Social Media Marketing Niches

Social Media Marketing Niches You Can Target

Images of ripped six-packs and bikini bodies often grace social media platforms, particularly Instagram and TikTok. It’s no surprise. Fitness & health is one of the most popular social media marketing niches used by marketers in Canada. But it’s not the only one.

Competition for niche-specific marketing in Canada and the US is getting tougher day by day, and to get ahead of this competition you require the expertise of a digital marketing agency to cater to you with advanced metrics and resources tailored to your business.

A comprehensive guide on niche marketing that explains how you can narrow down your social media channels, target relevant audience and the types of niches where your business will definitely make progress.

Let’s take a dive into several social media marketing niches you can target.

How to choose your social media marketing niche?

The most crucial aspect of building a successful social media marketing campaign is to identify your business niche. While there is a lot to choose from, most enterprises continue to fall into the spiral of targeting the wrong audience and using the wrong platforms.

These 3 steps will help you choose your niche for social media marketing and make sure it fits your business’ persona.

1. Find your niche platform

Every platform works differently for a niche and the content you decide to put out. Instagram or Pinterest can be a great start for the beauty, fashion, lifestyle and fitness niche, while Facebook works better for retail, corporate and other businesses that offer products as services.

If your niche platform aligns with your company’s services you can target a wider relevant audience who are more likely to engage with your content. It’s better to do your research and understand what platforms are better for your business industry and look into how your competitors are performing on each platform.

2.    Know your audience

From demographics to audience sentiment, understand where your audience hangs out and what they do. Why did we suggest Facebook for retail businesses? It’s because Facebook is the only platform where both men and women equally navigate and 70% of them are above the age of 18.

This means you can target the audience of the right age by buying products targeted at them, especially services and products that bring value to their everyday tasks whether it’s appliances, technology, real estate, or home interior.

The same goes for Pinterest where 85% of users are women who actively seek content on beauty, health and lifestyle.

3.    Target a specific area of interest

As a business, you might offer a diverse range of services or products. It’s imperative to consider the market and audience for each service you offer since different types of people will be looking for them. Here you can either take the ‘be everywhere’ approach or focus on a single platform.

Either way, you need to determine the area of audience interest and your own business’s sub-niche within your actual niche.

Now, let’s look at some examples of different types of niches and how your business can market itself within them.

Social Media Marketing Niches for Canadian Business

Fitness & Health is an all-encompassing heading when you consider social media marketing niches. It includes strength training, bodybuilding, and diet & food.

Nearly 44% of Americans turn to social media when they want fitness advice, according to Forbes (source).

If you plan on using fitness as one of your social media marketing niches, it’s important to define your sub-niche.

Are you catering to those who want to lose weight? Or those who want to bulk up for the summer?

Weight loss entails a different audience from those interested in bodybuilding. This is why defining your sub-niche is key.

It’s also important to verify any fitness or health related facts you plan on posting on your social media account.

After all, if your post goes viral, it’ll be seen by a large audience. Accuracy is key when you want to use fitness & health among your social media marketing niches.

When it comes to social media marketing niches, beauty is big business

Did you know that the fluffy, brush-up brows trend first became popular on Instagram before becoming mainstream (source)?

It turns out that social media is a trendsetter when it comes to cosmetics.

And according to a study by Meltwater, 65% of teens discover and purchase beauty products through social media.

If you’re looking for a social media marketing niche that has potential for your bottom line, beauty is a great one to consider.

The beauty niche on social media has led to an influx of big brands joining platforms like Instagram. Big brands are now talking directly with their consumers through social media, in turn establishing beauty as a powerhouse of content.

It’s no wonder that beauty is such an important niche on social media.

The soothing sound of a cracking back as a social media marketing niche

The chiropractic market size is expected to reach nearly $18 billion (source) in the U.S. by 2025.

That’s a lot of bones cracking. And what better way to showcase that healing sound through the use of this marketing niche?

Instagram and TikTok work well for videos that showcase chiropractors extending and realigning clients in order to alleviate their aches and pains.

If you haven’t seen a chiropractor do their magic on Instagram, you’re missing out.

Using travel in the age of a pandemic as a niche

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on the travel industry. And that has impacted how many are using travel as a social media marketing niche.

There’s no doubt the travel niche has taken a hit on social media – with some travel influencers pivoting to local travel as international travel becomes more challenging with pandemic-related regulations.

But with a COVID-19 vaccine out, it’s only a matter of time when international travel begins to kickstart into high gear again.

When it comes to social media marketing niches, travel will always be first class.

Impactful Strategies for Niche Marketing

As a Canadian business, you must have experienced the versatility of our consumer market. With people from all sorts of backgrounds, as long as you stick to your niche it will become your enterprise’s identity.

When choosing a niche for digital marketing these 4 strategies can help you grow as a brand and establish your business’s authority within your niche.

1.    Portray yourself as a brand

Small target markets are just as competitive as a wider audience. When you’re opting for niche marketing make sure you portray yourself as the best solution with your services and alleviate your audience’s pain points.

A great example here would be Lefty’s store which only targets left-handed people for their products.

2.    Utilize user-generated content

Featuring social media influencers when they use your products or common folks out of your customer base will help encourage people to buy your products or services by building trust.

On social media, people relate to other people. So start with a featured hashtag or a trend and give your customers a spotlight on your social accounts, it’s free marketing and also more effective.

3.    Leverage social media ads

Most businesses see social media ads as a low-impact investment. While this might be true on a larger scale, social media ads work wonders for a niche-specific business. You can target a certain age group, gender, area and type of audiences like students or parents.

If you’re using the right platform, social media ads perform well in targeting a specific audience and bringing them to your business.

4.    Make trends to become a sensation

Since you’re targeting a certain group of people viral marketing can become a handy tactic to reach more relevant people and make a name for your brand. You can start with Instagram, TikTok or Facebook to make videos and jump in with niche trends or start one on your own.

In today’s time, it only takes a few hours until many of your audience will start following a trend, and if you’re in it, you’re reaching more people than you can with conventional marketing.

Niche for digital marketing agency – make the right choice

Asset Digital Communications is just as diverse in our services as your Canadian consumer market. We understand several niches and can extend a hand to help your business increase its outreach no matter how unique your niche is. If you have more questions about niche marketing and how it can fit your business strategy, consult our experts and find out the answers that are right for you.