Hospitality Digital Marketing Agency

Hiring A Digital Marketing Agency For The Hospitality Industry

The year 2020 has been exceptionally hard on hospitality businesses, particularly due to the stringent social distancing measures imposed on this sector. So, the only way to survive is to do all the right things and to let people know about it by hiring a hospitality digital marketing agency.

With deliveries and curb-side pickups becoming a way of life, not many people are venturing out for a vacation or even for a drink at the local bars.

The only way to change this perception is by connecting with your potential customers on the internet and telling everyone why it is safe to dine at your restaurant or to stay at your resort.

Why Should Hospitality Businesses Hire A Digital Marketing Agency?

Right now, the world is in chaos trying to contain a highly contagious pandemic that cannot be prevented with an effective vaccine. Due to the very nature of the pandemic, the hospitality sector continues to suffer.

Ever since the coronavirus outbreak, people have been concerned about socializing and that is likely to continue for some time. This has deeply impacted the hospitality sector because authorities across the globe have restricted social gatherings.

Since restaurants, resorts, spas, bars, etc. involve a frequent flow of customers, there is a higher risk of patrons getting infected. So, if you are following the WHO’s social distancing guidelines and everything else prescribed by the local authorities, it is time to tell your potential customers about it.

Most importantly, you need to reach out to the public in a tactful manner that does not make you sound like a bad place that’s recently turned hygienic. Therefore, you need to hire a digital marketing agency that specializes in catering to the exclusive needs of the hospitality sector.

Connect With WFH Professionals

Post pandemic, most businesses have embraced the remote work culture, allowing employees to work from home or anywhere else. During the initial days, it seemed okay to work from their homes but it definitely gets tedious with time.

After having worked that way for months, almost everyone working from home would be more than happy to work from a cozy resort or a mountain cabin. So how would you reach out to them? Find them where they spend most of their time, which is on the internet.

Reduce costs by Retargeting your Audience Using the right digital marketing strategy lets you reduce costs by targeting a very specific subset of the audience, which can later be retargeted based on user behaviour. This data can be captured using advanced tracking and analytics tools to sort out users based on their level of interest.

Result-oriented Campaigns

One of the key advantages of hiring the right hospitality digital marketing agency is that your campaigns can be fine-tuned around a very specific goal. So, if you wish to generate leads for your remote work packages, you sure can. This can be done in the following ways.

Local SEO

If you are a proud owner of a beach resort located around Long Beach, imagine the amount of business you can generate. If you rank on the first page of search results for the term ‘Long Beach Lodge resort’?

Now that’s the power of local SEO and as a matter of fact, right now there are over two thousand people looking up this very search term on Google. We can help you drive all that traffic straight to your website.

Social Media Management

People are now spending more time on social media than ever before and that’s likely to continue in the near future. So, why not strengthen your social media presence with regular posts, hashtags, and stories?

By using visual modes of communication and having your guests share their experiences, you can leverage this medium of communication like none other. You can use it to convince potential customers that despite the odds, they can still have a good time.

With the right social media strategy, you can not only generate more business but even reduce your advertising costs by building your following and actively posting content.

Reviews and ratings

Your Google, Yelp, and all other ratings and reviews deeply influence any average customer’s buying decision. So, if you are serious about brand building, consider hiring a digital marketing agency for your hospitality business that is willing to go that extra mile to fix it for you.


At present, the future of the Canadian hospitality sector looks bleak. To survive this economic downturn, businesses need to get more innovative and creative. Most importantly, they need to communicate with their patrons from time to time and keep them posted about the latest happenings.

This can be taken care of by planning clear short-term and long-term business strategies and promoting them effectively on digital platforms. You can do this by hiring a hospitality digital marketing agency in Toronto and providing prompt and timely inputs.