Marketing Strategy

Create A Marketing Strategy Using Social Media As A Foundation

Your business is more than ready for people to know about it, to talk about it, to interact with it, and definitely to make purchases from it. So, where do you turn to get the exposure you need?

Social media of course!

Social media marketing can be incredible for building brand awareness, opening communication and trust with your audience, developing your brand personality and more. It’s no wonder so many digital marketers use it as a big part of their marketing strategy.

The question that comes up however, is creating a marketing strategy using social media as its foundation. Is it possible? What is the most effective way to approach a marketing strategy using social media?

Marketing Strategy Using Social Media

As we dive in further to the idea of using social media as a foundation for your marketing strategy, it’s important to keep social media front of mind, but also to ensure your efforts support the needs of marketing your business overall.

This is the key when creating a digital marketing strategy using social media as a foundation. It’s definitely possible and can even make for a very effective strategy when done right!

Set Social Media Goals that Align with Business Goals

Any great marketing strategy always starts with thinking about what you want to achieve. It’s especially important when using social media as the basis of your marketing strategy.

You will need to consider how your strategy will help you to meet social media goals as well as the goals of your business. For example, if increasing brand awareness is a prioritized business goal, then this should align with your social media marketing goals as well.

These goals work together rather than as two separate entities.

Use Social Media as the Support to Other Marketing Areas

No matter what it is you’re doing marketing wise, your strategy should always look at social media as a way to support your other efforts.

If marketing at trade shows is an effective technique for your brand, then your social media channels should be promoting the event before, during and after.

If you have new content on your website that could be helpful to your audience, use social media to get it in front of their eyes and expand the reach.

Social media is a great framework for supporting all of your marketing efforts and for providing as a platform for your audience to reference and interact with. They might become aware of your brand elsewhere, but can always come back to your channels to interact.

Social Media as a Marketing Strategy Informant

Your social media following will consist of the people who are fans of your brand. Therefore, as you set up or adjust your strategy based on trial and error, you can use social media to research your target audience and inform your strategy.

Social media analytics tools can help you to better understand who follows you and who is interested in what you have to offer. These demographics can then be used to inform PPC advertisements, website content, SEO and more!

This audience represents who you should be speaking to, which helps you to understand the best way to speak to them.

Social media is also a great resource for informing you of what your competitors are doing. Look at their channels to understand how they are approaching their strategy and dig deep into a comparison through competitor analysis.

While you won’t be looking to steal their ideas, it can be helpful to see what is and isn’t working for them. This can then be used to inform your strategy overall.

Your Marketing Strategy Using Social Media Done Right

Social media can be a great foundation for creating a marketing strategy that is well researched and built to support all areas of your marketing needs. The trick is getting started with a bit of expertise on your side.

If the idea of creating a marketing strategy using social media sounds like biting off a bit more than you can chew, we are here for you! Our team is ready to put in the time, dedication and practice it takes to get the job done right. Book a free call today to get started!