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What You Need to Know About Social Media Marketing for Law Firms

Social media marketing and law firms probably aren’t two things that you would think to put together on first thought. However, social media has proven to be so effective for online marketing that it has quickly become a necessity for just about every industry.

This includes the law industry as social media has become more and more popular for independent attorneys and law firms. Not to mention, is something that potential clients are using pretty much daily.

It only makes sense that social media is a marketing platform that law firms need to be utilizing.

How to Use Social Media for Law Firms

Rather than feeling intimidated by social media and letting the opportunity slide, make sure you’re utilizing the platforms alongside your competitors.

Knowing how to use social media effectively can help you to get the most out of it, which is why we’re providing these tips to help get you started!

Choose the Right Platform and Set Goals

Your first step when it comes to social media marketing for a law firm is developing a strategy.

As a part of your strategy you should take time to evaluate which social media channels will make the most sense for your law firm. Consider what platforms your target audience is using most and where they will be most active.

It may also be best to start out with one or two social media platforms so that you can focus on getting them right.

You should also take the time to set goals. Your goals should be realistic and measurable so you can get a clear understanding of whether or not you are reaching those goals over time.

Once you have established your platforms and goals, you can start to build out an effective social media marketing strategy. Your strategy should be thorough and informed by data and research. Use this information to determine what kind of content you will post to your channels and how often.

Only Share What is Useful to Your Audience

Information and documentation around law firms can be complicated, especially to those who are not experts in the area. This understanding can be clarified through what you choose to share on social media.

As a law firm, think about what information and the type of content your potential clients might find useful and then how you can convey that information in a way they will understand. Images and infographics can be especially valuable for making information understandable visually.

Video is another great way for lawyers to provide relevant information to potential clients as it is easy to consume. You might include useful legal tips, basic information, or industry updates.

Not only does the information become easier to understand, you get to show some personality through your videos which can go a long way in creating a connection with your audience.

A major bonus: videos are incredibly effective in getting your prospects’ attention as they stand out in social feeds.

Blogs are also great for sharing purposes as they help to provide information to clients, rather than selling to them. You can share your own helpful blogs, or curated content from other relevant sources.

The more credible information you share, the more credible you become in your target audiences’ eyes.

Use Your Platforms to Get Personal

When many people think of law firms they think of formal meetings and technical conversations. While you should certainly remain professional in your content as a law firm, social media can be used as a way to better connect to your audience.

Use your social platforms to create more personalization in your brand and reach your audience on a more humanized level. Social media has actually become a platform that consumers depend on to communicate with brands.

Be sure to always respond to comments and queries that might come through on your pages, and use the opportunity to engage with prospective clients. The more users feel they are connected to your law firm’s brand, the more likely they are to use your services down the line.

Create a Social Media Marketing Strategy for Your Law Firm

The first step in getting started with social media marketing for your law firm is creating a robust digital marketing strategy. A strategy that is created just for your law firm will allow you to reach your goals and help get the results you’re looking for.

If you’re seeking help in getting started on your social media strategy, Asset Digital Communications is your go-to source. Contact us today for a free consultation!