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How to Get Accounting Clients Online

The question ‘how to get accounting clients online’ is a mix of skill, creativity, and dedication. In time, the skills can be learned. So, we’re going to guide you through the key points you have to bear in mind when trying to approach potential clients online.

If you feel like you’ll need help in finding accounting clients by the end of this article, we are only a message away.

How To Find Accounting Clients Online?

It starts with setting the right goals. To generate online leads with quality website traffic, you must start by identifying the appropriate audience for your business. When you set realistic goals, you can measure progress toward them.

What is your current website traffic? Often, one of the first goals is to work toward an increase in website traffic and quality website visits. Track your progress in Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

Top 5 Rules

These essentials will get you on the right path. Consider these digital marketing rules that are the foundation of building your lead generation strategy for your website.

Rule 1: Have an Eye-Catching Website

The number 1 rule is to have an awesome website that is stylish and uses the latest website themes and tools. This is where new website visitors will learn about your business, its values, your particular areas of specialty, and your talented team.

To bring new traffic to your website, the search engines must know your site exists. They can then connect those searching for a new accounting firm with your site. That’s what Search Engine Optimization (SEO) does.

A full-service agency optimizes your website using keywords, making sure clients find your website. So, you won’t have to bother with lead generation.

Rule 2: Leverage the Power of PPC Advertising

Since accounting is a highly competitive sector, it’s very common for businesses looking for accountants to search online. Then, they click on PPC ads, like Google Ads. Consequently, PPC advertising is a great way to get new accounting or even bookkeeping clients online. These campaigns are set up and managed by digital marketing agencies.

PPC ads can be tricky and are best handled by experts to avoid paying too much for the advertising.

Rule 3: Establish Your Social Media Presence

Today almost everyone is on social media – including your competitors. Suppose your firm is not active on social media. Then, you are missing a huge opportunity to be visible to your current clients, to offer valuable tips and advice that demonstrate your expertise and build trust, and to engage in topical online conversations to stay top of mind.

Certain platforms work better than the others for a given business. The first step in establishing (or strengthening) your online presence is to decide which platforms are the most valuable.

Should you be on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram? The list is long, and since the success on social platforms requires constant content, you must think carefully about this investment. We regularly help our clients figure this out, crafting a customized social media strategy for their accounting firm.

Rule 4: Show Expertise through Content Marketing

A great way of how to get accounting clients online is by demand generation. Provide value to your customers by solving their problems with relevant content that answers their questions. You’ll be on your way to developing relationships that will become clients. The best platform for this is a company blog on your website.

If your blog post addresses an issue they’re facing and presents a practical solution, you will build their trust. Beneficial relationships online and offline start with trust. The key to content marketing is providing value, posting new content with regularity, and using SEO to ensure it is optimized for the search engines to be able to find it.

Rule 5: Develop a Thoughtful Lead Generation Campaign

Lead generation campaigns are very efficient when it comes to luring in new customers. The most secure way to go about it is to entrust an agency specialized in lead generation to do it for you. A successful lead generation campaign will result in a good first impression to new customers who might turn into long-term clients.

Get Accounting Clients Online

Helpful Tips For Getting Accounting Clients Online

The five rules mentioned above should be gospel for anyone who wants to effectively generate leads and expand their client base. However, there are other popular techniques that can help you find clients you can offer accounting services too. Here’s what you can do to grow your business!

1. Considering Working in a Co-Working Space

Co-working spaces are an excellent choice for these modern times where people enjoy working around others full-time. Not only do they help you save some money, but they also help you build sustainable relationships with people from various industries.

If you want to find new clients, you can easily do so from a co-working space. You will be introduced to a myriad of new people every day who will potentially be your next bookkeeping clients. You can then hand out your business cards to them and meet them officially later.

2. Be a Part of Business Groups

If you are a small business owner, you already know the importance of having a community around you. You need all the support you can get, and the best place to get this support is from local business groups in and around your city.

You can build your network from these groups and get to know more people through accounting firms or a bookkeeping business in your circle. This will help you get accounting clients online quickly and effortlessly.

3. Don’t Be Afraid to Use Online Means

There is no such thing as too much social media. You can use Facebook groups, Instagram posts, Facebook ads, etc., to get accounting clients online efficiently. With most of the world online today, your best bet is to look for potential clients on the internet by creating a business page on every social media platform.

Additionally, you can also use tools like Google My Business to promote your firm as well as track and manage your online activity.

4. Use Craigslist

Now you might think using online marketplaces is a tacky move on your part. However, with the right technique and approach, you can get ideal clients online from Craigslist too!

This marketplace has been around for years, and it has established itself online. You need to create a reliable post that gains the trust of your prospective clients the moment they read it.

You need to tap into your target market, and you will be able to do just that by using the right tags! You can get accounting and bookkeeping clients from this platform easily, provided you put in that effort.

5. Have an Elevator Pitch Ready and Keep Practicing It

As a business owner, you need to explain your work in less than a minute comprehensively. Have an elevator pitch ready in case you run into someone interested in your services. Elevator pitches can also be given through online means. Make sure yours is perfected so that you can bag clients easily!

So, what are the top 5 rules of ‘How to get bookkeeping clients online?’
1. Have an eye-catching website
2. Leverage the powers of PPC advertising
3. Establish your social media presence
4. Show expertise through content marketing
5. Develop a thoughtful lead generation campaign

Now that you know how to find accounting clients, it’s time to put it into practice. As we said above, it’s okay to hire an agency to make sure the lead generation is 100% successful.

If you feel like contacting us, don’t hesitate. Let’s have a chat about how we could help you grow your business.

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