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5 Killer Inbound Marketing Strategies to Get You Started In Toronto

Do you have the right inbound marketing strategy for your business in Toronto? If not, then you are in for some serious trouble.

As the pandemic-led economic slowdown continues, close to half of all small and mid-sized businesses in Canada are on the verge of closure. Also, quite a few large businesses have sought Creditor’s protection due to financial stress.

So, in order to survive, businesses need to lower their costs and increase ROI through inbound marketing strategies. Doing this ensures that your energies and resources are directed towards audiences that are most likely to convert.

Let us now discuss some of the best strategies that you can implement to get the most out of your marketing budget.

1. Start Your Inbound Marketing Strategy with Irresistible Resources

Instead of driving random traffic to your website, why not connect with those who wish to download your invaluable freebie?

It could be anything that solves a problem for your potential customers — an eBook, a checklist, or something else that provides value. In exchange for the free resource, you could ask for their e-mail ID or other contact details.

Once they give you their email IDs in exchange for the resource, you will have all the time in the world to pitch your product or services. So, hold your horses until you get there and dedicate the freebie to solve the reader’s problem.

Let us assume that you have built an inventory management application and wish to target restaurateurs.

In that case, an eBook titled ‘The Definitive Guide to Overcome Inventory Management and Compliance-related Challenges in the Food and Restaurant Industry’ would do far better than ‘XYZ Inventory Management Application for Restaurateurs’.

2. The Right SEO Strategy to Rev-up Conversion Rate

Organic traffic can be extremely lucrative, but only when you go after the right keywords and attract meaningful traffic. Most people assume that the success of an SEO strategy can be determined by the total number of visitors coming to their website. Honestly, this cannot be any farther from the truth.

As a matter of fact, the success or failure of an SEO campaign can only be determined by its conversion rate. Let us now discuss some of the key components of a powerful SEO strategy.

i) Location of your Target Audience

If your business operates in a specific geography, then the only way to generate meaningful leads is by optimizing your business for local searches. For instance, a keyword like ‘Roof repair specialist in Toronto’ is definitely going to drive more qualified leads than ‘Roof repair specialist’ or ‘Roofing Expert’.

Also, creating a GMB listing for your business and keeping it active with weekly posts could help generate the right traffic.

ii) Align your Inbound Marketing Strategy with the User’s Search Intent

Let’s assume that your website sells Beginner-level programming eBooks and online courses. In that case, your targeting strategy must focus on the user’s intent.

So, optimizing your website for keywords like ‘getting started with programming’ is definitely going to drive better results than optimizing for keywords like ‘programming software’.

That’s because someone looking for ‘programming software’ is likely to be proficient in programming and may not need your eBook or online courses.

iii) Optimization for voice searches

There has been a massive surge in the number of voice searches coming from PCs and mobile devices. According to statistics, 70% of smartphone owners (source) in Canada prefer to speak instead of type through their phones.

A point to note is that a large number of those voice searches involve conversational long-tail keywords and not the robotic short-tail keywords.

3. Inbound Email Marketing and Lead Nurturing

With your lead magnet and SEO strategy in place, you probably have a long list of email addresses, so it’s time to move to the next step and start connecting. Although it may sound archaic, email marketing (if done the right way) can be extremely profitable.

So, don’t shy away from this powerful inbound marketing strategy and take it to the next level by automating emails based on user behaviour.

4. Effective Content Marketing

Businesses that post regular blogs tend to rank better in the search results because every time the search engine spiders crawl back to the website, they find something new. On the other hand, video content drives more engagement and has become increasingly popular.

According to a study, over 68% of Canadians (source) consume video content, which is likely to increase in the near future. So, while regular blogging can do wonders for your SEO efforts, posting regular video content can be extremely effective in driving more engagement.

Content Marketing Ideas

    • Post Weekly Blogs
    • Post video content with every blog
    • Build laser-focused landing pages
    • Organize free webinars
    • Use Native Ads

5. Connect with your Patrons on Social Media

Did you know that customer retention is five times cheaper (source) than customer acquisition? So, an effective social media community can be an all-time asset as the chances of converting your existing customers is much higher than convincing new ones.

That explains why you must effectively use your social media pages to build a sense of community and keep your existing customers engaged.

You can do this by creating social media posts that draw attention to your recent blogs, videos, and webinars. Subsequently, you can hold contests, giveaways, polls, and quizzes based on your blogs, videos, and webinars.

Later, you could use these posts for outbound marketing if you wish to and reach out to a whole new audience.

Conclusion: A Robust Inbound Strategy is Paramount for Growth

Businesses that make use of the above mentioned inbound marketing strategies have experienced phenomenal growth. The high success rate of these strategies can be attributed to the subtle marketing efforts that do not come across as spammy, aggressive, or intrusive.

If you are struggling to create the right inbound marketing strategy for your business, book a call and we’ll take you through the process.

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