Social Media Management Tools

Essential Social Media Management Tools for Your Business

Social media management tools are a great way to manage your online presence, but do they truly serve the purpose? Quite a few small businesses assume that building a strong social media profile is all about scheduling regular posts, which cannot be farther from the truth.

A successful social media campaign requires the deployment of different social media management tools at various stages of the campaign. So, we decided to discuss some of those tools and how you can use them to optimize your social media campaigns.

Social Media Management Tools for Competitor Research 

If your competitors are driving business through social platforms, then they are definitely doing something right. Therefore, we make use of advanced tools like SEMrush, Loomly, and Buffer to aggregate top-performing posts that are already working in your industry.

Asset Digital Communications’ expert team relies on the best tools in the industry for data aggregation and analysis. Based on the type of product or service your business offers, we then choose the most appropriate tool. For example, if we are managing your Twitter profile, we are most likely to use Loomly.

On the other hand, if you are in a highly competitive niche and need social media management for multiple platforms, we make use of SEMrush or Hootsuite. These are specialized tools that can be used to monitor the performance of your content as well as that of specific competitors, which helps businesses stay ahead.

Tools for Data Analytics

Data is today’s currency for online performance! For a successful social media campaign, it is important to monitor user behaviour data, analyzing it on a regular basis. This can be done manually, but the use of platform-specific tools amplifies the insights and supercharges campaign performance.

You can gain useful insights through competitor research tools like SEMrush, BuzzSumo, Curalate, and Google Analytics to name a few.… As your digital marketing agency, we can provide timely, valuable insights and analyses by applying our expertise to these dynamic tools.

This provides useful insights and a basis for businesses to plan other promotional activities such as email and SEO campaigns. In fact, our experts can even find out the best time for your business to post new content in order to drive maximum engagement and increase the chances of conversion.

Social Media Scheduling

Surprisingly, many businesses assume post scheduling tools to be the only one that is necessary to run a successful campaign. That’s the biggest misconception any business can have. As a matter of fact, there’s a lot that goes into planning social media campaigns.

After all, your social media is a place where you tell people what’s new and trending in your business. Now, you could do this a few times every week or several times a day depending on your promotional strategy.

In fact, businesses that post three or more social media posts every single day drive better results. However, doing that manually can be a daunting task and that’s where the post scheduling tools come in handy, Hootsuite and SEMrush work well for this.

Hashtag Research

Posting social media content is most effective when the right hashtags are used. How to discover them? Hashtag research tools enable you to stay on top of this fast-moving arena. Use hashtags to connect with and grow your follower base. Create your own branded hashtag to allow your followers to stay on top of your news.

Using the right hashtags is one key to success on social media platforms. They help businesses connect with the right audiences. Hashtag research tools like Hootsuite, Keyhole, HashTagify can reduce the time spent on hashtag research, and uncover trends that otherwise would not be on your radar.

Now that’s easier said than done because merely subscribing to these tools won’t help drive the best results. You need to bear in mind that several others are using the same tools, so you need to be savvy in how to get the most out of the tools, have the time to mine the tools for the best insights, and quick to action your findings.

Engagement Analysis

Your social media followers have a short attention span and are increasingly sophisticated in their content consumption. How do you know if your social media strategy is working, and what you should modify to improve performance? Engagement analysis is an important part of accounts with a large follower base.

As social media experts, we regularly use tools such as SEMrush, Hootsuite, and Google Analytics to measure social media engagement, monitoring each post for clicks, comments, reach and shares. We mine the gold nuggets on a regular basis to build performance into our clients’ campaigns.

Based on these insights, more engaging posts can be created, contributing to a competitive social media presence and measurable conversions and leads.

Stay Informed About the Trending Content-Type

Over 300 million posts go up on social media every single minute and that gives you a clue of the enormous amount of content available. So, you need to have a tool that curates both text and video posts that are performing well on social media platforms.

One of the best tools to do that is SEMrush, but what really matters is being able to identify the insights – to understand what the data is actually telling you. From there, social media management means rapidly leveraging those insights to build momentum and performance.


Today’s world of social media management blends deep expertise in how to create effective content, how to nurture the content for online engagement and growth.

Today’s sophisticated tools allow us to track and measure the impact we achieve within the wider competitive online world of each social media platform.