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3 Tips from The Best PPC Experts In Canada

Is your pay-per-click (PPC) campaign not delivering what you were expecting from it?

If your answer is yes, then you’re not alone. Even the biggest of companies will occasionally find themselves stuck in the doldrums where their PPC advertising campaigns are concerned. Campaign managers will no doubt look for the solution that helps get things rolling again, but even their most enthusiastic efforts will often be in vain.

The solution to the problem is often easier than you might think. Sometimes, even the experts can find themselves so engrossed in the finer details that they can’t see the wood for the trees. Often, the answer will be to take a step back and get back to basics.

Here, your friendly Toronto PPC expert offers 3 tips that can help get your PPC campaign running at full steam ahead again.

Improve Your Pay-Per-Click Campaign Strategy

1. Write Effective Ad Copy

The term ‘Content is King‘ gets bandied around a lot; sometimes to the point where it is almost cliché. It is still just as relevant as it ever has been, however. Giving lots of love to your ad copy is one of the first and most important steps toward running a successful PPC campaign. If you don’t get this part right, results are likely to have you banging your head against your desk in frustration.

i) Make Yourself Noticed

Read the title of your ads and ask yourself if it genuinely grabs your attention. More importantly, will it grab the attention of your prospects? A Toronto PPC expert can help craft ad titles that will really help your ad to get noticed.

The title needs to ‘pop’ off the page, making it stand out from all the rest. Your copy will also need to get to the point quickly to let the prospect know that you have something they want and that they should click through to your site. Keep it simple and to the point, while also letting prospects know about your USP. Also, be sure to use power words that will help get people excited about you and your services.

ii) Always Stay Relevant

It’s all very well having people visit your site. But don’t forget that the real goal is to have people STAY on your site and, ultimately, buy something. This means that your ad copy should be highly relevant to what you are selling. All you are likely to achieve otherwise is a high bounce rate, which is something you should definitely try to avoid. When visitors arrive at a site that does what the ad said it does, the rest of the funnel can then pick up the baton.

iii) Call To Action

Any Toronto PPC expert will remind you not to forget the all-important call to action. It works. If you have a special offer on, you can incorporate that in your call to action too. For example: “Click here to make great savings today”. You can be direct with your call to action and prospects are likely to follow.

2. Split Test Your Ads

One of the best things about PPC is that you get access to a plethora of information that you can use to help tweak your campaigns. Make sure you make the most of that information. Depending on the nature of your campaign, you can even know which of your ads are resulting in conversions. With such tools and information available to you, you can tweak your campaign to get even more conversions. A PPC agency in Toronto will also be able to help you use the information to maximum effect.

Split testing is an effective way to continually enhance your ads, and it works by directly comparing ads against each other. Run different ads for the same pages/products using different text/images. Let them run for a while until you have enough information to know which one performs best. Once you have determined which is best, you can then move forward keeping the best ad as it is, right?

Not quite.

You should ALWAYS be split testing your ads. Once you have found your ‘best’ ads, create some more ads. Test those against your best ads to be continually looking for new ‘best’ ads. Once you’ve found a new best ad, start testing that against new ads. Make this an ongoing process.

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This constant search for improvement can help keep your PPC campaigns at the front of the pack. It can also help you to adjust to market changes. This can be time-consuming, but a PCC agency in Toronto will be happy to help.

3. Get a Different Perspective from a Toronto PPC Expert

Have you tried everything you can think of without success? Don’t beat yourself up about it too much. Even the best in their field will sometimes come up against a brick wall with no apparent way to progress.

If this does happen, it can be a good idea to get a different perspective.

It’s not necessarily that we need a ‘better’ mind when looking to solve a problem. Sometimes all we need is a ‘different’ mind. We can sometimes get so involved in the finer details that we overlook the bigger picture. It might even be that you are missing something BECAUSE it is so glaringly obvious.

Don’t worry too much about that, we are only human after all. What really matters is what you do about it. Asking for a different perspective could be the key to unlocking the problem and finding a way around that brick wall. A PCC agency in Toronto will likely have the answers you need.

If you do need more advice from a Toronto PPC expert, or even if you want to hand over management of your PPC campaigns altogether, the team at Asset Digital Communications will be delighted to help.

If you are ready to overtake your competition with a new and improved PPC service, schedule a free phone consultation with our experts today!

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