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Find The Right Social Media Management Software For Your Businesses

The social media management software that you use for your business can make or break your marketing campaigns.

The right tools can help you streamline your marketing campaigns, increase collaboration between teams, improve ROI across social channels, and maximize your social media marketing impact. With the growth of social media marketing, social media management tools have exploded as well.

Choosing the right one from a myriad of options can be onerous and difficult. But fret not, in this blog we’ll lay out the top priorities to keep in mind when looking for a tool that fits your requirements.

Social Media Management Software To Schedule Your Posts in Advance

You’ve probably wanted to post the same content across platforms at the same time. But found it cumbersome to go to each platform to do the task.

Social media management software can not only help you post simultaneously on each platform out there but can also help you in scheduling content so that you can save time. Keep in mind that building a social media following requires you to post consistently and with a certain frequency.

The right tool can schedule your posts at the time when you get the most engagement on each channel. Better time management can help you execute your campaigns better and spend more of your time creating stellar content.

For example, you can schedule pre- and post-webinar posts weeks before the start of your webinar on social media. This can help you manage webinar logistics better and even allow you to spend more time making timely ad-hoc posts during the course of a virtual event.

Or, do you have a post that you want to go out regularly each week? You can do that too!

A great tool (like Buffer) will also allow you to interact with your followers and people who’ve engaged with your post, right from the dashboard.

A Great Social Media Management Software Is an Analytics Powerhouse

Your social media campaigns are creating a lot of data that you might not be able to recognize at the surface. To take your campaigns to the next level, you will need to dig into the data to find meaningful insights.

Insights that can help you optimize your current campaigns and also improve any future social media campaigns. Running a campaign without analytics is like driving with your hands tied behind your back!

You need to know which content is resonating with your audience on social media. If your message is not reaching the right audience, you are wasting your marketing spend.

Social media management software companies make a big deal about their analytics capabilities. And rightly so, because it is so important!

A great tool will help you measure key metrics such as impressions, click-through rate, engagement rate, etc. It will also help you analyze your campaign performance across channels and see which ones are performing better and which ones need a boost or need to be dialed down.

The ultimate goal is to understand the ROI of your campaigns. Web-based software such as Hootsuite Impact measures your organic and inorganic campaign metrics across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and more.

Stay Ahead of the Curve With Social Media Trends

Social media runs on topical and trendy content. Creating content around these trends can give an instant boost to your posts and help you reach the holy grail of social media marketing – ‘virality’.

You can obviously post about national holidays and festivals, but your social campaigns will need a lot more substantial if you want to make it to the trending charts. That’s where social media management software can be a boon.

Real-time brand monitoring and sentiment analysis are some of the advanced analytics that social media management software can provide.

These advanced analytics can detect emerging trends across channels and can even measure the positive or negative sentiment of your followers towards your content. All that you need to do is tell the software the topics you want to track.

Sprout Social is one such tool that can track relevant conversations for you so that you can get ahead of the curve when it comes to trends or even brewing negative customer sentiment.

Armed with these tools you can get ahead of your competition by having your posts out there first.

Picking the right social media management software is important. Keep in mind the above priorities while evaluating one. The right tool will not only boost productivity but also increase your campaign ROI.

If you have a complex marketing operation, do not hesitate to take the help of an agency that manages these tools at scale and with years of experience behind them.