Recovering Economy Leads

Top 5 Ways to Get More Leads in a Recovering Economy

A motivated business owner will always be looking at how to get more leads in sales. However, the best business owners will be the ones looking for ways to get leads, while also understanding that their strategy for doing so will change with the ebb and flow of the economy.

How to Get More Leads in Sales

If you’re thinking about how to get more leads in sales, there are a number of things that must be considered. Perhaps the most important way, or the best starting point to get more leads is to establish a solid strategy.

Your strategy will be based on your industry, the product or service you are providing, as well as your audience. This strategy will help you to determine your approach moving forward and how you will prioritize your efforts.

Get More Leads During Economic Recovery

The stage of recovery in the economic cycle can be a tough one to strategize when it comes to getting leads. How do you approach potential leads and get them to choose your business in this stage? Here we explore 5 valuable ways of doing just that!

1. Achieve more leads through strategy

You should start by taking a look at your current strategy and evaluating what changes should be made for a more effective approach. Never assume that you will be able to ride out an economic change and return to generating leads as you might have in the past.

Things change quickly, but your focus should be on what’s currently happening. Think about what your target customer would be going through during the recovery period and update your value proposition and personas to reflect this.

A dog grooming business for example, might have a customer who decided to save money by grooming their own dog during the recession stage. As the economy begins to recover and demand begins to increase, this customer could be targeted as a lead.

The approach to a potential customer like this would need to be non-aggressive as they wouldn’t necessarily be looking to spend a large amount of money right off the bat. The grooming business could look for brand awareness opportunities or offer discounts on smaller services like nail cutting.

2. Thrive with a strong online presence

As it currently stands, the world and the way things are done has changed for good. Everything is largely digital, which means that having a strong online presence, especially during a time of recovery, is essential to business.

If you’re looking at how to get more leads in sales, digital marketing is the way to go. It’s evident that audiences are online, so getting in front of those audiences through your website, social media and online advertising is bound to be effective.

Consumers will see more available cashflow in recovery and therefore will be looking to spend on their wants and needs. With the proper direction, these consumers can be turned in to leads for your sales team.

Ensure your online presence is strong and shows credibility for your business. Offer valuable information, present your unique value proposition and show overall professionalism. You can make use of SEO and content marketing strategies to direct traffic, and make sure that all those consumers eyes are on your business.

3. Get more leads and miles ahead of competitors

A recession will have changed the competitive landscape. Many competitors will have entered survival mode and may have slowed down on, or even put a total stop to all lead generation efforts. Recovery could mean slowly bringing back those efforts piece by piece.

Use this as your opportunity to get ahead and go full force in to looking at ways on how to get more leads in sales. By the time your competitors are ready to also go full force in lead generation, you’ll be miles ahead.

You might look at how you can provide value to your audience without expecting anything in return. Your potential leads will also be recovering from a recession which means they will be looking for services that come to them at no cost. Consider using something like a form download in exchange for an email address. This is a great exchange as it comes to them at no cost, but is useful for your business in generating future leads through email marketing.

4. Put an emphasis on cost

Consumers are still vulnerable in the recovery stage, which means treading lightly. Think about what unique deals your business can offer and emphasis that purchasing your products or services won’t put your customers any deeper in the hole.

Providing major discounts may not be an option for your business which is also in recovery mode. As debts are paid and savings are recovered, subscription-based solutions could be a great solution for both your customers and your business.

Get this messaging in front of potential leads as soon as possible so that when it comes time for them to make a decision on where to spend their precious dollars, it’s with your business.

5. Create an action plan for all possible scenarios

The best business owners will always be preparing for what’s to come. Finding ways on how to get more leads in sales doesn’t stop at the recovery period.

What will demand look like for your business’s products and services in the next stage of the cycle? It’s important to plan for all possible scenarios so that there is no interruption to your lead generation efforts.

Make estimates on how long the recovery stage will last so that you can best prepare for the next stage, and be sure to have a robust digital marketing strategy in place that reflects this. When the next wave of change comes, you’ll be more than ready for whatever is thrown your way!

Taking some very effective steps to get more leads in a recovering economy has the potential to take your business to the next level. Let’s recap these 5 valuable tactics:

  1. Achieve more leads through strategy
  2. Thrive with a strong online presence
  3. Get more leads and miles ahead of competitors
  4. Put an emphasis on cost
  5. Create an action plan for all possible scenarios

Looking for some help in developing the right lead generation plan for your business? Asset Digital Communications can help you put together an effective strategy that will help get the results you’re looking for. Contact us today!