The Importance of Social Media for Construction Businesses

Across Canada and the US, there is no better tool than social media to expand, improve, and leverage your online presence for a construction business. For this reason, many businesses have already realized the importance of social media. They are currently on the journey of using social media profiles to take their success to the next level.

However, when it comes to the construction industry, the employment of social networks is generally lacking. There are many construction businesses out there that have yet to embrace social media platforms to promote their products and services.

Even the ones that are already using social media, don’t yet have the right mechanisms in place to ensure that their strategy is actually effective. This is detrimental as it sets the construction industry considerably behind the rest of the industries.

In order to ensure that your construction business is at par with the technological revolution we are in the midst of, it is important to create a cohesive social media strategy that makes use of all the available tools and instruments.

In this article, we will take a closer look at what the importance of social media for construction businesses, and share tips on how to start a buzz on the best social media platforms. Social media has many benefits for a construction business in boosting awareness of the business, attracting new leads and customers, and staying in touch with current customers.

Importance of Social Media for Construction Businesses

Digital marketing is an important aspect of the growth strategy for a construction business in Canada and the United States. Whether you aim to connect with your audience or bring new potential customers on board, digital marketing has proven very cost effective.

The two most important branches of digital marketing are content marketing and social media marketing. Oftentimes, these two come together to act as the most important marketing tool a business can have. Ideally, a construction business should focus on both aspects to create the perfect social media marketing strategy for the construction industry’s target audience.

In this article, however, we will primarily be focusing on the importance of social media marketing strategies and how they can help a construction business create a brand that appeals to its audience.

1. Social Media Boosts Website Traffic for More Incoming Leads

The website for your construction business is of no use if it doesn’t get enough traffic. Relying on SEO and digital ads alone may work in some cases, but it is most likely to fall flat if you are aiming to hit crazy numbers in terms of traffic, and that too in a limited budget. You know what can help? Social media posts can exponentially increase the impressions that view your content.

The importance of social media channels comes from the fact that it can help direct your target audience to your website. When you have an active social media presence, you are likely to generate more interest in your customers, which will help you eventually increase your traffic.

2. Improved Brand Image On Social Media

The best way to stand out from your competitors is to create a brand image that displays you as the perfect solution to your potential customer’s grievances. Creating a social media presence allows you space and leeway to actually paint an image with your brand, it is an essential part of your branding journey.

On social media, it is easier for you in terms of connecting with your audience in an intimate way and actually fostering a  connection. You must be thinking of the fact that something like this is unheard when it comes to construction companies – but that just gives you more of a reason to go ahead and be a pioneer in your niche.

3. Customer Insights from Social Media Builds Your Market Intelligence

Social platforms help you interact directly with customers. This means earning customer loyalty since you get the chance to learn more about their pain points, what they want from you, and how you can serve them better! Thus, leading to better customer service.

Not only that, but you can also get customer insights from your competitor’s social media platforms. As a construction company, it is important for you to stay in the loop of what others are doing, and that amplifies the importance of social media even more!

5 tips for building social media buzz around your construction company

Creating a persona on social media for construction businesses will likely take some time. To reap the benefits of social media marketing to its real potential, you have to combine it with content marketing to drive a relevant and interested audience. Plain ads and posts won’t make the cut.

For Canadian and US construction companies, we have compiled the 5 effective ideas you can use for better audience outreach and engagement.

1.    Show the before, during, and after of your project

Comparing visuals is a splendid way to convey your progress to your viewers. This is where you outshine your competitors and let people know what you can do for them. You can use images or videos depending on your platform, and adding some customer remarks to it would be the cherry on top.

2.    Share industry news and professional insights

Not all content for your social media presence must be based on a transactional intent. In the case of a construction business, most audiences would value professional insights and industry news that you can offer them. Make use of this because knowledge is power. The more you keep your viewers informed, the better.

3.    Bring the audience to the field

In line with sharing insights, a construction business can offer much more to the viewers looking for information about the industry. Creating video content is by far the most effective strategy on social media for a construction business. Bringing your viewers to the field is documenting your day at work, demonstrating your key selling points and sharing your brand stories.

Keep your content authentic, informational and enjoyable. This strategy never fails to increase your brand awareness and customer base.

4.    Hold polls and ask for viewer opinions

Audience engagement is just as important as advertising on social media. In fact, viewers prefer this type of organic content over sales copies. Using polls, asking questions and including your audience in your company’s journey will make them feel like a part of your team.

The fundamental aspect behind all the benefits social media brings us is how much we interact without viewers and how genuine those interactions are. Short Q&A sessions with your staff and DIY concept-based videos from professional builders are known to be popular as is.

5.    Build an image unique to your company

These tips would render useless if you don’t consider creating a brand image and voice unique to your enterprise. As a construction business, your appeal lies in your innovation, creation, and distinctiveness. Share unique behind-the-scenes project work and on-site experiences—content your viewers seek. Don’t hold back.

The best social media platforms for construction businesses

There are numerous options for the social media channels you can use. However, deciding which one will be better suited to your business niche can be confusing. We decided to list the leading social media platforms that can bring the desired spotlight to your construction company.

YouTube – for informational video content

Twitter –  for news and insights

LinkedIn – for brand voice and authenticity

Facebook – for audience engagement

Instagram – for images and videos

We suggest choosing and focusing on two or three platforms. Grow your viewership from there instead of spending your resources on all of them.

Take the first step

Building your social media presence and a brand image is a daunting task. There is so much more to handling professional social media campaigns than what meets the eye. Choosing the appropriate channels, type of content and targeted audience can not be done by amateurs.

Asset Digital Communications can help you lay the foundation of a successful social media strategy for a construction business. Building is your forte. Building your brand is our forte.

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