Facebook Marketing for Business

How to Use Facebook for Social Media Marketing

Facebook is usually considered to be the birthplace of social media marketing. It now has 2.6 billion monthly active users and it’s a network you cannot afford to ignore.

This begs the question – how to use Facebook for social media marketing?

Facebook is ubiquitous and since its launch has become a behemoth in the online marketing and advertising space. From Facebook business pages to classic ads and the revolutionary Facebook Exchange, there’s a lot to learn when it comes to social media marketing on Facebook.

Let us look at some of the best ways to make the most of Facebook for social media marketing.

How to Use Facebook for Social Media Marketing You Ask?

Creating a Facebook business page is the best place to start your journey on Facebook marketing. It is a great free marketing resource that can help you establish your business on the platform and more.

A Facebook business page is a great place to establish your brand identity by posting content and updates that can be useful to your target audience. You can even list your products, share images and post videos to display your brand’s personality and character.

And while educational content is always good, don’t shy away from sharing humorous or quirky content too. A large portion of Facebook users come to be entertained and if your post turns viral you can quickly expect a lot of followers and engagement on your Facebook page.

You can also capitalize on the free ad spaces that come with your Facebook page – the cover image and the profile image. Next, optimize the page’s content for search using SEO and you’re on your way to a good start!

Facebook’s Advertising Capabilities

Facebook advertising capabilities are diverse and complex. It uses psychographics and demographics targeting at a scale that was never seen before.

You can target your ads depending upon people’s interests, location, engagement, behavior and even what they are doing outside of Facebook!

The classic Facebook ads are called marketplace ads. They include a headline, copy, image and a click-through link. These ads most often appear on the side columns of Facebook.

But it doesn’t stop there. You can go ahead and create ads using other content formats such as video ads, photo ads, slideshow ads, carousel ads, lead form ads, dynamic product ads etc.

Each ad can target a user at a particular stage of their journey (awareness, interest, desire or action).

This means that the platform was specifically designed to serve ads at specific micro-moments of a buyer’s journey! This is advertising at a highly granular level.

With Facebook’s built-in advertising tools you can constantly measure the performance of your campaigns and business pages as well as optimize your advertising strategy on-demand.

The Facebook Exchange for Retargeting

Facebook Exchange is a real-time bidding system that can serve retargeted ads on Facebook. How it does this is by marking visitors on a third-party website with a cookie, and then these visitors are shown ads relevant to their web browsing upon their return to Facebook.

Facebook Exchange is one of the innovative use cases on how to use Facebook for social media marketing since it allows you to capture traffic from outside of Facebook as well.

These ads used to appear on the side columns but now they appear on the most prime real estate on Facebook as well – the News Feed.

Combine Facebook Exchange with its highly accurate targeting and you’ve got a very powerful advertising tool.

At the heart of it all is the content that you produce. High-quality content, targeted towards your buyer personas will perform well not just as updates on your Facebook business pages but also as content for the social media ads you run on Facebook.

Still not sure about the strategies to start off with your Facebook marketing? Get in touch with us, our expert advisor can help you reach your goals.