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Tips for Hiring A Multilingual Digital Marketing Agency

It is very likely that you know someone who is multilingual i.e., they speak more than one language.

While English is the accepted and most popular business language in the world, you’re missing out on a lot of new potential customers if you focus on English alone.

Have a look at the chart above. It lists the most common languages spoken on the internet as of 2020. As you can see, there clearly is a larger audience beyond just the English language alone.

Moreover, in a post-COVID world, everyone is used to shopping online and would prefer that over the crowds of a supermarket. This means that you can now potentially target any location and any audience online.

This has only been proven by the recent success of direct-to-consumer brands. People shopping online now have a lot of options to choose from and they would prefer to buy in a language that makes them comfortable.

If you have the appetite for it, your business can now expand to international markets and a much wider audience reach than ever before.

However, all this will only be possible if you consider multiple languages in your marketing strategy and create multilingual content, which allows your content to be consumed by a much wider audience.

To truly accelerate your multilingual marketing efforts, you need the help of a multilingual digital agency. But first, let’s try and understand why you need multilingual digital marketing anyways.

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It Can Be Budget-Friendly Too

You might think that translating content and creating custom content will be expensive.

Yes, it definitely needs more investment from your side but the increase in reach and conversions can quickly justify the added expenditure.

Moreover, writers and translators can be inexpensive depending upon where you look. If you are a small business you can always start your multilingual digital marketing journey at a pace and investment that is comfortable for you.

You can start by translating your website for regions where you see the most traffic coming in. And then gradually move over to translating content pieces and social media posts.

Also, you don’t need to have an office in each region mapped to the language. You can manage your multilingual campaigns from one central location, test the waters of the international market and then take a call, whether you want to establish a presence there!

Let More People Find You

A lot of internet users are coming online for the very first time around the world. And it’s not necessary that these will be English-speaking audiences. They’ll be searching online in their native language.

You can already search in multiple languages on Google. If your content is not localized, you are not letting non-English speakers find you.

You can remedy this by incorporating other languages into your SEO strategy.

The fundamentals remain the same. Keyword research is the best place to start when customizing your SEO for other languages. Take into consideration the phrasing and word sequence that might vary for other languages.

Do your research in terms of how your multilingual customers search and what they search for. For example, somebody might search with the term ‘bags brown’ instead of the opposite.

When expanding to international markets, businesses usually see quick ROI when it comes to SEO. This is because changes to your SEO strategy quickly reflect in real-world results.

Multilingual Also Means Multicultural

Every language has its roots in a diverse and unique culture. While you can obviously localize your content into multiple languages to expand your reach, your marketing localization efforts will plateau quite soon.

You must take into account the nuances of the culture behind that language. Thinking of publishing a social media post in Chinese? Also, consider doing a post wishing your Chinese buyers a Chinese New Year!

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Content like these will only help you resonate better with your multilingual audience. It helps build trust in your brand and also helps sow the seeds of a long-term relationship with potential non-English speaking customers.

Making these efforts can help you build a closer connection, build rapport and win the hearts of your new audience!

Now that we know why you need to invest in a multilingual digital marketing strategy, let’s look at how to search for a multilingual digital marketing agency to help you start on your journey.

When you’re on the hunt for a great digital marketing agency, you want to find one that is going to be able to meet all of your needs. Many businesses operate in multilingual environments which means that a multilingual digital marketing agency is going to be a great fit.

You might go onto Google and click on the first multilingual digital marketing agency that comes up in your search. However, your first click might not always be your best option.

What should you look for when hiring a Multilingual Agency?

The ability to develop a multilingual strategy

One of the most important parts of any digital marketing initiative is strategy. A multilingual digital marketing agency should be able to come up with a solid strategy for communicating with customers in their native language. Not necessarily the default language of the company.

If you are setting up your business in a foreign market, or in another language for the first time, you will need a specific strategy. This strategy will help you to develop a strong presence outside of your regular audience.

Multilingual Digital Marketing Agency

Developing a multilingual marketing strategy

Find a multilingual digital marketing agency that can target this new audience and speak their language – literally.

Entering these new markets can be a great way to get ahead of the competition and achieve business growth. But it takes the right strategy, with the right message, and the right technology in order to get ahead.

The right multilingual digital marketing agency will be able to speak your audience’s language. They will also set you up for success in reaching them.

Look for a team of digital marketers that has the ability to speak the language of your customers and recognizes that a separate strategy will be important.

Also ensure that your selected digital agency will be able to give you information on how your budget for one language may look different than it does for another language. Costs can vary depending on regions and main languages.

An agency that can help you gain visibility through multiple languages

In order to gain leads and sales that you first need to be found by the right audience. When you’re attempting to target audiences that speak different languages, this process automatically becomes more difficult.

Keyword research is more complicated as phrasing and word sequence can vary in different languages. Not to mention, keywords in different languages will have different search volumes and different costs per click. This will have an effect on the keywords used on your website.

In other words, what helps you to get found in one language, may not apply to another.

Look for a digital marketing agency that knows exactly how to approach SEO for multiple languages. They should either be able to guide you through it, or take it on entirely with their expertise.

Find a digital marketing agency that can communicate multilingually

The goal of content marketing is to communicate with target audiences directly and provide them with information that is valuable.

If you use something like a machine translator to convert your messages to audiences in another language you are going to run into unnatural, inaccurate and error-ridden messaging.

This ends up hurting the value of your content for that audience and actually results in a negative association with your brand. Rather than the intended positive one.

Your chosen multilingual digital marketing agency should also be able to handle the sensitivities that come with different cultures. Look for an agency that has expertise in handling different approaches to different cultures.

Here are some of the important digital marketing areas that will require the expertise of a multilingual digital marketing agency.

Social media communication

Is your multilingual digital marketing agency prepared to create posts in separate languages? Or even manage multiple accounts in different languages?

Depending on the strategy they layout for you, the best multilingual digital marketing agency will be able to execute social content in multiple languages for multiple audiences. Without sacrifice on quality or strategy.

Email marketing communication

Your marketing emails will need to be properly translated into different languages and adjusted to make sense for different target audiences.

Not only that, the management of separate email lists can get complicated. With the help of a multilingual digital marketing agency, you get both valuable translated email, and proper email management. A task that takes time and plenty of effort.

Multilingual website content

Creating your website content to reflect separate languages shouldn’t be as simple as hitting a translator button and hoping for the best. This can result in content that doesn’t make sense or isn’t relevant to your audience.

Localization is an important factor of a multilingual website, as the need for accuracy and tone will be different from place to place. Content will need to be reworked or recreated in order to be localized to the highest possible degree.

A great multilingual digital marketing agency will recognize that your website is a direct representation of your brand and will be able to provide the best solutions to meet the needs of your multilingual content.

Your Best Choice for a Multilingual Digital Marketing Agency

Using these tips, you’re well on your way to making the best choice for a multilingual digital marketing agency.

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