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Transform your Business into a Powerhouse Brand

Transform your business into a powerhouse brand with help from this  Award Winning Toronto Digital Marketing Agency.

Your business’s marketing strategy plays a crucial role in growing your business into a successful online brand. Your marketing efforts must have a significant digital marketing strategy component to achieve a remarkable digital presence.

Innovative Online Marketing Strategies Drive Business Growth

Innovative online marketing strategies drive business growth with broad reach to target audiences worldwide! On the other hand, traditional marketing approaches are declining in effectiveness.

Events have gone virtual. In these uncertain times many businesses unsure where to invest in their marketing in order to see a reasonable return.  

E-Commerce as a Strategy

While retail brands have raced to implement e-commerce on their websites, gaining sales traction may prove challenging.  Many businesses are not suited to e-commerce, but many more are very well suited but don’t have the know-how in-house. The challenges in managing virtual teams, along with the burden getting full value out of an e-commerce site can seem overwhelming.

A full service Digital Marketing agency can be a valued resource in these uncertain times. Some, like us, have seasoned e-commerce experts. However with so many digital marketing agencies located in Toronto, how do you decide what is the best fit for your business?

Evaluating Digital Marketing Agencies

Let’s start by asking: do you understand the arena? If not, then you’ll love this article: What is Digital Marketing?

When evaluating digital marketing agencies, it’s important to understand the strategic competencies and areas of specialization of each agency you consider. The Digital Marketing industry has a great many agencies styles, sizes, forms and approaches. 

Most agencies are specialists in a specific area, and this is an important evaluation consideration. Some cater to small businesses, while others serve larger firms. 

Think about the style and structure that is going to be able serve your needs best now, and over the long term.

Make sure you’re working with an agency that is truly set up to help you. Here’s the difference:  The needs of small business are specialized, and they need more from an agency partner.

Digital Marketing for Small Business 

Small and medium size businesses don’t always have digital marketing experts in house, they don’t have big budgets. At the same time, they need to see results for the money they’re spending. And they need responsive communications from their agency partner because things happen quickly with small businesses.

A Digital Marketing agency for small business is one who understands the business owner’s perspective. In other words, the agency serves as a business consultant and at the same time a digital marketing consultant.

Imagine working with an agency that understands the fundamentals of your business, and can translate that into a customized digital marketing strategy for you! 

Here are valuable questions to ask when selecting a Digital Marketing Agency for your business:

Does the agency possess deep expertise to solve the business or marketing issues at play?
      • What problems does your agency solve with digital marketing solutions? Give some examples.
      • What’s the experience of the senior leadership team, and will my business have any interaction with them?
      • Who is my point of contact? Can we speak to them directly right now?
Can the agency provide the quality and depth of strategic support you need?
      • Can you explain how your strategists develop my strategy?
      • What can I expect from you within the first 90 days?
      • What happens after the first 90 days, and what is the systematic approach to keep driving success?
What is their approach to SEO? How is SEO integrated into other work?
      • How are the priorities of Digital Marketing Strategy and the technical considerations of SEO Strategy negotiated?
      • How long will it take to see results from SEO?
      • What is the role of SEO in lead generation work?

Finding the Right Marketing Partner 

There are many different kinds of digital marketing agencies out there. How do you pick the best one for your business? Consider these five factors during your evaluation:

Marriage of strategy and performance

The best digital strategies must be backed up by measured performance. The agency you hire should have a culture of accountability. This means they provide monthly reporting that demonstrates that the proposed strategy is working. 

Your agency team is monitoring campaign performance on a regular basis. When circumstances change, they are responsive, and nimble. When done well with a team of experts, digital strategies should deliver business growth.

Agile methodologies

The mentality of today’s best performing team of experts is around an agile approach to the work being done. Things change quickly in today’s online world. To compete effectively we are checking performance, testing small modifications, regularly. 

Guess what: last year’s best practice no longer works. An agile team understands this, and as a result is constantly testing new approaches to get ongoing results for you as our client.

Balanced approach

Digital marketing means many things. From social media community management, website designsearch engine optimization, pay-per-click advertisingemail marketing and content marketing, the landscape is constantly changing. 

The agency which is highly specialized only in one or a few areas will be limited as your marketing partner into the future. To be competitive in today’s online communities, the key is the ability to develop omnibus or multi-channel marketing efforts. It is this broad balanced approach that will bring the insight, experience and perspective to deliver ongoing performance to your business’s online presence.

Proactive and on top of their processes

To deliver performance on the campaigns they build and manage, an agency must posses clearly established processes. And can stay focussed on you the client. You should not feel like you’re a cog in a wheel that is defined by their processes. 

You deserve attention as the client beyond the regular reporting. Are you able to easily book time with a senior partner in the firm, to be able to discuss the work being done? Does your digital marketing partner take time to really understand your business, your challenges, and your unique strengths?

Our approach includes taking time to get to understand your business, its culture, your business goals and your challenges. So with this rich detail about your unique business, we can provide value-add consulting expertise customized for your business. 


Before actually hiring a new digital marketing agency, check their reputation. Get them to talk about previous work they have done, and the results they have produced. 

      • How do they treat you as a prospect?
      • Do they come to the table having done some solid preparation for the meeting?
      • Do they ask questions that show that you are more than a new potential client, but rather a unique business with specialized needs? 

Treat your evaluate process like an interview and evaluate their business expertise like you would a potential new employee.

How Much Should You Budget for Digital Marketing? 

Your budget for marketing should be set as a percentage of your business revenues. Our friends at Wordstream provide excellent advice and we have found their percentages to be accurate. 

A small business and newer companies should be allocating 12-20% of revenues to marketing. Larger, established businesses should be allocating 6-12% however technology companies are often investing more in the range of 15%.

Many businesses are slowly moving away from traditional marketing. They see that the return on traditional marketing has been declining steadily over the years. In contrast, the return on digital marketing exceeds expectations when it comes to ROI! 

If you are spending too much on your traditional categories and not enough on digital marketing, then you are wasting money.

What are the service areas offered by Digital Marketing?

Our services span social media marketing, search engine optimization, content marketing, website design, digital or pay-per-click advertising, and email marketing. We are an established, successful digital marketing agency, based in Toronto and serving all points west, east, north and south. 

We work with partners for market research and video production. We manage client expectations in developing, implementing and managing high-performing digital marketing campaigns.

Work with Toronto Digital Marketing Experts, Asset Digital Communications

In today’s competitive world, companies must be building their online presence constantly. Otherwise, your business risks being left behind. The digital marketing landscape changes rapidly, and there are many platforms and options to select from. 

Work with experts who can make a difference in growing your online presence painlessly and efficiently.  

“The team at Asset Digital Communications has been successful in bringing increased quality traffic to our website. They are a hands-on team, responsive and clearly skilled at digital marketing.”   Cameron, General Manager at a National Food Distribution Company