SEO services for Law Firms

How to Find the Right SEO Company for Lawyers

The right SEO company for lawyers is the one that provides impeccable service and results that can be sustained over a long period of time.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most beneficial tactics you can deploy for your law firm, as it provides a big jump in your organic traffic and leads as compared to the investment that it demands.

An expert SEO company will bring with it a sound understanding of SEO strategy and highly trained professionals that are dedicated to helping your business grow.

Here’s what you should be looking for in an SEO company for lawyers –

An SEO Company for Lawyers That Runs on Data

As a lawyer, you are used to running your business based on hard facts, evidence, and data. Expect no less from your SEO company.

Search Engine Optimization is a heavily data-driven practice and any company that touts a secret formula or a hidden trick to success is someone you need to steer clear of. The advantage of SEO is that you have clear markers to measure performance and tangible results.

These are the KPIs or key performance indicators that you need to ask about from an SEO company –

  • Keywords that your website is ranking for on the web and how those rankings are improving each month.
  • The number of organic sessions taking place on your website, i.e. the number of people coming to your website from an organic Google search.
  • The percentage of your website visitors that are converting into leads.
  • The loading speed of your website as Google penalizes websites that are slow to load.

The right SEO company will be able to answer your questions about these KPIs and also provide suggestions to improve their performance.

Results That Speak for Themselves

Any SEO company for lawyers that have been in the business for a fair amount of time, would have a repertoire of case studies and customer testimonials.

While evaluating an SEO company ask for outcome-based case studies. These case studies will clearly define the challenge that the company solved and the tangible results that were achieved. Knowing this information will help you better assess the SEO company.

What you’re looking for is a possible match in terms of whether the SEO company has already serviced a law firm such as yours or operated in a niche as similar as yours before.

While the same fundamentals of SEO will apply to both criminal law and bankruptcy law, the strategy would have to be tweaked as the target audience will be very different for both.

Here’s what you should quickly review while evaluating an SEO company –

  • Check out their portfolio of work and the services they offer on their website.
  • See whether they are an SEO generalist or specialize in SEO for lawyers.
  • Consider it a red flag if case studies or testimonials are missing from their website.
  • Look for testimonials and reviews not just on their website but also on Google and other review websites.
  • Ask for a list of previous clients and their contact information (if possible) to verify results first-hand.

A Content Strategy That Outperforms

Content marketing is one of the most effective marketing tactics in any digital marketing toolkit. When coupled with SEO, content marketing can deliver results that can outperform any content marketing operation that is run in a silo.

While law firms without blogs receive organic search hits in hundreds. Law firms with blogs can easily fetch organic search hits that are in thousands! Creating valuable content builds your thought leadership and authority on the web.

Your SEO performance improves when you create content that is supported by keyword research and competitor search performance. An expert SEO company should create a content strategy for you with a well-laid-out execution plan as well.

A clearly defined content calendar with KPIs that you can measure to track your progress must be provided by your SEO agency.

Finding the right SEO company in Toronto is a challenging task but one that is definitely solvable. Look for a company that is well equipped to solve your unique challenges and has done similar work for other clients previously.

A good SEO strategy should work for the long haul and positively impact your brand and your bottom line!