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Why SEO Is Important For Enterprise Companies? A Complete Fact-Check

Do you run a retail business, eCommerce website, or an e-zine that is not getting enough traffic? It does not matter if your answer is a yes or a no because the SEO landscape is constantly transforming. So, it’s time you hired an enterprise SEO company or agency to take care of your enterprise-level website.

Since Enterprise websites consist of thousands of web pages, optimizing it for search engines is an entirely different ball game — one that requires specialized resources equipped with the right tools. So, hiring any random SEO agency would not serve the purpose. With that said, let us now figure out what is enterprise SEO, followed by what makes hiring an enterprise SEO company so important.

What is an Enterprise SEO Company?

Websites that have over a thousand webpages are referred to as enterprise-level websites, which need an altogether different SEO approach. Usually, retail businesses that list hundreds of products, fall under this category.

Other websites with this type of requirements include e-commerce websites and large blogs like Healthline and ezine. So, if you run any mid-sized or large business that has over a thousand webpages, then you own an enterprise-level website.

Why is it important to hire an Enterprise SEO Company?

At this point, you are probably wondering what could go wrong if an Enterprise-level website hires any random SEO agency. So, let’s find out why such large and reputed businesses and websites should specifically hire an Enterprise SEO company.

To keep up with the latest SEO trends

Until some time back, content-rich websites outranked content-lean websites, but then came the era of mobile devices and voice assistants. So, while having more content on your website is still a good thing, it must be presented in accordance with the current SEO trends.

A few recent changes made by Google include the mobile-first approach, question and answer snippets, and the HTTPS everywhere propaganda. While these may seem pretty straightforward, doing it for a thousand or more pages is a tedious task, which requires a large team and specialized tools.

Build the right content strategy

When you are a small business with a limited online presence, you need to deal with only a few competitors. For instance, if you run a roof repair business and wish to rank for it in a particular city, your competition is limited to others offering the same service in that region.

This is not the case when you run an enterprise-level website. In this case, more verticals are covered, and each vertical has a set of well-established competitors.

For example, a nationwide fashion and accessories brand’s website would have to outrank many competitors — one in the handbags vertical, another in business attire for women, one in the casual wear segment, so on and so forth.

Going after each competitor would mess up the overall content strategy and this is where an expert enterprise SEO company can come in and help build the right content strategy.

Reduces promotional expenses

Most businesses dedicate more than just a fraction of their operational costs towards advertising and other promotional activities. While this was agreeable prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, it’s time for an altogether different approach.

To survive in an unpredictable economy, businesses must cut back on their promotional costs. So, a better way of doing things is to reduce the recurring ad costs and focus on long-term promotional activities like SEO.

Protect your brand’s reputation

When someone looks up for your brand’s products, you do not want negative reviews to show up on top of the search results. You can avoid that by optimizing your website’s webpages to show up instead and that is how effective SEO can be.

Reduce Selling Costs and Maximize Profits

On average, businesses spend between 10 to 40% on commissions paid to promoters such as affiliates and eCommerce websites. None of this would be required if the business can attract traffic directly to its official website and execute the orders to maximize profits. At the moment, this is essential for businesses to recover from the after-effects of the pandemic.

Easy Access to Sophisticated Tools and Resources

SEO is no longer a synonym for keyword stuffing and what truly matters is delivering a superior user experience. So, there are a lot of elements like the website design, page load speed, navigation, content, etc., that needs to be evaluated and fixed.

Doing this requires a blend of highly specialized tools, professionals, and other resources that can turn out to be very expensive for an organization. Since there are agencies that already have access to these resources, outsourcing this humongous task is a lot more cost-effective than hiring on-site resources.


Until the global economy recovers, enterprises must adopt business and digital marketing strategies to maximize profits and minimize operational costs. One way of doing that is by gaining low-cost publicity without incurring recurring advertising and selling costs. Now that is exactly what an enterprise SEO company can help businesses achieve. Get in touch with our advisors to talk about your business needs.