How to Use Your Website to Get More Clients in Toronto

You’ve spent the time setting up your website to properly display your product and service offerings and have even made it functional in order to get more clients and sales.

Time goes on and while you’re confident in what you have to offer, it turns out that your website isn’t quite getting you the new and exciting clients that you thought it would.


We hear you!

There are a number of reasons why potential clients might not be popping up for your business. This can include anything from them not being able to find it in the first place, to them simply losing interest in it as they start to scroll through.

Don’t let new clients pass you by. Use your website for more than just an organized display of your products and services and get more clients!

Get More Clients with a Results-Driven Approach

With a bit of strategy behind your website, you’re bound to get more clients and bigger results. Always be sure to take a strategic and informed approach to your website in order to get the most bang for your buck.

Here, we discuss some great tips for using your website to its full potential and getting those well-deserved clients!

Content is King

While you’re likely thinking about ways to improve your website in order to get more clients in Toronto, you will want to think about how you are going to get them there in the first place. Content marketing is one of the key ways to drive users to your website.

Here are a few of the many important content marketing tactics that you should consider using in your strategy for driving website traffic.

Blog Posts Can Add Value

Having a blog section on your website and utilizing it properly, is a great form of content marketing that can help to get more clients to your website. Blogs should always provide high-quality and valuable content to their audience.

Incorporate SEO strategy into your blogs in order to make them even more effective and help get your website found through organic search.

Creating Quality Web Pages

Similar to blog posts, you will want to make sure that each of your website’s pages is well written with quality information. Optimizing these pages for search engines is also incredibly effective in getting clients to your website.

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Social Media Marketing as a Powerful Tool

Social media marketing is another great form of content marketing that can be used to drive clients to your website. You can connect with your audience through social media by speaking to them on a more human level, and encouraging them to visit your website.

Always make sure that your social media marketing efforts are strategized and constructed in a way that will speak to your audience.

These are just a few of the many different forms of content marketing that can be helpful in getting more clients to your website. Always be sure to evaluate the best approach for your unique business.

The Power of Website Design and Content

Once you have gotten users to your website, how do you get them to stay on your site and eventually become a client?

The key is in reducing the bounce rate. Bounce rate can be described as the number of visitors to your website that navigates away from it after only viewing one page.

The higher this number is, the more chance there is that users are not immediately finding what they need from your website.

Luckily there are a number of ways to reduce your bounce rate.

Simple Website Design for Maximum Results

Keep your website design simple, as too much chaos, will lose your user’s attention right off the bat. Your design should be easy to use and should provide a clear direction on what your user is looking for.

It takes fifteen seconds for a user to lose interest in your website which means that you have only fifteen seconds to capture their attention. Don’t let a chaotic or sloppy website design be your downfall.

Use Website Content to Help Drive Traffic

As we discussed earlier, great website content can be essential to driving traffic. It can also help to keep users on your website and become actual clients.

Be sure that your content is valuable, interesting, and well laid out. Avoid long-winded paragraphs as it is a sure way to lose your viewer’s interest. Use subtitles and bullet points to break up your information and make it scannable.

You can link to other content throughout the article and at the end of the article as well to keep users on your website. The idea is that the more involved they are on your website, the more involved they become with your business, and therefore can be converted to clients.

Get More Clients by Incorporating Key Features

There are a number of great website features that can be incorporated to help you get more clients. Let’s discuss two of our favorites!

Collect Email Addresses for Further Marketing

You might include a form on your website that allows users to sign up to receive newsletters or special information from your business. An email form could also be provided as an exchange for user access to a download of information that is valuable to them.

Collected email addresses can then be used for further email marketing which is a great way to turn users into clients.

Include a Call to Action to Provide Guidance

A call to action is the part of your website that tells your audience what they should do after they have engaged with your website in some form.

Throughout your website pages and specifically at the end of your web pages, you will want to provide a call to action that tells users what to do next.

Should they contact you? Should they click to read more on the topic? Your call to action helps guide the user toward the process of becoming a client.

Get More Clients in Toronto by Getting Started

The idea of coming up with a strategy to get more sales using your website, and taking the time to properly execute that strategy can be overwhelming. Luckily, Asset Digital Communications has all of the information and tools you need to get started. Let’s chat!