Online Marketing for Small Businesses

Benefits of Online Marketing for Small Businesses In Canada & US

Planning digital marketing initiatives can be overwhelming, especially if your business is yet to discover the many benefits of online marketing for small businesses in Canada & US.

Although digital marketing is a multibillion-dollar industry, not all businesses have felt the need for it — not until the pandemic hit. Ever since thousands of small businesses have begun investing in their digital marketing strategy.

After all, businesses must connect with audiences wherever they are and if that’s in the virtual world, so be it. We shall now throw light on some of the lesser-known benefits of online marketing for small businesses, so let’s get started.

1. Online Marketing Keeps your “Virtual Door” Open

The pandemic has forced numerous businesses to shutter down and if you haven’t then you need to tell your clients and customers about it. You can do this by connecting with them through various digital marketing tools like social media, emails, etc.

They might not walk into your offices right away, but repeated nudges about operational changes such as online consultations, doorstep deliveries, etc. would definitely convey that you are still open. Plus, you might just end up increasing your overall revenues.

2. The Benefit of Targetting For Online Marketing for Small Businesses

Small businesses have a limited marketing budget, and that shrinks even more during a recession. This is where targeting the right audiences and then retargeting them based on user behaviour can do wonders.

As you would be reaching out only to those who have shown a substantial interest in your offering, your ad budget would be well spent.

3. Get Rid of that Slow-Moving Inventory with Customized Online Campaigns

If your warehousing costs are keeping you up in the night, then one way of dealing with it is by offering discounts exclusively on slow-moving products.

One of the key benefits of online marketing for small businesses is the flexibility to build multiple product-wise campaigns.

In other words, you can reach out with your “discount offer” to a highly targeted set of audiences based on their interests and geographical location.

4. Occupy the Customer’s “mind space”

Regardless of whether you run a consulting firm or a restaurant, you need to occupy that “mind space” and stay on top of your customer’s minds. Just like Google is synonymous with internet searches and Apple with sophisticated gadgets, your business needs to occupy the “mind space”.

Online marketing makes this easier by allowing you to set different goals for your campaigns, which includes brand awareness.

5. Build your very own Emailing List

With the right online marketing strategy, you can build a highly targeted mailing list and own it forever. You can do this by planning campaign-specific lead magnets to create a list of very specific audiences.

This literally lets you create a database that you can use again and again without incurring additional advertising costs.

6. Stay Ahead of your Competitors

Now is the time to invest more in digital marketing because fewer businesses are investing in it, which means the ad rates are going to be lower. So, if you have always dreamt of capturing a larger market share, then this is time to pursue that dream.

Not many business leaders understand the potential of digital marketing for small businesses and this is where you can outperform. By hiring a specialist like Asset Digital to take care of your online marketing needs, you can very well stay ahead of your competition.

7. Collect and Utilize Feedback Effortlessly

Does your business show up in Google searches with negative reviews? This happens when businesses fail to proactively collect customer feedback and resolve common concerns. You cannot be one of those businesses and let negative reviews pile-up.

As most potential customers tend to make a buying decision based on customer reviews, the feedback coming from your existing customers directly impacts your business.

Unless you get rid of those negative reviews, the rest of your online and offline marketing efforts may not yield the desired returns. One of the core advantages of digital marketing is that it lets you offer post-sales support through your social media pages and email lists.

You can use that to set up polls and surveys to understand the common pain points of your customers and resolve them. You could do this by posting ‘how-to’ videos and even showcase how other customers are using those products or services more productively.


Online marketing is not just a “big brand statement” and is perfect for small businesses having a diverse set of products and services. With the right digital marketing strategy, small businesses can not only increase their sales but also lower their overall customer acquisition costs. At Asset Digital, we help all types of mid-size and small businesses unleash the power of online marketing.