Website for Small Business

Why Your Small Business Needs an Excellent Website

At one time, the small business market was a thriving industry of friendly neighbourhood faces and local goods. However, with the rise of large companies providing numerous services, goods, and products, so has the competition for small businesses to stay relevant and profitable. The reality is that fast paced and ever-changing technological advancements have given numerous businesses and different industries leverage over other business, especially in the small business sector. This section will tell you why small businesses need a website to stay ahead of the curve.

It is evident that large companies and businesses utilize numerous methods to market themselves and get themselves out to their customers and target audience. The most notable of these methods is having a website.

Since the rise of the internet, businesses have flocked to create a custom website. This is all in efforts to expand their reach and improve their profits. However, as of late 2016, near 46 percent of U.S. small businesses still do not have a company website showcasing their products, services, or goods! By not having a website, it can undoubtedly hurt your business, profit margin, and overall brand image.

We are eager to share with you why small businesses need a website and the many benefits that come with it. Alongside this, we will share with you a couple of tips from our website development and design experts on why the design of your website is as equally important.

Why Small Businesses Need a Website

The Rise of The Internet and Your Business

Think of the internet as an extremely large and never-ending phone book. With it, you can easily find, discover, and get to know anything and anyone. Do you remember the time when, if you wanted to find a business, you looked in a phone book? Better yet, if you wanted to call a specific person, you would look in your local directory? The internet is no different for businesses – hence why small businesses need a website. How else do you plan to be accessible?

There are numerous directories for companies to find your website. Each directory allows business owners to submit their website to be list, like Google and Bing. However, for people to find you and your business, you must make yourself accessible. The goal is to make your website known, and in turn, enhance your business success and brand image. If you are uncertain whether website development and design is the right decision for your company, are you aware of the inevitable harm your business faces from not having a dedicated website?

3 Harmful Effects of NOT Having a Website

  1. Customers Can Not Find You – It is without a doubt that almost every major brand, business, or company has, and needs for this matter, a website. If there are numerous small businesses that are your competition and they have a website, the likelihood of customers going to them over you is very probable. The days of one on one sales, customers entering small businesses, and local shopping have decreased and the rise of online marketing and shopping has drastically risen. Must we mention Amazon?
  2. Shows Lack of Professionalism – To develop an online website is to care about your brand’s image. If customers are looking for you and they can find you, it shows you are willing to showcase your business and, most importantly, invest in it.
  3. Word of Mouth Is Decreased – If you want to find something in your area, you can search for it easily and within seconds. Like a spider web, the moment one person finds you they will share it with others. However, by not having a website, people they will not be able to find your company and, in turn, the spider web junction will not form. H

Rule of Thumb: Having a website is the digital ages’ tool to amplify new word of mouth.

At Asset Digital Communications, the Top Digital Marketing Company of Toronto, we believe your website reflects your expertise, market awareness, and professionalism. Therefore, let’s look at the many positive reasons of having a website and how they can benefit your business.

The 10 Benefits of Having a Website

1. You Become Easily Accessible

As we said before, the internet is the modern phone book. Are you starting to see why small businesses need a website? Having a website makes your small business easily accessible to people looking for what you have to offer. Think of this scenario: you are wanting a homemade vegetarian pizza. Are you going to drive around for it or search up the nearest place online? Of course, you will utilize the most convenient route of searching: the internet!

2. Showcase Your Products and Services

Once a potential customer has found your small business, that are most likely interested in what products or services you offer. Having an online website for your small business serves as a pedestal to share and promote your best products and services alongside promotional offers and seasonal products, giveaways, and more.

3. Gives Your Small Business Credibility

Other than the internet being the modern phone book, think of your online website as a credible source to authenticate your business. Basically, your online website can serve as a resume for your business, and it’s something to be proud of. A website should be a resume where a customer can find your contact information, your location, your products, history about your business, and most importantly, your intention and goals. Don’t forget to include your social media links as well!

4. A Quality Extension of Your Business

Think of your website as an extremely useful tool to expand your business in a way that promotes brand awareness and showcases your business as a notable and important addition to your local area and the online community. Your website is a virtual extension of your business. It allows you to showcase yourself in the most appealing and presentable way, in which you have complete control over. Therefore, it is essential that your website portrays a business that is attractive, professional, easy to understand, easy to navigate, and most importantly, genuine.

5. Having A Website Makes You a Problem-Solver

In the world of service, there are two sides to the same coin: the problem and solution. The problem may be defined as the reason customers are searching for an item or service; the solution is why you are providing it. Thus, having a website allows you to share with potential consumers that your small business is the problem-solver to their situation. For clarity sake, if you are a small local flower shop, you are providing the solution of beautiful flowers to those that need them for parties or events. Through hosting and designing a custom website, you can showcase an array of beautiful flowers that your store carries. Perhaps you can even include unique designs and presentations that you can do for them. Do not use your website to over-sell your business or product though. Be intelligent and utilize it to solve their problem and provide value.

6. You Will Never Be “Closed for Business”

The moment 6pm or 7pm comes, mall businesses are ready to close, thinking their next profit will come tomorrow. With your company’s website, your next profit or potential client can come even while you are closed or sleeping! You see, the online community is never closed. A website allows for customers to still make purchases, orders, and at least set up times to meet with you. With an online website you can set up an online store, order forms, or contact information so you will never lose a client, even while you are enjoying your time off.

7. You Are Competition to Your Competitors

When consumers begin their buying journey, it begins with research and recommendations. If you do not have a website for your small business, all the potential clients and revenue that could be coming to you will be automatically be handed to your competitors. When it comes to buying a product or services online, customers will most likely go with a presentable, notable, and highly-recommended business over one that has no digital background or footprint. Therefore, if you are not staying up date and competitive with your competition, you are giving your potential audience a reason to buy or develop a relationship with another brand.

8. You Can Communicate with Your Audience

Having an online website, other than making you accessible, makes it simpler for you to develop a trustworthy relationship with your audience. Utilizing different integrated communication channels such as online brochures, email subscription forms, and blogs, you can communicate with your audience what your small business is up to, potential deals and sales, new services, and any message you want to convey. This not only develops a relationship with your audience, it also leads to potential profits and revolving customers.

NOTE: Now, more than ever, large companies have been utilizing emotionally-driven methods to build a relationship with their audience. Small businesses are already known to care more personally about their customers and audience. Creating an online website can only enhance this relationship.

9. A Website Can Be Used as A Data Collector

Moving towards the logistics behind a website, having one can certainly help for data collection. As a result, it will help with marketing and lead generation. To break it down, the more people that visit your website, the more statistics the back end of your website can track. You can learn who these potential customers are, their age, where they are located, and when they visit your website.

This information can then be interpreted and utilized in different marketing strategies. From pay-per-click advertising, social media marketing, to even email marketing, the opportunities are endless!

10. Better Now Than Later

We are sure you have noticed that the world is rapidly becoming a technology-based society. This is further proof to why small businesses need a website. Most importantly, all data is collected on the World Wide Web, which makes it easy for anyone to find anything. This is only increasing! With that said, about 40% of the worlds’ population has internet connection and this is only going to keep rising. By 2005, over 1 billion people were on the internet, and the second billion by 2010. Now, there is close to 4 billion people are on the internet! Therefore, it is better to begin now so you can begin reaping the rewards of an online website.

3 Design Tips for Your Small Business Online Website

Now that you understand why small businesses need a website, before we finish up, we know that website design is something that not too many small businesses have experience with. So, here are 5 web-design tips that will surely get your website and small business noticed.

1. Think Clean and Minimal

With our team of our experts, we ensure the highest quality website designs from a visual perspective as well as making your website completely responsive. Having a clean and minimal website will showcase your small business as well-put together. At the same time, it will portray your company’s goals in a way that is easy to understand and navigate.

2. Have A Clear Image of What You Desire

We strive to bring your image to life; however, a blurry vision of what you desire will make the process much more difficult. Have an image of what you see when it comes to your website. Ask yourself these key questions:

  • What kind of photos do you like?
  • What are you offering?
  • How many pages do you desire?
  • How much content are you going to show case?
  • Do you want a blog?
  • Do you want full integration or the ability for customer to sign up?

3. Know Your Purpose and Goals

Our intention is to make your purpose and goals easy to convey. With that, it is always essential for a small business to know exactly what they are offering online. Will you be using your website as a resume or to showcase your products? Is your goal to communicate with your audience or for your audience to find your physical location?

These questions will help define your brand and with our web development and design expertise, you will be guided as to the best way to show case your small business in an effective and customer-oriented manner.

Why Have You Not Opted To A Website Already?

The rise of the internet has opened a new world of digital marketing. This exciting change requires companies to adapt and change. We are here to help you learn how to be a better at online marketing and reinvigorate your company’s growth. This is why we are called the Toronto’s Top Social Media Marketing Agency! The new phone book is the internet and an engaging, well optimized website is your digital key to success. Get in touch with us if you want to build a new eCommerce site or even renovate an existing one.