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How To Find A Full Service Internet Marketing Agency Today

Finding the best full service internet marketing agency is not an easy task. Each agency has different expertise, areas of focus, experience and working culture.

You need to take the time to screen any marketing firm before agreeing to work with them. This article will provide you with practical tips to help you find the right full service digital marketing partner.

Why Do You Want To Hire A Full Service Internet Marketing Agency?

So you want to hire a full service digital agency. The first and most important question is, “Why?”

You need to define what are the business goals that you’re looking to accomplish. This will provide direction when communicating with a potential marketing partner. Marketers should take the time to understand your goals and suggest relevant metrics to measure success.

If you are looking to replace your current agency, then you need to reflect on what is working and what isn’t working. Use that experience to hire another one that would be a better match. Typical problems of client-agency relationship include:

  • Communication problem that leads to unmet expectations
  • Agency isn’t generating results or reaching objectives
  • Dispute over fees
  • Agency lacks understanding of the brand or the industry

Look for An Agency That Provides The Right Expertise

You have an abundance of choices when it comes to choosing a full service digital marketing agency. Moreover, you also have a large selection of marketing channels to promote on. These include content marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), lead generation, paid advertising, website creation, email marketing and many more.

Ask the agency what methods they are going to use that will produce the best returns for you. You may not need all their internet marketing services right away. But it’s good to know they have more services that might help your business in the future without having to hire another firm.

Don’t be mistaken into thinking that more services offered means they are more experienced. So make sure that they have expertise in the chosen marketing methods. It’s only useful to you if they’re good at the service they offer.

A Full Service Digital Marketing Firm That Keeps Up With The Trends

The digital marketing landscape is very competitive. It’s continually evolving because platforms make updates frequently. Old-school methods aren’t effective anymore. And new strategies appear.

By keeping up with the trends, they’ll help you stay up to date with the strategies. You can get an increase in conversions for your campaign. If it’s paid advertising, you’ll enjoy lower cost to acquire leads and sales.

For instance, Google has changed the SEO algorithm several times. In the past, you could get a page to rank by getting a lot of backlinks. These are links from other websites that link to the article you want to rank. Many people exploit it by driving suspect links to their page. Today, this strategy doesn’t work well anymore. In fact, it may even get your site penalized.

Review The Agency’s Past Work Thoroughly

Experienced marketing firms are proud of their past successes. They display their client logos on their website. They write case studies on their website on how they were able to achieve results for their clients.

These are great resources to review. The best case is if the firm has worked with a business similar to yours. For example, they’ve worked with a company in a similar industry, targeting the same geographical area, or a brand with similar goals.

Have an Honest Discussion about Budgets

Before engaging any agency, you first need to determine your marketing budget. Then you can discuss with the agency if the project can fit with the budget you’ve allocated.

Keep in mind that the fees to the marketing firm don’t include other expenses like paid advertising. It’s vital to be clear on what is included in the fees and how the fees are structured.

Some agencies charge a flat retainer fee. Some include a percentage of advertising spend. And some agencies charge based on results.

If you have a large marketing budget, don’t be afraid to ask if the agency is open to run a test project. You can feel how it’s like to work together before you commit your entire budget.

Transparency For A Long Term Working Relationship

Choosing an agency is not all about skills. It’s also about how well you can communicate with them.

Check if the firm has a mailing address, phone numbers and other indicators of a legitimate business. But also keep in mind that they don’t need to have a fancy office. Many professionally run agencies now have their team working remotely.

You also want a feel about how transparent they are about the methods and reporting. Although the agency is the expert in marketing, the strategy that will be implemented has to make sense to you. Don’t be afraid to ask for a sample report and see if the details are to your satisfaction.

Decide Your Marketing Partner Carefully

When engaging a full service internet marketing firm, you want to get it right the first time. Switching agencies can be expensive and it wastes a lot of time.

On the other hand, choosing the right marketing partner can lead to a revenue windfall. Put in the work upfront in the agency selection process and you’ll be rewarded with good marketing performance.

If you’d like to discuss a digital marketing strategy that’s tailored to your business, we’d love to help. Take the first step by booking a call with us.