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PPC Management Tips for Post-COVID Recovery

Adapting Your PPC Campaigns in a Changing World

The coronavirus pandemic has brought sweeping changes to businesses and industries around the world.

And whenever economic uncertainty rears its ugly head, marketing budgets and campaigns are the first things to get ruthlessly cut.

And sure, that seemed like it made sense back when the confusion and uncertainty began. But what actually ended up happening was – because everyone had the same thought – the average Cost Per Click for Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns dropped – by over 50%!

Which meant that those advertisers who continue with their PPC campaigns get to enjoy new leads at a significantly lower cost!

So, instead of simply starting up your campaigns again, a better strategy might be to leverage opportunities the market is presenting, by reducing your budget and getting more bang for your PPC ad spend.

With some simple changes to your PPC campaign, combined with the lower CPCs, you’re sure to see some post-pandemic PPC return on investment.

Let’s dive into some tips.

Adjust Your PPC Account Ad Schedule for Optimal Performance

If you log into your Google AdWords dashboard and go to the Overview section, near the end you’ll find a “Day & Hour” chart. You can adjust this to learn which days and hours you tend to see the most conversions in your PPC accounts.

Take special note of the top 2 or 3 days you receive the most conversions. From there it’s up to you and your goals to decide if you want to exclude the other days, or reduce your bid – so you will at least appear on those days. Either way, you should reduce your spend significantly.

Cut PPC Management Waste by Targeting Specific Devices

Another chart found in the Overview section shows your campaign’s performance, broken down by the type of device. As with the Day & Time data, this can be used to reduce your Cost Per Lead by reducing your bids on devices that just aren’t working for you.

The first thing to take a look at is your Cost Per Conversion. Say, for example, you discover that computers are bringing in the lowest cost leads, while tablet have been the most expensive. The best thing to do is to reduce how much you spend on tablets, or eliminate them altogether. Instead, specifically targeting computers, in this situation, will bring the most success for the least spent.

Find Quick PPC Advertising Wins by Diving into Your Keyword & Position Level Data

One of the most valuable pieces of PPC advertisements’ performance, on a keyword-level, is to analyze just how much you’ve been paying for clicks compared to the market rates.

Far too often, the price Google says you’ll need to pay to appear within the top 4 positions in the search engine is wildly overestimated. Which often results in businesses increasing their max CPCs – simply because Google told them to!

Instead, keep in mind that the “estimated first position bid” Google provides, especially during the early days of the pandemic recovery, may be several times higher than what you’ll end up paying. Keep an eye on your CPC data and reduce it incrementally. That way you can stay within the top 2-4 results while paying as little as possible for your PPC advertising.

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