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The Importance Of Video Marketing For Your Canadian Business

Content marketing is one of the best forms of branding when it comes to business growth. Many businesses have caught on to this, leading to the market flooded with more superb content than ever. So how do you give your business a chance to stand out?

If you listen to the customers, you will find that 85% of people want to see more online videos from brands (Source). Video marketing provides you with the opportunity to create informative yet entertaining content.

Not only does it increase customer engagement with your content, but it also has a positive impact on all other metrics!

Let’s explore the benefits of adding video marketing to your digital marketing strategy in Canada and the US.

5 Reasons To Adopt A Video Marketing Strategy In Your Business

Millions of blog posts are put out every day. That is why you need content that is clearer, visually appealing, and easily digestible.

Let’s dive deeper into how a video marketing campaign helps retain and attract customers, allowing you to scale your business

  • Video Marketing Increase Website Traffic

A website user’s attention lasts somewhere around 8 seconds. If you fail to capture their attention during this point, you will lose a potential lead.

Take a step back from the jumble of written information and try promoting videos instead. Visitors can quickly get all the information about your business and product through such content. This way, they have an easier time navigating through your website’s interface.

So website videos are a way to entice users to continue their journey on the site a little longer. To increase conversion rate, visitors should see a video right from the get-go by having it up on the landing pages!

  • Video Marketing Boosts Conversion Rates

Video ads or general video content are not necessarily cheap to create. However, it will be worth your time and money!

87% of video marketers in different organizations reported that videos gave them a positive ROI (Source).

Branded social videos and product videos give a quick overview of how the product can benefit the customers. This makes their purchase decision easier, leading to a direct increase in your sales.

  • Video Views Improves SEO

One thing is clear – a popular search engine like Google will love videos! With video content, you have a 50 times higher chance of ranking your company page first on Google.

That’s because search engines are aware of how videos are one of the best ways to engage with visitors online. The more views you have on your video, the more likely Google will find your brand to be credible.

  • Videos Encourage Social Shares

Did you know YouTube is the second most popular social network in the world? All popular social networks today encourage users to share and create videos on their platforms.

If your video attracts one user, the user then shares the video with others in their social circle. It acts as social proof for others considering buying your product. As a result, your company can raise awareness, generate more sales and provide a more reliable brand image.

This gives you a chance to expand the marketing of your business in a short amount of time.

  • Explainer Videos Help Educate And Build Trust With Buyers

Your product and your brand can be the most amazing ones in the industry. Even so, it will be of no use if your audience does not see it for themselves. This is especially true for technical products based on concepts customers might find too difficult to understand.

A blog post will not be effective here. Visual information is easier for humans to digest than written information. With video marketing, you can leverage explainer videos to bring dull data to life!

It improves the customer buying experience by demonstrating the brand’s and product’s potential.

Moreover, videos will give a face and a more human touch to your brand. This eliminates the fear many customers harbor regarding companies making big claims to cheat them out of money.

Best Video Marketing Practices

Time to see how you can best use videos to up your content marketing game with the help of these tips!

  • Optimize Video Placement And Type

To boost your conversion rates, you need to know what your customer wants and where they want it. Before creating video, identify which platform will be the best for putting up your videos. Then see what type of video (promotional, company culture, or explainer) they will engage with the most.

  • Hold A Live Video

Facebook Live, Instagram Stories, and YouTube videos help in strengthening the bond between customers and brands. You can use this opportunity to announce a new product or service and/or answer FAQs in real-time.

  • Call To Actions

To increase conversion rates, every video should be set up to lead back to a call to action (CTA). You can mention the CTA in the video and in the video description to ensure the target audience gets the message.

Summing It Up

The viral nature, easy accessibility, and built-in value of video marketing make it perfect for creating content with a lasting impact.

Although you a create a video for better ROIs, it should not come off as made for commercial purposes. This makes the customer think your business is too sales-driven instead of audience-centric.

High-quality video content is no joke. So do not be afraid to reach out to digital marketing agencies like Asset Digital Communications. Contact us to leverage the power of video marketing with content that attracts audiences and strengthens brand building.