Digital Marketing and SEO Company

Why You Need a Digital Marketing and SEO Company

You can have the best product or service in the world but till the time someone hears about it and is willing to part away with their hard-earned money to buy it, you’re not in business.

This is where marketing comes in. In the age of the internet, digital marketing to be precise.

An expert digital marketing and SEO company would help you navigate the many nuances and idiosyncrasies of both.

Let’s explore the importance of digital marketing and SEO and why would you need a digital marketing and SEO company.

Digital Marketing uses a set of tools and tactics that can help you get the word out about your brand to your desired audiences. And SEO is one such tool in the toolkit of digital marketing.

The Ever-Changing Nature of SEO

Imagine having a storefront without having any product signages or labels. No one would know what your store sells and it would confuse any prospective buyers.

Now imagine a storefront with everything neatly laid out and labeled, with beautiful product signages. This is an example of an SEO optimized website.

90% of web traffic is generated by search engines and you’ve got to be well versed in the language search engines speak, which is SEO.

But SEO keeps on changing at a rapid pace. There are new search algorithms every other month and new and improved ways to optimize your search performance as well.

How do you keep up with this change? Hire a team of specialists that bring in experience from more than just your type of industry.

Without a digital marketing and SEO company, your marketing campaigns can be like a ship without a rudder. Without the knowledge of on and off-page optimizations, link building, keywords, meta descriptions, URLs, structured pages and more, your digital marketing will always fall short of its full potential.

Utilizing SEO Optimized Content for Your Digital Marketing

There are many tactics in digital marketing but nothing comes as close to SEO when it comes to ROI.

Here are just a few things SEO optimized content can do for your digital marketing efforts –

  • Attract people that will convert into customers
  • Drive quality traffic to your website that is targeted and relevant to your industry
  • Increase brand awareness and exposure

One of the ways to achieve the above three is to regularly create content that resonates with your target audience. This content can be infographics, blogs, white papers, brochures, webinars and more.

If you do this consistently, Google rewards you with a higher ranking in search results, which means more customers to your website.

But it doesn’t just stop at bringing customers to your website. SEO is also about making sure that those customers take the right actions once they’re there. At a very basic level, this action can be –

  • To fill a form or a quote
  • Buy a product/service
  • Interact with a piece of content

As any good digital marketing and SEO company will tell you – your content is only good if it influences your visitors to take the desired action!

Content creation for SEO in itself can be time-consuming and if you are working with a lean in-house team, content can be a huge bottleneck.

A digital marketing and SEO company that has content writers as well is the complete package. You might want to consider such a team so that you can think not only about content writing but also about content strategy and content marketing!

What Can A Digital Marketing and SEO Company Do for Your Overall Marketing and Reach?

SEO underpins all online marketing. Each online marketing activity that you do in some way impacts your SEO rankings.

These activities can be content marketing, paid advertising, social media marketing or even web design. Each of these activities influences your SEO rankings.

Thinking of these activities from the lens of SEO will not only influence your rankings but your overall ROI from marketing activities will be higher as well.

But don’t just think of SEO as an ‘online’ marketing tool. Do people search online for your store or products even before they walk into one? Of course they do! This means that SEO can also drive offline sales.

A digital marketing and SEO company will do all of the above on your behalf so that you can save time and attention for the more strategic stuff.

Having a dedicated team of specialists on-demand can be a godsend when you are managing multiple campaigns and your business at the same time!