Digital Marketing for Manufactuing Company

How To Develop A Digital Marketing Strategy For Manufacturing Industry

A majority of sales in the manufacturing industry are relationship-driven. This often puts the utility of a digital marketing strategy for manufacturing companies under question.

A digital marketing strategy for a manufacturing company is not only of great value but also imperative in current times. A good strategy can deliver millions of dollars in revenue while generating high-quality leads and long-lasting relationships.

By the end of this blog, you’ll learn three key aspects of developing a digital marketing strategy for a manufacturing company.

Building Buyer Personas for Your Business

You’ve identified the marketing goals for your digital marketing strategy and also the overall business goals. The next and possibly the most important step is building buyer personas for your business.

A buyer persona is a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer and includes information such as demographics, psychographics, lifecycle stages, etc.

Building buyer personas will help you understand your customers and prospects better. It will also make it easier for your marketing team to tailor the digital marketing strategy for your target audience.

This includes customizing the messaging, channel strategy, content mix, and budget allocation.

Having buyer personas ready will give a big boost to your personalization efforts as well. This will come in handy when you create personalized email campaigns, landing pages, and even ads.

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Most importantly, creating a persona will make sure that the content you create speaks directly to the reader. This reader can be any key decision-maker such as a CEO, operations director, purchasing manager, facilities manager, etc.

Key Element of Digital Marketing Strategy for Manufacturing Companies

Any digital marketing strategy for a manufacturing company will be incomplete without a solid content generation and marketing plan.

The most important piece of advice: prioritize the needs of your customers over your sales message in the content you create.

The buyer personas we created in the previous section will be a huge help when defining your content marketing strategy. Content marketing needs to be an organization-wide discipline. Every employee is a potential content creator/ marketer.

This makes creating a documented strategy with organizational support important.

Speak with your Sales teams as a first step, to understanding the issues they hear from their customers. The next step would be to research your audience segments and understand the ‘people’ within those segments.

But insights can be gathered from more than just those two sources – look at your website analytics to understand the themes already trending, social media listening tools to understand what’s hot and trending on social media, primary/secondary research, and more.

digital marketing strategy for manufacturing company_marketer techniques

Since most purchase decisions are made by multiple stakeholders, it is important to create content that appeals to multi-level roles within the organization.

Content such as product demos and brochures, case studies, testimonials, white papers, and point-of-view documents are just some of the items that must be in your content marketing arsenal.

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Digital Advertising to Drive Business Growth

In light of the COVID pandemic, physical events are completely out of play. Tradeshows and conferences used to be a great way to network, and build leads, and relationships.

Given the lack of physical events or even face-to-face meetings, digital advertising has witnessed massive investments.

While there are traditional media formats such as TV and print, digital advertising provides a much better return on investment. With the advent of programmatic advertising, digital ads are now a lot smarter in terms of targeting options as well.

Any digital advertising strategy must include the following –

  • Pay-per-click ads (PPC) usually run on search engines and allows you to put a brief text description and link in front of readers who are searching for your kind of content.
  • Display ads are the flashy counterparts of text PPC ads and allow you to use a static or animated image to convey the message. It is a bit more costly but is generally more effective.
  • Social media ads run on social networking websites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Each platform provides a plethora of ad types and targeting options to fit any audience segment.
  • Video ads could feature your product demos or explainers. These ads run on video streaming sites such as YouTube. Unlike traditional TV commercials, you get a lot more options to fine-tune your targeting.

The world of digital advertising is vast and complex. While we’ve only touched its surface, you must spend more time building your digital advertising strategy.

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