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Digital Marketing Strategies for Post Pandemic Recovery

The Covid-19 pandemic led to hurrying into a digital future and there is no going back to the old normal. Technology has been a lifeline for many during Covid, and this trend will continue to develop into the post-pandemic recovery. Small businesses facing restrictions due to the COVID-19 crisis have especially taken a hit in Canada & US. This article is for businesses who need the latest digital marketing strategies for post pandemic recovery.

As marketers, we have monitored the pandemic and its impact, along with the crucial learnings that are emerging. Our goal is to help businesses get onto a strong path of economic recovery. One important consideration is how marketing is being redefined in the current environment. Your ability to evolve your marketing strategies for this new operating environment will put you in a strong position for growth post pandemic.

When it comes to Canada’s economy, it has shown resilience irrespective of the waves or renewed restrictions. On an annual basis, 4.9% to 6.0% growth is predicted for the Canadian economy in 2021. Economic momentum is expected to carry into 2022 as the hardest-hit industries heal from the impacts of the pandemic. This results in a solid 3.9% growth for GDP in 2022 (Source), which means our economy is going to see some of its best performance since 2007! Our advice is to prepare to capitalize on this growth opportunity by formulating digital strategies for this new normal.

Understanding the Shift In Customer Behaviour

  1. Customized Communication for Customer Segments

It is already established that the modern customer expects a personalized experience. Today’s marketers use the sophisticated analytics tools available, along with creativity to parse through the data to see behavioural insights that other businesses might miss. For example, you should consider re-assessing the buyer’s pain points from a post-pandemic perspective. This means your marketing needs to target different personas or updated customer segments so you have in place refreshed, revised marketing initiatives for swift post pandemic recovery.

Are you familiar with persona and their role in today’s content marketing? A buyer persona or customer segment allows you to design your marketing message beyond just age or gender. It takes into consideration their problems, values, and situation which is what will make your business more relevant to your target audience. They are an essential foundational tool in crafting effective marketing campaigns, and especially in this new reality that is emerging.

  1. Marketing is a (Buyer) Journey, not a Destination

The customer must be at the centre of your customer journey. It is important to understand that marketing is just the beginning of the customer’s journey with your business. Often a customer goes through different stages before and after buying your product or service. This means their needs for information about your offerings change over time when they are interested and engaged with your brand.

Recall your experience with a customer care rep or chatbot. Most people do not think customer care associates are equipped with the same customer information as a retail store or vice versa. Hence, for a buyer, the experience with the sales department and customer care department varies; you are not able to keep your communication consistent. Buyers expect a flawless purchasing experience. To achieve that you need to bridge the gap between the sales pitch and after-sale services by offering both the departments the same knowledge, training, and information.

This is one example of how businesses need to reconsider their operating models. This also includes re-evaluating company policies, processes, technologies, talent, and KPIs. Bringing your business up to speed with the present environment will allow you to discover the right ways to communicate objectively with your buyers. With this understanding, new changes can be adopted.

  1. Your Relationship with your Customer is Everything

Building trust with your customers is essential for the success of your business, not only after the initial purchase transaction. There are so many ways businesses erode trust with how the customer is treated. Covid-19 has presented businesses with unique challenges, especially B2B, like virtual sales, capitalizing on prior good relations, and so on. This is a good time to re-evaluate the quality and frequency of your touch-points with your valuable customer base.

Additionally, the focus today needs to be on selling solutions instead of products or services no matter what industry you’re in. Companies have been compelled to identify talent best suited to driving relationships through online interaction, and have made modifications to their recruitment profiles to attract team members able to think this way . Allocate time now to embark on a customer listening campaign. This will enable you to see what’s hidden behind your blinders and reveal new insights. These exciting revelations will enable you to craft the right new reality solutions to meet their evolved needs.

Top Post-Pandemic Recovery Tips for Businesses

  1. Adopting Digital Transformation

The Covid-19 pandemic has permanently changed buyer behaviour. Businesses need to shift their focus from short-term solutions to long term digital transformation. In order to adapt to new customer journeys, companies need to fundamentally rethink their business models. This means upgrading technical capabilities, training staff, and introducing a more agile structure.

On the marketing front, as compared to traditional marketing, modern digital marketing is more affordable with a targeted approach and measurable results. It is also easy to implement. This makes digital transformation not only inevitable but essential. Keep your business competitive with Search Engine Optimization, PPC, and Social Media Marketing.

  1. Retain your existing customers

Your existing customers are your biggest asset. It is recommended to cater to them in the best possible way. Customer loyalties may change due to the pandemic; make sure you find ways to reduce customer attrition.

Offer them special deals, stay in touch through email marketing, empathize with them – including personalization in your strategy will help you retain your customers.

  1. Create new revenue opportunities

As part of pandemic recovery, you may find your business to be in one of these 3 phases:

  • Stabilizing the business

This is the first step towards recovery. You need to understand the scope and magnitude of your situation. Before jumping in revenue generation plans, reset your revenue objectives. Stabilize your business by focusing on structural and tactical changes.

  • Reinventing your revenue channels

Now is the time to optimize your business to align with your present realities. The good news is that there are new revenue channels that have opened up for many businesses! Create your short and long term goals to reinvent the revenue channels leading to new growth. Evaluate your metric framework too when deciding on goals so that you are able measure your results accordingly. A/B testing and going slowly will enable your team to accrue expertise as they try new strategies.

  • Planning for growth

Growth will flow more easily once your new strategies start offering delivering optimistic results based on the new metrics. This is the time to focus on growth by fast-tracking customer acquisition and boosting demand generation.

  1. Understand new consumer behaviour

Post pandemic it is important to remember that businesses, as well as target audiences, got affected by it. Thus, customer journeys need to be reimagined to not only reduce the friction but also to accelerate your business growth.

The first step is to get into your customer’s shoes and think about their new pain points, concerns, and questions:

    • Is your service or product part of the essential list or not?
    • How has customer engagement changed?
    • Compare customer engagement pre and post Covid 19
    • Do your customers have the same pain points as pre pandemic?
    • What are the most compelling benefits of your business offering?
    • Which buyers have you lost?

In a post Covid-19 world, the coming economic recovery may offer your business an excellent trajectory to restore growth, find new customers, evolve as a business, and grow your presence in the market. If you’re ready.

For businesses that have been comfortable in the old, tired ways of the past, new adjustments lie ahead if you are to continue to be successful as a business. The focus more than ever needs to be on the simplest truth – prioritize the customer’s perspective above anything else.


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