Organic Digital Marketing Strategy

What is an Organic Digital Marketing Strategy?

You might be familiar with the different types of digital marketing, but one that often gets overlooked is organic digital marketing.

Organic digital marketing means that your business will be investing time rather than money like you would in paid digital marketing methods. It is a key element in your overall marketing strategy.

Let’s explore what an organic digital marketing strategy is.

Organic Digital Marketing Strategy Defined

An organic digital marketing strategy is a combination of methods designed to generate business over time instead of paid methods such as advertising or sponsored posts.

The word ‘organic’ is used as that is exactly what it is – anything that you don’t directly put dollars into falls into the category of organic digital marketing.

Organic digital marketing is best used in building brand awareness, developing your brand voice and interacting with and engaging your audience. It helps to increase the authenticity of your brand and create a better connection between your brand and your desired audience.

Creating an organic digital marketing strategy that is specific to your business’s needs is an essential part of your overall digital marketing strategy.

Benefits of Organic Digital Marketing

Now that you are knowledgeable about what organic digital marketing is, it will be important to understand some of the benefits of using it so that you can create a strategy around it.

1. Build an audience with real value

Organic audience members are those who have not been bought which means that they are a lot more valuable because they have actively chosen to interact with your brand.

Your organic digital marketing strategy should include a plan in providing valuable content to your audience that can solve their problems and be useful to them.

Valuable content can be provided through blog posts, social media platforms, web pages, email marketing, and more. As you deliver this content without the expectation of something in return, you build your audience naturally.

2. Content optimization opportunities for further reach

The valuable content that you create as a part of your organic digital marketing strategy can be optimized for further reach. You might use SEO in your blog and web content to help it gain better traffic through search results.

The best part about this kind of traffic is that these users are the ones who are looking for the products and services that you have to offer, rather than you attempting to get in front of them with a sales-oriented advertisement.

You already know that they are looking for what your business offers which makes them a lot more valuable.

As a part of your strategy, you should also determine what content will be best to be shared on certain platforms. Your reach goes further when it is set up to perform on specific platforms that cater to those specific audiences.

3. Save on your marketing budget

Organic digital marketing is a zero-cost way to increase brand awareness and develop a genuine voice for your business as you don’t directly put dollars into it like you would for paid ads.

Rather you are putting your time to create high-quality content that will attract your audience and get their eyes on your brand.

Time may be money, but organic digital marketing is a great way to get a return on your investment over time.

4. Effectively communicate the intentions behind your brand

Paid digital marketing methods can be effective, but they cannot often showcase what your brand is really about, they can sometimes fail to communicate that authenticity

Developing a solid organic digital marketing strategy allows you to show the intentions behind your band, what you stand for, and what you value. This is portrayed through the voice in your content and the topics that you choose to discuss.

The opportunity to communicate your goals and values gives your audience something further to relate to. They then feel more confident in their choice to use your products and services and can be confident in their choice as they get to know you better.

Get Started on Your Organic Digital Marketing Strategy

Your organic digital marketing strategy should be built to attract a valuable audience to your business and engage your ideal customer. By utilizing the right tactics and optimizing them for the best performance you will be set to convert that organic traffic into sales.

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