SEO Online Marketing Techniques

SEO Online Marketing Techniques for a Business Post Crisis

COVID-19 has changed the world considerably, forcing businesses to adjust their strategies and processes. Search engine optimization (SEO) online marketing techniques are no exception. You need to adjust your SEO strategy for a post-COVID-19 world.

How you choose to do this exactly will vary from business to business, but there are a few universal SEO online marketing techniques that you can use for just about any business out there. Here are three that will help you reach as many prospects as possible after COVID-19 wanes.

Focus on Long-Form, Evergreen Content

Short, timely, and snappy content has its place, and we’ll talk about how you can leverage it right now in a moment, but long-form, evergreen quality content is key during difficult times. This type of content marketing has the greatest possibility of ranking and the best chance at answering your prospects’ questions as they conduct their search.

Long-form means different things to different marketers. Some consider SEO content over 1,000 words long-form while others think you need to go much longer. The truth is that you need to think less about word count and more about covering a topic fully.

Your reader is interested in the topic you’re writing about. That means you want to give them all the answers the more likely you are to do that, the better chance you have at ranking in the top spots in search engines. Cover a topic in detail, and you should easily hit 1,000 to 2,000 words and provide your reader with all of the answers they need.

Try Targeting COVID-19-Related Keywords

This is where short-form content can be a useful tool. While your long-form content should be your bread and butter and the majority of your content efforts, shorter content focused on COVID-19-related keywords can be helpful to capture readers who are trying to solve a problem after the pandemic passes.

Take a look at Google Trends to see the search volume and topics people are searching for. Also, do some keyword research around COVID-19 topics and your industry. From there, you should create accurate, timely, and interesting content for readers searching these terms.

Again, write as much as you think you should to properly cover the topic but don’t worry if these COVID-19-related pieces of content are shorter than your evergreen topics. Anything that is COVID-19-related will not have a long life like your long-form, evergreen pieces, and that means they can be a bit shorter as long as they cover the keyword topic well.

Try Up-to-Date SEO Online Marketing Techniques on Old Content

This is a huge opportunity for companies as they come out of the COVID-19 pandemic. You likely have a lot of content that was created one, two, or even three years ago that is now simply outdated.

Like it or not, COVID-19 changed quite a lot, and that means your blogs and the information you put out must change too. Do an audit on your current content. Find topics that are dated or provide information that’s not fully accurate anymore. From there, do a full re-working of that piece of content, removing anything that should no longer be there and adding anything that needs including.

You can also take a look at past pieces of content that are generally too short or lack detail. These pieces can also be a perfect candidate for an update. Go into some of those older posts that lack depth and start adding the depth that should have been there in the first place.

Once a piece of content is updated, share it again with your audience on social media and in email. Treat it like it’s a new post, and make sure everyone sees it.

These are just a few SEO online marketing techniques you can do post COVID-19 to help your business come out on top and gain organic traffic. If you have questions or would like to learn more techniques, your local SEO expert, Asset Digital Communications, would love to chat with you.