Social Media Management

What Does Social Media Management Entail for Your Business?

Social media is a great way to get more traffic and leads for a business. But there are so many hats that the social media team must wear.

Because of this, many firms look to outsource to a professional firm. In this article, you’ll discover what social management entails for your business. So you can engage the right agency.

What Does Social Media Management Entail?

Develop A Winning Social Media Strategy

Before launching any marketing campaign, the first step is to develop a strategy for your business. Social media is no different.

The agency needs to work with you to plan a strategy that will maximize your result. This ensures that you’ll get a return on your investment.

This includes understanding who your ideal customers are and knowing which are the best platforms to reach them. Perhaps your business requires a multi-channel approach by targeting different social networks. In that case, the agency will need to ensure the message fits with the network.

For instance, it’s acceptable to make 10 tweets a day on Twitter. However, it wouldn’t be appropriate to make 10 posts a day on LinkedIn.

Promoting & Publishing Content to the Network

The core of social media management is to publish content regularly on social platforms. This is how you get your message out to your followers, keeping you top of mind and bringing in new leads.

Your agency will build out a content calendar for your social media accounts. It will plan posts around events like holidays, any announcements you’ve planned or any new blog posts published. It’s a good idea to review the scheduled posts before it goes live.

To get high engagement on the posts, they will need to capture the attention of your followers. This involves having a good graphic designer as well as a copywriter to get the best results.

If your strategy requires doing paid promotions, the social media team will also be responsible for managing the campaign. And making sure the posts are compliant with the ad policy.

Monitoring Social Media for Mentions of Your Brand and Industry Terms

Your online reputation is very important. When someone says something about you and your brand, you want to know about it.

If it’s a negative comment, the agency can quickly reach out and resolve the situation before it escalates. Most of the time, consumers post online because they’re unhappy. But in the rare times when people sing your praises, you’ll want to acknowledge them, so they feel important.

Monitoring social media is also a great way to get content ideas. One way is to monitor hashtags regularly. You can listen to the conversation customers are having. Then you can create posts to address those topics. And you can be sure it will resonate with your followers.

Build Relationship By Engaging with Followers

Many businesses think that social media is only about making posts. However, social media isn’t a broadcasting platform. As the name suggests, it’s a place to be social.

So it’s essential to connect and engage with your followers daily. It shows that you genuinely care about them. And it will build trust and deepen your connection with them.

The social media agency can help you by responding to comments on your posts. Businesses that respond to consumers on social media are 21% more likely to turn the prospect into buyers.

Instead of making a simple “Thank you for your comments”, it’s a good opportunity to take the conversation further by asking them a question.

It’s crucial the agency follows the brand’s voice. This will keep the messaging consistent, so customers don’t get confused.

Grow Your Social Following

“How many [Insert Social media platform name] followers do you have?”

This is a common question people ask. You may not think it’s important. But like it or not, people do look at those numbers. Of course, you don’t need a huge number. But a low follower count can hurt credibility. Moreover, with how social media algorithms work, a larger following will help you get your posts to reach more people.

There are several ways social media management agencies help you grow your social media following. You can run ads to reach people who may not have heard about your brand.

You can get shares on your posts by doing giveaway promotions and contests. People love the idea of winning free things.

Another way is to collaborate with influencers who have a larger following. The key is to go to niche influencers that your ideal clients are following. This approach has the added benefit of borrowing the influencer’s trust. So prospects are more likely to follow you and check out your offering.

Reporting Social Performance and How It Affects Your Bottom Line

Monitoring results is vital for any digital marketing campaign. It’s the only way to know if the social media management team is doing a good job. Or if the strategy is working well.

By keeping track of metrics, it reveals the types of posts and content your customers like and dislike. Then, you can adjust your future posts to deliver more of what they like.

Social media platforms also give insights on the times of day that get the highest engagement. By timing your post to coincide with the best timing, you can take advantage of the algorithm and reach more people.

In Conclusion

There are many aspects to a successful social media campaign. As a business owner, you likely don’t have the time to spend hours managing your social media. And it’s challenging to hire in-house staff to learn the intricacies of every platform.

If you’d like professional help, schedule a call to discuss your social media management needs.