Fintech Social Media Marketing

Where to Start With Fintech Social Media Marketing

The post-pandemic world has changed consumer behaviour to more readily adopt digital financial services. Financial technology (fintech) companies are at the forefront of this adoption but end up competing with banking giants, disruptive startups and crypto-payment apps.

The fintech market hasn’t matured yet and it is a place of astronomical growth in all directions at the moment. Coupled with touchless payments and automated checkouts, fintech is well placed for hyper-growth in the post-pandemic world.

This makes social media marketing for fintech an essential aspect of their overall marketing strategy. Social media is where your audience wants to engage with you and it is the ideal place to share all the new content that is being created.

But where do you start when it comes to fintech social media marketing? Let’s take a deeper look in this blog.

Create Valuable Content for Your Fintech Social Media Marketing

Both finance and technology are complicated concepts for an audience to understand. Added together to form fintech, and we have on our hands a chimera of complexity.

The trick is to create content that is outside-in, i.e. from the customer’s perspective. This means creating content that shows how your product can simplify the customer’s life instead of focusing on the finer nuances of the technology at play.

Creating great marketing collateral such as brochures, point of views and blogs works well. Also, think about creating infographics or bite-sized pieces of content that work as quick explainers of how your product works.

Such explainer content works exceptionally well in communicating your core value proposition to your customers quickly.

Track the performance of your content and create more of what works. If you’re getting more website traffic from your blogs then invest in a blog program.

The best approach is to create content using your buyer personas. Different pieces of content cater to different segments of your audience. There can be no one content piece for all, so don’t make that mistake!

Connect With Influencers to Boost Brand Awareness

Influencer marketing has proven to be an effective marketing strategy to get leads and boost brand awareness. Just like with any industry there are fintech social media influencers as well.

Collaborating with influencers allows you to expand your reach to a targeted set of audiences that are highly receptive to the message of the influencer. This tactic can also allow you to tap into heretofore untapped audiences.

There are many ways to collaborate with influencers. You can pay them to mention your company on their social media handles or to interview you about your company or product.

If your product serves a niche you can also target micro-influencers that have a much lower follower count but a highly engaged audience.

Optimize Your Fintech Social Media Campaigns

You might be running paid campaigns to achieve certain targets such as leads, web visits or downloads. While running campaigns is important, some say optimizing them is even more crucial.

Optimizing campaigns is an important element of fintech social media marketing. It allows you to revisit your campaigns regularly to identify weak spots and do more of what works.

A simple optimization strategy can be to do an A/B test. Two different ads are served to the same audience to see which one performs better. The winning ad becomes a template using which subsequent ads are created.

Similarly, keep an eye on your key metrics. To start with these can be conversion rates, cost per lead, average time spent during a web session and engagement.

When tracked against industry benchmarks, these metrics will give you a fair idea of how well your campaign is performing and where you need improvement.

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