Organic Traffic

Why Organic Traffic Is Important for Your Business

It is common sense to have more traffic flowing through your website. The more the website traffic, the more chances your business has of capturing leads and increasing revenue.

Still, the question of why organic traffic is important for your business can confound many.

There are multiple channels from where traffic can reach your website – email marketing, paid advertising, links from other websites and so on.

Let’s dive into what makes organic traffic comes from and why it’s the most valuable.

Why Organic Traffic Is Important for Your Business?

Organic traffic is so important because it is targeted. Visitors naturally landing on your website through search engines have a very specific intent they are trying to fulfill.

And if your website provides them the solution, they are very likely to convert.

This makes organic traffic unique. It is all the traffic coming into a website from a search engine’s organic results, that is not paid.

Getting high intent and high-value traffic without spending a cent can be alluring to a lot of businesses!

But your ability to be found organically on search engines like Google and Bing is dependent upon your website’s ability to rank higher on search engine results page, which is only possible through a careful and dedicated approach towards search engine optimization.

You Get More Leads and Make More Sales!

A very high percentage of people research online before making a purchase decision. And that research more often than not begins on a search engine.

Getting a slice of that traffic is too important to give up. You need to have a sound SEO strategy to make the most of this traffic that can come your way.

The better content you create with relevant keywords, the better your chances of ranking higher on the search engine results page (SERP). You can also get organic traffic from longtail keywords.

Purchase decision searches are usually highly specific and longtail in nature. Incorporate those into your content and you already have better chances of capturing a lead that is very close to the bottom of the funnel and ready for Sales to pick up.

Build Web Traffic That Lasts

Your other digital marketing strategies and campaigns are usually designed to get immediate results.

A paid campaign on Google usually charges you by the click. After that click, you may or may not get the lead. This implies there might not necessarily be any long-term benefit to that click.

With organic traffic, you’re building traffic flow to your website for the medium to long-term.

Your SEO strategies will determine how much time a user spends on your website per session but you can nonetheless be rest assured that SEO is a more holistic strategy.

Improves Your User Experience

Why organic traffic is important for your business? Because a positive side effect of preparing your website to capture more organic traffic is that the content and UX on your website changes for the better.

The SEO strategies that you will deploy ranging from content, keywords, sitemaps to website design will only help you to make the overall experience of your website more intuitive and valuable for a visitor.

A better user experience coupled with great content means more leads and revenue.

SEO elements such as site speed, mobile optimization, compressed images, intuitive breadcrumb menus and logical site maps give a big boost to your organic traffic by improving the overall experience of a visitor to your website.

SEO and organic traffic go hand in hand. If you’re not ranking on a SERP, your competitor is. Using SEO to build organic traffic can thus also help you to capture some of your competitor’s web traffic as well.

This is what makes increasing your organic traffic so important for your business. The pursuit to get more organic traffic is a more holistic strategy and can help you reap awards in your paid advertising efforts as well!