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Social Media Marketing in the HVAC Industry Post-Covid

Covid-19 has brought in a whirlwind of change across many industries but especially for the HVAC industry. Demand has shrunk drastically and customer expectations have evolved almost overnight with an extra emphasis on safety and hygiene.

In such a scenario you need an HVAC social media marketing plan that is just right for the current industry dynamic. A plan that delivers high quality leads that keep your business flourishing.

Let’s look at some ways you can adjust your marketing plan for the Covid age.

HVAC Social Media Marketing’s Number One Tool – Content

Your customers are overcompensating for their health right now and HVAC systems form a major part of that concern. They need to know you are open for business and are offering services that cater to their health needs.

Become an expert on the topics people are looking for right now. And the best way to do that is by creating relevant content.

Most people are stuck at home with their families and the deficiencies of their current HVAC systems are coming to the fore as temperatures rise and clean air becomes a need rather than a luxury.

Create a blog series on trending topics such as –

  • Indoor air quality – share your know-how and expertise on the potential impact on people’s health
  • HVAC maintenance – homeowners will feel relieved knowing their HVAC systems are running smoothly in the middle of a pandemic
  • Vent and duct cleaning – these are a must-do to maintain clean air quality

A lot of your customers want to extend the life of their current HVAC systems and such topics will be very relevant to them.

If you’re taking a deeper dive into a topic consider making an eBook or white paper.

Creating content alone won’t help, you need to promote it as well. That’s where digital communication becomes paramount and there is no better way to do that than on social media.

Pick Your Channel Strategy Wisely

With advertising budgets tightening, your campaigns need to be more targeted. Choose your battles wisely when it comes to HVAC social media marketing and post where your customers already are.

If your key audience is other businesses, you need to focus more on LinkedIn, followed by Twitter and Facebook. If it is homeowners then the order changes slightly to Facebook and Twitter, followed by Instagram.

Each of these channels has its unique benefits. On LinkedIn, you’ll find a captive B2B audience and buyer personas willing to consume more technical and formal business collateral.

Whereas Instagram is heavy on visuals and would require you to communicate your message through images with descriptive captions. (Pro tip: put any hyperlinks in your Instagram bio as Instagram captions don’t support hyperlinks!)

You’ll need to schedule your posts on these platforms as well depending upon when your customers are most active on them.

Strategically use hashtags in your posts to increase their visibility. Using hashtags will make sure that your posts appeal to receptive audiences.

Social Media Marketing in the HVAC

Hashtags also tell the social media platform what the post is about and which audience to show it to. Without them, your posts will get lost in the ephemeral social media space.

New content is the holy grail of HVAC social media marketing. Posting content relevant to your audience helps social media perform better. Along with the content adding informative images that contain infographics, memes, videos, text, and more keeps your followers engaged.

Posting only content cannot be a one-way conversation with the reader. But actively solicit feedback by asking a question at the end of a post.

Also, provide a simple user experience to anyone who reads your post. If you’re talking about a specific HVAC product, your post should hyperlink directly to it on your website instead of having your customers search for it.

Build a Community of Followers

Interacting with your followers and liking their posts will help you build a loyal community on social media. Don’t be afraid to tag them in your posts and solve their problems by reaching out to them or even praising them.

The purpose is to enlighten and educate your customers about your services in a friendly way. Aim to promptly respond to your customer comments or mention former clients in your posts to make them feel special. This will help your HVAC company stand out differently.

You can learn a lot about your followers on social media. You can also invite your email contacts to social media with a warm email and engage them in conversation about their HVAC concerns and needs.

Facebook Groups and LinkedIn Groups are just some examples of how social media platforms encourage community building and offer you the tools to do so!

Grow Your Business With Paid Advertising

There is merit in doing paid advertising on LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social media platforms. These platforms are where customers spend most of their time and thus advertising on them can help you get new customers by expanding your reach.

When planning to spend money on social media make sure that you run data-driven marketing campaigns with clearly defined goals that are mapped to revenue targets.

You can also take the help of social media management experts that specialize in running paid campaigns.

These experts use marketing analytics and automation tools that can help you streamline budgets across ad platforms and also create content to post on these platforms, boosting your marketing efforts.