Content Marketing Services

The Essential Content Marketing Services List

Content is one of the most important levers you can use to achieve hyper-growth for your business. Whether you do your marketing in-house or from an agency, you should be aware of all that is possible when it comes to a content marketing services list.

Content marketing is a versatile technique that covers multiple areas such as content creation, distribution, reporting, and more.

There is a lot you can do in content marketing and it is a best practice to cover all the areas mentioned above so that you can create a custom content marketing solution that works well for your business.

Let’s take a look at the top content marketing services that you should be aware of.

The Top Priority in a Content Marketing Services List – Content!

Creating the right type and quality of content that resonates with your target audience should be a top priority. Good quality content speaks for itself and can give long-lasting results for your brand.

There is a gamut of content types that you can create depending upon the buyer’s journey, buyer persona, or the distribution channel. Here are some you should positively invest in –

Ebooks That Entertain and Educate

To the general reader, eBooks are entertaining and informative reads that are more attractive than a technical whitepaper. By design, they are more visual and easier to digest because of a good balance between visuals and text.

You can create an eBook from scratch or it can be a compendium of your best blogs, case studies, or PoVs. They work great as a lead magnet and can even be interactive!

Blogs to Inform on Topical Content

Blogs are one of the easiest things you can do to start your content journey. Blogs don’t have strict style guidelines and give you the flexibility to bring out the human (author) in the text.

You can explore topics that you wouldn’t usually devote a long-form article to, such as trends and the latest developments within your industry. You can even write a series of blogs on a particular topic.

Case Studies As Proof Points

The best way to showcase the great work you’ve done for your clients is through case studies. It’s a great way to show a potential client what it can be like working with you.

A good story in a case study can bring out the value of your brand. It can also provide tangible results (in data points) to drive the story home with hard facts.

Expanding Your Reach With Content Distribution

You’ve created the content and you know which content types work well for your marketing channels. The next content marketing service you should be aware of is content distribution.

Content distribution is an ongoing process that uses multiple techniques to distribute your content to optimal marketing channels, to get your target audience to consume the content you’ve created.

Some of these techniques are:

Leveraging the Power of Social Media

Social media is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of content promotion or distribution. The vast expanse of social media with its highly engaged users is an attractive proposition when you want to expand your reach.

Making yourself visible to your buyer personas on social media with valuable content is vital. Don’t shy away from taking the help of a social media agency that can streamline social media operations for your brand while meeting your targets.

An agency will also be able to guide you on the social media channels most suited for your type of business, the content that works well on each of these, and when you should post it to get maximum engagement.

Setting Up an Effective Link Building Strategy

Link building does not mean going about posting links to your content in a haphazard fashion. It means thinking of your buyer persona first, identifying their favorite online watering holes, and posting relevant and helpful content over there.

Aim to earn your links instead of posting them. Earned links hold greater value online and signal to search engines that your content is valuable enough to be ranked higher on the search engine results page.

The second part of link building is internal linking. It works wonders for your SEO and gives a huge boost to your content and consequently your website traffic.

Beyond search, internal linking also improves the user experience of your website visitors.

Content Analytics to Measure Your Performance

You’ve got great quality content that is widely distributed. The next step in your content marketing services list journey is analytics and reporting.

Measuring how well your content is performing is critical to evaluating whether your content marketing strategy is effective. There’s a whole suite of tools you can use to track your performance.

You would want to look at how well your content is performing on social media, search, your own website, or even indirectly by tracking how your priority keywords are ranking or which websites are linking to your content.

Most social media platforms offer basic analytics capabilities to see how your content is performing. You can take that analysis a step further by using tools such as Buffer or Hootsuite that can create rich, automated reports based on your parameters.

Metrics such as impressions, engagement rates, shares, and click-through rates are good to keep track of.

For search, Google Analytics provides a comprehensive analytics suite that you can utilize to track website performance and insights into who’s consuming your content and where they are coming from.

To conclude, growing your business and building a brand cannot be done without taking advantage of the complete list of content marketing services available to you.

From content creation and distribution to analytics, each area offers a lot to explore and gain mastery over. You can do them in-house or through an agency but investing your marketing resources into content marketing is well worth the effort!