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7 Proofs That Inbound Marketing Services Work

You may have read many stories of companies that have increased revenue from inbound marketing services. But you might be skeptical if it’s worth investing in inbound or if it’s just a fad strategy. Or perhaps you’re convinced of the benefits, but you need additional proof to convince your boss.

In this article, you’ll discover 7 compelling statistics that prove that inbound marketing works.

79% Of Marketers In North America Adopt Inbound Marketing Strategies

(Source: HubSpot)

What does this mean? Out of 5 businesses, 4 are likely doing inbound marketing while 1 isn’t. You can’t afford to get left behind by your competitors.

This statistic isn’t only limited to the United States. Businesses around the world are adopting it too.

  • Latin America: 75%
  • Europe, Middle East and Africa: 75%
  • Australia and New Zealand: 76%
  • Southeast Asia: 64%
  • Global average: 74%

It highlights how popular this marketing technique is. That’s because it’s proven to increase leads and sales.

75% Say Inbound Marketing Is An Effective Marketing Method

(Source: HubSpot)

That leaves 25% that claim it’s ineffective. In comparison, 62% of marketers say outbound methods are effective, while 38% admit they’re ineffective. This means that more people are finding inbound to be more effective.

Of course, you want to make sure you’re doing it the right way. In order to make inbound work, you need to focus on creating informative content, invest in SEO to get your content found, consistently engaging followers on social media, etc. Hiring inbound marketing services can help you make it work.

Take note that inbound marketing is a long-term strategy. Outbound might get you better results in the short-term. But if you want to stay competitive in the marketplace or gain market share, you need to have an inbound strategy.

72% Of Marketers Pointed To Good Content Strategy As The Key To Their Success

(Source: B2B Content Marketing)

Content is vital for a successful inbound campaign. A good content is relevant and engaging to your ideal customers. Think of your content as a salesperson who’s representing your brand 24/7.

Your content will educate your readers about your expertise, product and services. It can boost brand awareness, generate leads and move prospects along the buying process. So your content must be credible and compelling.

Over 64% Of Marketers Actively Invest In SEO

And over 52% of marketers invest in technical SEO updates to their website (Source: Hubspot). Why do they continually invest in it?

That’s because SEO is an excellent way to get targeted inbound traffic. Many people start their research process by doing a Google search. Just like content marketing, SEO is a critical part of inbound. It helps to get your content rank higher in the search results.

Although algorithms change rapidly, SEO today has evolved to focus on the end-user experience. Ultimately, Google wants to provide its users with a great experience to keep coming back to using it.

You can do your part by providing fantastic user experience. Make your website easy to navigate, load quickly and optimize for mobile.

There Will Be 3.1 Billion Social Media Users By 2021

(Source: Statista)

That’s a huge user base that you can tap into to get leads and buyers. There are many different platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Each platform has its own unique characteristics.

To be effective, you must know where your ideal customers are. And how to craft your message so they will engage with your brand. That’s how you can attract new customers to your business. Good inbound marketing services will help you craft a strategy tailored to your business needs.

86% Of Professionals Prefer Email For Communication

(Source: Hubspot)

Email marketing is still a go-to when it comes to inbound methods. However, your customers’ inbox is also flooded with emails from other brands.

In order to stand out, you need to personalize your emails. Use segmentation to ensure that your message is relevant to the reader.

Videos Attract 300% More Traffic

(Source: Marketing Sherpa)

Another big trend in marketing is the amount of videos consumed online. There are billions of videos watched on YouTube every single day (Source: YouTube).

People love watching videos. They’re more engaging than text and images. After watching a marketing video, 65% of executives visited the website, and 39% picked up the phone and called (Source: Forbes). You can’t afford to neglect videos for inbound marketing.

Inbound Marketing Services That Work

Still have doubts if inbound marketing services can work for your business? Take a look at some of our case studies.

If you decide to stick to traditional marketing methods, keep in mind the statistics mentioned in this article. Your competition is aware of the benefits of inbound. There is a high risk potential clients will choose them instead of you.