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Is Cheap SEO in Toronto the Right Solution for Your Business?

Do you know the difference between a reputable SEO and cheap SEO in Toronto? Which one should you work with?

As you compare the offerings on their websites, at first glance, it’s hard to tell them apart. They do similar things like writing articles and building links to your site. So, where is the difference?

In this article, you’ll discover what you’ll get when hiring cheap SEO services.

One Size Fits All Service

Have you wondered how these agencies can offer their services at a low price? That’s because they do it at scale. To do that, they need to be efficient.

You can expect a cookie-cutter approach. Any project they take on will get the same exact service. But how can you use the same SEO strategy for a manufacturing company and apply it to a local chiropractic clinic?

Even if 2 websites are in the same industry, your business is unique. You have a unique offering that’s differentiated in the marketplace. So you can’t simply use the same strategy.

You need a customized plan for your business, your industry and most importantly, your goals.

Reputable SEO providers will want to understand your company and industry more in-depth. They figure out the demand, weigh the competition and advise the best approach to dominate the search results.

Frustrating Customer Service Experience

Do you remember the last time you tried explaining to a customer support representative, but they don’t seem to understand your problem? It must have been a frustrating experience.

Cheap SEO services have poor customer service. Because of the copy and paste, one-size-fits-all templated approach, your account manager won’t know much about SEO. It’s almost impossible to get your questions answered. And if you’d like to discuss strategy, they won’t listen to you.

They have no interest in building a long term relationship with you. To them, it’s all about the transaction.

You pay monthly. They use their templated approach month after month.

Low Quality Work That Ruins Your Business’s Reputation

Let’s face it. You get what you pay for. Cheap SEO services don’t have enough funds to do the two critical tasks – writing good content and getting quality links.

A single piece of well-written content can cost hundreds to publish. To offer cheap service, it means they get cheap writers who will give you poor articles.

Even if they manage to rank you on the first page of Google, the visitors won’t find the content valuable. Rather than positioning you as the authority, it hurts your reputation instead. And they’re unlikely going to return to your website.

Not to mention, they may use blackhat tactics to get your site ranked. These are links from sketchy websites pointing to your site. It lowers your reputation in the eyes of the search engine.

Search engines will penalize them. The effects can be long term. In some cases, it can be challenging to recover from it.

Waste Your Most Valuable Resource

And most importantly, you’re wasting your most valuable resource – time.

There’s the back and forth communication to get corrections and revisions. Not only is it stressful, you’re losing precious time where you could be doing other tasks to run your business.

And eventually, you’ll end up firing the cheap agency and hire a reputable one. During that period, you could have gotten pages ranked on the first page and started getting leads for your business.

What if my business can only afford cheap SEO Toronto services?

Hire an SEO Consultant

If you can’t afford to get an SEO agency to do all the work, consider hiring an SEO consultant instead. Costs will be more affordable. Typically, you pay by the hour.

You can engage them to plan out a strategy, get recommendations, and guide your team. They will also provide accountability to make sure your team is doing the work correctly.

Wait and Save Up

Another option is to wait. You can do simple optimizations on your website. For example, adding keywords to the headlines can easily be done by someone on your team.

Completing basic tasks is much better than hiring low-quality cheap SEO services who will do more harm than good. And it’s safer because you’re in control. You know there are no shady blackhat tactics used.

In the meantime, build up your funds to hire a quality agency in the near future.


Now that you’ve learned what you can expect to get by hiring a cheap SEO Toronto service, let’s come back to the original question. Do you think it’s a good idea to hire a cheap SEO service?

If you’d like to hire a professional SEO agency, we’d like to provide you an option. Feel free to contact us by clicking here and leaving your details.