Social Media Marketing To Increase Brand Awareness

Using Social Media Marketing to Increase Brand Awareness

Social media use has been on an upward trajectory for years.

Take a look at your own habits. For many of us, it’s become a one stop shop – where we get our news, entertainment and shoppable inspiration from. With the pandemic, even those who may have been wary of buying things online are getting comfortable with making online purchases and transactions.

And the beauty of the internet? You have access to an unimaginable selection of whatever you’re looking for, and you will often come across new and novel items you weren’t looking for.

Your goal? To tap that pool of people who don’t know about you yet, but are looking for exactly what you offer. Get your message out and be top of mind for those who know you, and become top of mind for those who don’t.

Using Social Media Marketing to Increase Brand Awareness

For the uninitiated, building brand awareness online might seem daunting, but If you have social media accounts up and running, you’re already halfway there.

Your next step? Be engaging and post regularly! The more frequently you post, the better your chances are of reaching someone who is looking for exactly what you offer.

If your posts are entertaining, shareable, and informative, even better. Think about your target audience and create your social media content with them in mind. What do you think would they like to see? What are they looking for?

When making and curating content to share, try to maintain a tone that’s consistent with the image you want your brand to project, whether it be authoritative, friendly, humorous, or a combination of several traits.

This can be a bit tricky to perfect, particularly since the leading social media channels offer very different experiences for users.

Customize, Optimize, and Target

A good practice involves optimizing your posts for each of the social networks you’re using, rather than simply publishing the same content across all your platforms.

This will also encourage your fans to follow you on more than one form of social media, if they know they’ll be getting something different from each account.

Another idea? Use quality hashtags to help people find you, and consider making one specific to your brand and product. Contact your previous customers and encourage them to share, comment and use your hashtags to help you build momentum, increase impressions and grow your follower count.

But don’t get complacent! Provide quality content to keep them coming back. This could take the form of quality imagery, actionable insights or reference materials. Give people a compelling reason to follow your accounts – so they won’t miss anything good.

Finally, don’t forget the ‘social’ part of social media. Social media platforms are highly interactive, so think of your efforts as starting a conversation, rather than simply broadcasting a message.

In the early stages, this might look like a lot of experimentation and research, taking a look at what your competitors are doing and trying different tactics to see what works best.

You can begin to craft an effective strategy based on your findings and experience. As your social media presence matures, you may find yourself interacting directly with prospective clients, to offer insights, provide information, or even make a sale.

Establish your brand as one that’s ready and available to work with customers by being helpful and responsive to the messages you receive.

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