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Examples of B2B Marketing Campaigns for Lead Generation

Marketing is always changing.

And as new channels and platforms arise, marketing becomes more and more complicated as the crowd vying for attention gets bigger and louder.

This challenge can be especially harrowing for small and mid-sized businesses, which have fewer resources and need to rely on creativity and innovation to stay ahead of the pack and generate leads.

Successful B2B marketing requires getting creative with your lead generation strategy. Without imaginative thinking, you’ll miss out on the chance to generate new qualified leads, promote brand awareness, and nurture your relationship with your customers. In a nutshell – you run the risk of falling behind and being forgotten.

No need to panic though! We’re here to help with a few examples of the most creative B2B lead generation campaigns!

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3 Examples of the Best B2B Lead Generation Campaigns

Mailchimp – Customer Feedback

Mailchimp, the popular marketing automation platform, was noticing a common problem among their leads: many of them were confused by the company’s name, and how it related to marketing automation.

Deciding to capitalize on this confusion, they created a campaign using the puzzlement as the central theme, incorporating a mispronunciation of their name into their ads. Consumers in their target audience got in on the joke and started creating and sharing memes about #mailkimp.

Mailchimp decided to take the absurdity even further by releasing a series of videos that just got weirder and weirder (like KaleLimp, which features a digital dog made from kale).

The company listened to the feedback they were getting from leads and created a campaign based on an obvious trend. In the end, this off-the-wall campaign was an incredible lead generation tactic, helping them develop and establish a memorable brand identity. And thanks to that memorable identity, when it came time for businesses to select a marketing automation platform, Mailchimp was able to generate more high-quality leads.

Oracle – Original Research

Hoping to reach greater awareness and influence in the world of digital banking decision-makers, Oracle produced some remarkably in-depth research. This research was turned into several pieces of content which explored the differences between consumer expectations and present banking practices. They also included a benchmarking tool for evaluation.

The content was shared across many channels, picked up and amplified by influencers, and complimented with a few offline activities like workshops and boot camps.

Oracle was able to use its unique research and reports as fixtures for its thought leadership and B2B lead generation strategy.

At the end of the “Digital Bank of the Future” campaign, Oracle had yielded 350,000 new contacts and potential leads, and $28 million in the pipeline. The campaign was nominated in two separate categories on the B2B Marketing Awards 2019 Shortlist: Best Multichannel Campaign and Best Use of Social Media of Influencer Marketing.

Prophix Software – Visual Storytelling

To best market their business to high-level financial decision-makers, Prophix Software created a campaign that was saturated with customer stories with guidance on career growth, specifically geared towards current and aspiring CFOs. A well-designed landing page offered influencer videos with first-hand knowledge, insights, and experience on what it takes to climb the professional ladder.

The campaign relied on a heavy focus on LinkedIn and the organic carousel format to fully capture the campaign’s beautiful visual storytelling.

The well-crafted and produced content hit home with LinkedIn users. It blew Prophix’s benchmark for organic carousel click-throughs out of the water, exceeding them by 63x, and bringing in eight times the engagement.

Even on crowded social feeds, Prophix’s strong and immersive videos and images were able to pull website visitors in and compel them to take the next step.

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Step Up

Hopefully, these examples have helped to inspire you and your team. In order to be successful, you’ve got to stay creative, impactful, influential, and innovative over the years. We can’t wait to see what you come up with next year!

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