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Strategizing PPC: Ontario and Local Keyword Considerations

You could be on a mountain in the Swiss Alps oran island in Tahiti, or even be cozied up in a winter cabin in the heart of Ontario. It’s true that no matter where we are in the world, it’s possible to market to anyone, just about anywhere through digital marketing.

If you’re a business that knows the true power PPC holds in terms of global reach, then you’ve likely considered your options for just how far that reach should go. Should you really put out PPC ads to everyone across the world, or even across the province if capabilities allow?

Using Keywords in PPC Advertising

Before you get started on selecting keywords for your PPC ads, it will be important to first understand how they work.

The keyword that you choose for your PPC ad is what the search engine will use to determine what search phrase your ad shows up for.

For example, if you are wanting to have an ad show up at the top of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) for something like ‘PPC Ontario’, then this is the keyword that you would try to bid on for your ad. When users search this term, your ad will show up on a successful bid.

While this is fairly straightforward, selecting the right keyword is an essential part of your ad’s success.

You shouldn’t necessarily bid on the most common or most popular keywords as they are a lot more competitive. More competitive keywords mean for a higher cost and less chance of your ad being seen.

You can use keyword research tools to help find the best keywords for your audience and their search intent in order to match them to your PPC ads. You can also rely on analytics, data and expert advice.

PPC: Ontario as a Keyword Consideration

As you’re putting together your PPC ad strategy, you might be thinking that it will be best to cover all your bases when it comes to location-based keywords. PPC Toronto, PPC Ontario, PPC Canada… why not throw them all in the mix?

While it’s possible to put out PPC ads to just about anyone anywhere and reach a wide audience, it’s not always the best choice.

When to use Ontario as a PPC keyword

In your strategy for PPC, Ontario can be a great keyword to use, but only if it makes sense for your unique business.

Local and global business benefits

Only businesses that are able to provide their products or services to the entire province of Ontario should use this keyword.

If someone is to use Ontario in their search query, they are expecting that the ads available to them will meet their needs no matter where they are in the province. If they don’t, their time and your investment in the PPC ad goes to waste.

This type of keyword is ideal for businesses like accounting and law firms whose services are relevant province wide. Using the keyword Ontario would be ideal in this type of circumstance because individuals would be looking for services that cater to their location only.

Alternatively, businesses who have the ability to ship products worldwide may benefit from using a local keyword such as Ontario. Focusing in on specific markets can help boost sales from those looking for products in their area, which happen to be available worldwide.

Budgeting and cost as a factor

Businesses who have identified that a local keyword will be beneficial to their business, will still need to be mindful of cost. Each keyword will have a different associated cost, which gets higher as keywords become more competitive.

Take a look at your budget and determine if using it on a localized and more competitive keyword, like Ontario, will be worth the cost.

Relating to locals

Being more specific in keyword choices allows you to speak to things that only locals really know about. This allows you to relate to them more closely, and increases the chances of them making a purchase from your business.

Businesses who are able to meet the needs of the community will benefit from using localized keywords. Write your copy in a way that will best resonate with them.

Strategize Your PPC Campaign

Now that you’re better informed on whether or not using Ontario as a keyword in your PPC campaigns is a good idea for your business, it’s time to start!

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