Online Marketing Strategies

Adapting Online Marketing Strategies in a Post-Pandemic Economy

Adapting Your Online Marketing Strategies

In the last few months, it has felt like the world as we’ve known it has been turned on its head.

While we must adjust to these new circumstances as individuals, so too do businesses companies need to adapt to the changing wants, needs, and habits of consumers. Which means your business’s online marketing strategies will have to adapt even faster.

As we collectively move forward and begin to reemerge into a post-pandemic world, business owners need to clearly understand what will be different about how people trade – both in the digital and real worlds.

Developing Brand Recognition Among Potential Customers

At first glance, achieving strong brand recognition through digital marketing may seem like a strategy better suited to larger businesses.

But the truth of the matter is that any small business can develop their image and improve their brand awareness through digital marketing strategies too. What’s more, these marketing tactics are often more affordable and accessible than more traditional marketing efforts. They usually reach more potential customers too.

Consider the hashtag #SupportSmallBusiness. The simple fact that this hashtag has been trending on Twitter throughout the COVID-19 crisis clearly shows that consumers are not only relying on small and online businesses, they’re actively seeking them out so they can support them.

Provide Potential Customers with a Brand Image they can Relate to

One of the key elements to keep in mind when improving your brand awareness, especially in a post-pandemic world, is your brand’s image.

You’ll need to be certain about the image you want to project and focus your online marketing strategies on conveying that image clearly and concisely.

Critical information, like your operating hours, contact information, and location are a top priority for potential customers. But the more you tell them about who you are and what you believe in – as a company – the better.

There are plenty of ways you can make this information widely available that aren’t difficult or expensive:

  • Blog posts – shared freely over social media
  • Google My Business
  • Social media marketing

Promote User Engagement with a Strong Social Media Marketing Plan

Even before the pandemic started, a strong social media presence was necessary for any business currently operating and hoping for success.

And with the reality of social distancing, social media marketing has become an even more critical tool for connecting with the community at large.

That means your social media profiles are the absolute best place to make your business stand out from the pack. Prove to your audience that you are invested and interested in more than simple profit.

One of the keys of social media marketing is consistency – both in message and how often you post. So, when planning your content, keep your brand image, and how you want to be perceived, in the forefront of your thinking.

You’ll also want to consider the tone and timing of your posts. The unpredictability of the current situation will mean that the well-crafted post you wrote on Monday might not go over well with Wednesday’s consumer expectations and social conversation.

Engagement is the Name of the Social Media Marketing Game

Customer engagement is another valuable type of content, and what makes it so valuable is that it is user-generated. With a strong social media base, some user-generated content will appear organically, flowing from your customers to your profiles. These usually consist of photos, reviews of products or services, or even simple “likes” or comments on your own posts.

Sharing this kind of user-generated content in your social media marketing offers an incredible opportunity. It helps to reassure customers that you’re invested in solving their problems, while also acting as a testimonial to your reliability, quality, and service. After all, 76% of consumers trust online reviews as much as recommendations from their friends and family.

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