Social Media Lead Generation Agency

Social Media Lead Generation For Businesses

You already have got or are building a social media presence for your company. While social media is great for brand awareness and directing traffic to your website, it is a bona fide lead generation source as well.

Getting leads from social media is complex and sometimes you need help. That’s where a social media lead generation agency can help.

Let’s start with the basics. Lead generation is how you attract and convert prospects into buying customers. A social media lead generation agency connects potential buyers with sellers via social media.

Let’s look into the inner workings of a social media lead generation agency.

How Does a Social Media Lead Generation Work

Usually, lead generation works by creating a landing page with a form-fill on your website. The landing page usually has something on offer (like a case study or an eBook).

A potential lead can download what’s offered in return for leaving their contact information in the form fill. This makes that person a leader.

Lead generation agencies work the same way but they do this at scale.

A social media lead generation agency will have the capability to optimize and personalize your social media campaigns in a manner that will increase the quantum of leads that you get and also improve their quality.

They do this by having a deep understanding of the idiosyncrasies of various social media platforms.

For example – content on Instagram will be optimized for images with a link in the bio on your profile page rather than the caption, Twitter will have much shorter nuggets of content that lead back to your website, and LinkedIn would be optimized for B2B audiences.

A social media lead generation agency will combine its superior knowledge of social media channels with a sound understanding of how content marketing and inbound lead generation work.

Some agencies also offer lead qualification services, which means that leads that come into the sales funnel are qualified by the agency before being passed on to your Sales team. This saves precious time for your Sales team which they can spend on prospecting.

The Social Media Lead Generation Process

A good social media lead generation agency will use a multi-pronged approach to generating leads.

The first step is to establish a content generation engine and a content marketing practice. Put simply, an agency should set up an iterative content generation process and also a distribution framework for that content.

If done correctly, this will produce a stream of original content like white papers, YouTube videos, interactive infographics, and brochures that convey your thought leadership and helps warm up the lead for your Sales team.

An expert agency will also know how to syndicate this content on premium websites that are widely read and coveted within your industry. This will help establish trust, build credibility and also reach a much wider audience on social media networks.

More than just sharing content on social media, lead generation on such platforms also means creating a community of like-minded people that share valuable content. A good agency can set this up for you.

For example, owning a vibrant LinkedIn gives a huge boost to your credibility and spread your message to industry leaders.

Moreover, being a group owner allows you to personally contact decision-makers and thought leaders. This helps in making a warm introduction instead of a cold one done usually.

Similarly, on Twitter, a social media lead generation agency can build a follower base that is ready to enter your sales funnel. Sharing industry trends, news, insights, and valuable thought leadership is the key to getting high-quality leads from Twitter.

To sum up, a social media lead generation agency in Toronto should be a trusted partner on your marketing team. They should be able to understand your business needs and create a holistic strategy in response to your challenges.