Local SEO Services VS SEO For Food Companies

If you own a food company or work for one, you already know how important digital marketing is. Search Engine Optimization  (SEO) is one of the most crucial aspects of digital marketing and can put your products or services on the map.

Once you understand how SEO works, the next important question is figuring out the right SEO practices for your food business. You need to decide what works best for your business – local SEO services vs SEO.

Let us dive right in and learn more about local SEO and its relevance for food companies.

What Is Local SEO?

SEO efforts are aimed at boosting the ranking of your website on organic results. Local SEO is a more geographically focused  version of organic SEO.

It is a marketing strategy that makes improves the visibility of your business in local searches. It helps you reach local customers,  especially those that live around your business.

It is a great idea for restaurant operators and other food businesses as it maximizes their chances of being noticed in Google  searches.

Local SEO Services VS SEO

The primary difference between local SEO and regular SEO is the geographical component.

Search engines are smart, and they do a good job of understanding the user’s requirements. When a user looks up something with a location, the engine knows that they have local intent.

In some cases, even when the users do not type out the location, search engines assume local intent based on the nature of the  query.

However, when the search engine does not find the query to have a local intent, it is known as organic search. It happens when the user searches for generic information instead of specific locations.

Regular SEO relies on various factors, such as outbound and inbound links, keywords, grammar, etc. Every time you do organic  searches, the search engine uses these factors to rank and index the results.

If your food business is spread across multiple locations, you should focus on ranking both organically and locally.

Why Does Your Food Company Need Local SEO?

Anyone who wants to seriously grow their business wishes to attract as many customers as possible, and local SEO does just that.

Since food businesses aim at reaching out to specific locations and local customers, it makes sense for them to depend on local SEO.

Let us look at some of the ways in which a local strategy can be helpful for your food company.

  • Increases your probability of getting found by potential customers when they search for local business options.
  • Increases brand equity for your business.
  • Lets you reach potential local customers on their terms.

Actionable Local SEO Strategies For Food Companies

Here are a few simple ways that boost your local SEO.

  • Integrate relevant keywords on your webpage
  • Focus on the website user experience
  • Create and publish valuable content regularly
  • Claim your local listing on search engines
  • Use Geo tags on images
  • Create a contact page with all necessary information

Do Local SEO and Organic SEO Practices Affect Each Other?

Yes, there are plenty of instances where an effort to promote your food company locally may boost organic SEO and vice versa.

1. Local Listings

Listing your business on search engines requires you to provide basic details such as the business’s name, local address, contact  number, and website.

When you claim business of such listings, the search engine creates back links to your website. Link building is a crucial strategy in organic SEO, as search engines consider the number of back-links to a website while ranking.

2. On-Site Local SEO

On-site SEO practices, such as writing locally focused blog posts or updating your business address, could enhance your local SEO as  well.

Good quality content is one of the most vital aspects of organic SEO. If you make your content locally relevant, you can help both  your local and organic SEO efforts.

Wrapping Up

As a food company, you should pay attention to both organic and local SEO. Effective strategies will increase your exposure for local customers while simultaneously improving how a search engine ranks and indexes your website.

Local SEO is often considered more important as it places your business right in front of local customers when they actively search for products or services in their area.

If you’re a food company looking to invest in digital marketing services that can significantly boost your SEO efforts, reach out to us for actionable solutions!