

When you add quality content to your website, it helps to generate inbound leads. These leads make for a greater chance of your website being found in search results.

Cost-Effectiveness as a Benefit

Now that you’re aware of some of the benefits of a content marketing strategy, it’s time to look at the cost of a content marketing strategy. Is it really worth your precious dollars?

The truth is that content marketing is one of the most cost-effective types of digital marketing there is. This is because you don’t pay for the time and effort that goes into executing something like a paid ad, as well as the paid ad itself.

Instead you invest time into researching personas, making informed decisions on what content to create, and then actually creating that content. This is a cost to your business, regardless of if you put your own time into it, or outsource it to someone else.

What’s even better is that the return on this cost is substantial.

ROI on Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing pulls in significantly more website visitors and leads, as things like blogs and organic social media content attract your audience and provide them with value. There is no expectation of anything in return from your audience which makes them more likely to engage.

This eventually leads to a very attractive return on investment (ROI) as you put little to no budget into content marketing, but are left with traffic full of high-quality leads. This means that once you implement a solid content marketing strategy, it more than pays for itself.

At the end of the day, a content marketing strategy is only going to deliver on these cost saving benefits if it is done right. It’s easy to throw some quick ideas together and call it a strategy, but the chances of this really being effective is next to none.

An effective content marketing strategy will include a plan for using informed methods to meet goals. It requires plenty of research to set a target audience and understand how to best develop content for that audience.

Invest in a Content Marketing Strategy

There are many benefits of a content marketing strategy, and one of those benefits just happens to be cost-effectiveness. In order to reap the cost-saving powers of content marketing however, you need to have an effective strategy in place.

You may be feeling confident enough to take on your content marketing strategy on your own, or perhaps you need some help getting there.

Sometimes saving your own time to focus on your many other tasks is the best decision for your business. That decision could just mean that investing in content marketing strategy experts is the best investment you can make.

If you think an expert might be the best fit for your needs, Asset Digital Communications is here to help. We can put together a content marketing strategy that is built to drive results and give you the many benefits you’re looking for. Get in touch today!