Social Media Marketing For Industrial Company

Social Media Marketing Tips for Industrial Companies

The industrial business world has changed since the COVID-19 pandemic hit. It may seem difficult to do social media marketing for industrial companies correctly at all.

It will be tough to not only have your message heard on social media but do it in a way that is compassionate and sensitive to the needs of clients and customers.

The good news is that there are steps you can take to make sure you’re making the right moves across all of your social media channels. This will help ensure that your industrial company, whether it was deemed essential or not, can keep thriving in the wake of the novel coronavirus.

Here are a few tips you can put to use right now that will help you make an impact on social media.

Practice Social Listening in Your Industry

Social media platforms are, by their very design, social. What we mean by that is these websites and apps are digital places for people congregate and discuss what’s going on in the world.

This means they’re a gold mine for anyone looking for information on what their prospects are saying, looking for, and needing.

One of the best things you can do directly after a pandemic or any other major disruption in your industry is to take a step back and just listen.

You can check out trending hashtags, look at influencers in your industry, or just see what your connections and followers are discussing. By doing this, you’ll be more connected with your prospects and be able to create content that appeals to their pain points.

Right Tone in Your Social Media Marketing for Industrial Companies

Doing the tip mentioned above will help you learn how people feel about your industry. From there, you can use that information to create content with the right tone.

Having a sympathetic tone after a crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic is typically the way to go, but you should still be open to the idea that some areas of the industry may require a more nuanced tone that exudes strength and vitality after this pandemic.

You really need to listen to your audience and then pick the right tone accordingly.

You want to show that you understand what your prospects are going through in your social media marketing content. Focus on showing compassion to your followers and do your best to use this tone uniformly across your social networks.

Add Video to Better Explain Complex Industrial Messages

Industrial companies often have complex messages they need to convey.

While the old adage of a picture is worth a thousand words certainly applies to social media, you also need to think about adding video to your social media marketing strategy post-COVID-19.

Video is one of the best ways to convey complex messages quickly. Also, because COVID-19 has so thoroughly disrupted video and cinematic productions, people are more likely to be accepting of low-production-quality videos.

This means you don’t have to spend tons of money on creating video content. Just keep in mind, every video you produce needs to have the appropriate tone and actually do the job of conveying the message you wish to convey.

Interested in learning more about how your industrial company can make the right moves with social media marketing in the post-COVID-19 world? Asset Digital Communications would be happy to guide you along the way.