Pinterest Strategy

How Pinterest Can Help Your eCommerce Strategy

Only visiting Pinterest profiles for wedding pictures and lifestyle ideas, you are not sure about shifting your business to the platform.

Well, flush your doubts down the drain as Pinterest has a whopping 459 million users every month (Source). Pinterest users visit the site for inspiration on the latest trends and make their decision around its suggestions.

Do you want to explore how it works for an eCommerce business? Get your hands on the ultimate Pinterest Marketing Strategy for eCommerce and why adopting it is the wisest decision right now!

Why Pinterest for Business?

Believe it or not, Pinners watch almost 1 billion videos a day on Pinterest accounts (Source). The platform has transformed how users analyze a product and base their decisions around the product images and video. Here are a few of the fantastic growth prospects Pinterest has in store for your business.

  1. Competitive Edge: Users prefer Pinterest over other social media platforms. Creating a business account here means you are walking with the trend and utilizing the latest ways to reach your customers. Thus, gaining an edge over your competitors.
  2. Inspiration to Idea: 85% of pinners use this platform to derive ideas for their new projects (Source). In a nutshell, Pinterest boards help convert inspiration to theory, and that is precisely what your online stores can provide your customers—value.
  3. Boost Your Ecommerce Sales: Your target audience visit with the intention of buying, and Pinterest makes their purpose extremely easy. Unlike other social media platforms, this site lets the viewer purchase items directly—they see, they like, they buy!
  4. Traffic that Converts into Leads: One of the most exciting parts about using a Pinterest strategy for eCommerce is you can get tons of traffic. Whether it is content posted by you or by others, it will bring customers directly to your website, increasing leads. Additionally, you get a whole lot of inbound links—amazing, right!

How to Follow the Right Pinterest Strategy for Ecommerce

Are you convinced enough why this platform is the best mode to level up your business? Even if you are ready to adopt, you got to understand this is nothing similar to working on Facebook and Instagram. Dive into a brand-new Pinterest strategy for eCommerce to ace this domain!

1. Create An Engaging Pinterest Business Account 

First things first, you cannot go around selling your products from an individual account. You need a business account to reflect the authenticity and target a larger audience. Plus, it got to be out of the box while still personifying your brand simultaneously. Here’s how to ace it:

  • Add your profile image and bio to let buyers learn about the face behind the brand.
  • Make sure to provide a clear brand logo and pin descriptions.
  • Feature some of the most relevant boards to let the new viewer get a gist of your business.

2. Promote Pinterest On Your Site Before Promoting Your Site on Pinterest

Before getting to the exciting part of Pinterest advertising, let your current customers know about this addition. Include pins, a social media message, posters, blog posts, etc., about your business expansion, encouraging your current and potential clients to follow your page.

You can also do this by bringing forth attractive opening deals and offers to derive the initial crowd.

3. Rich Pins Provide Customer Value

If you are using pins, why not opt for the value-driving option—Rich Pins. These are pins that have additional information related to the specific pin type. These include prices, recipes, article descriptions, app info, and more.

With these pins, your customer gets real-time information about the service or product you are offering. Moreover, Rich Pins automatically reflect the change that you make in your product.

4. Promote Your Pins

Pinterest ad is one of the most fruitful Pinterest strategies for eCommerce. It is like a paid ad that works on a cost-per-click basis. For a small price, reach a wider range of audiences directed to your landing page by tapping the pins.

An excellent strategy to adopt with this corresponding your promoted pin with holidays, as Pinterest is the site for event planning. The festive season significantly boosts the number of Pinterest viewers, providing an exceptional chance to increase your sales. Pinterest analytics gives in-depth insights into the audience visiting your pins.

5. Search Optimization

Among a host of other quintessential strategies, search optimization is one you cannot miss. A few search results optimization practices include:

  • Include your business details on your Pinterest page.
  • Add keywords to titles, boards, and descriptions, besides content.
  • Make your page more engaging by adding videos, relevant boards, etc.

Wrapping Up

From learning about your audience to analyzing the response, Pinterest allows you to connect and understand your target customers. Moreover, it lets you tap a larger audience than your website or other social platforms could not.

Use the top Pinterest strategy for eCommerce and utilize its latest business features. For an overall Social Media strategy for your business in Toronto, get in touch with us today and share your Social Media objectives with us.